First let me say that I will always commend Estelle for giving the UK music industry the middle finger and moving to America, where she still enjoys a relatively successful career.

Now on to her new single Break My Heart featuring Rick Ross…

Break My Heart is the kind of track I would have playing in the background on a hot summer’s day. It’s well produced, catchy and Rick does what he does,  but unfortunately Estelle’s vocals sound off-key in parts and flat.

I have said this many times before and I will say it again, Estelle has never been a singer, she is a rapper. Her American team need to stop ignoring that fact and should on occasion encourage less singing more rapping.  

Your thoughts please. Hit or Miss?

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  1. I have to agree with you Janice…she does sound a lil flat. But i do like the song just downloaded it…will see how it sounds in my car.

  2. yea i’ve never seen her as a singer, its just not working don’t like it but yea I love the fact she is over there and they are giving her the overdue ‘respect and recognition that UK failed to give her. its inspirational

  3. I don’t think a UK female rapper would be embraced in America. They always take the mick out of the accent even though Nicki Minaj uses it as part of her gimmick sometimes. If I am not mistaken “American Boy” went number one in America right? or at least top 10. No rap song by Estelle would go number one talk less of top 40 hence the singing Estelle.

  4. It went to number 1 in the UK but I don’t think it did in America. American Boy did well because Kanye was featured. It was a catchy song but he is the reason why it was so successful. Anyone who says any different is lying to themselves.

    But regardless the reality is that Estelle is not a good singer. Rapping is what she’s good at.

  5. Yeah I just checked it peaked at no.9 in America. It was a really good song and the whole set up of Kanye West being on it definitely did it too!

    You know me, I tweeted at her directly about her rapping more and got some not so sweet reply from her and an indirect tweet after expressing her displeasure at people not seeing that she is “evolving” musically.

    I totally agree with you that she’s a better rapper than singer but I think her handlers know that singing will be embraced faster than a female uk rapper in the US.

  6. Why was she annoyed? You weren’t being disrespectful. This is just a classic example of somebody not wanting to hear the truth. But fair enough I accept that her American team feel its easier to sell her music if she sings. And this would be fine if she could sing like Lauryn back in the 90s.

  7. yeah she wasn’t too happy because I suggested that a collabo with her, Ms Dynamite and Shystie would be something that would be hot if they all just got on their spit game and dropped it hard on a hot track. Her response was on some “I am an artist on another level musically evolving” type flex and her spittin’ days are behind her.

    Lauryn Hill? hahahaha wow those chops are way over Estelle’s head. If you had said if she could sing as strong as hmmmm lets see a Mary J Blige that would’ve been a more achievable goal for her hahah!

  8. Haha. Mary’s vocals back in the early/mid 90s might have been achieveable, but not now.

    I just don’t understand how they can release Estelle’s records with her vocals sounding like that.

  9. I agree with what you guys said about Estelle.. The song isn’t the best! But with that being said it might do ok. But her with Ms Dynamite would be off the hook. That Ms. Dynamite is on fire!! Every time i listen to her in a song I’m blown a way. That girl has fire!! But i do think if they did a calabo and it was delivered right it would do well over here. I think it is more about how the song is delivered….the hell with the accent! Hell if Nicki can do well….enough! The rap game needs some hot on fire women in the game. Be it from the UK or the USA… Good rapping is good rapping. I see Estelle is very! It’s ok to evolve…but this is not evolving…sorry! I like her music very much….but…..

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