Stalker Susanne Ibru

Seriously why Susanne… WHY????

Via The Daily Mirror

A woman who repeatedly turned up at the home of Premier League footballer Rio Ferdinand was convicted today of harassment.

Stalker Susanne Ibru, 38, twice disturbed the Manchester United player and his wife while they were asleep, claiming she needed to speak to him.

She was convicted at Macclesfield Magistrates’ Court in her absence.

Ibru conducted her own defence and questioned England star Ferdinand in the witness box, telling him as he left the court: “I’ll see you soon, bye.”

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Rio Ferdinand

Poor Rio… being stalked by a black woman must have really messed with his head. You know how these footballers try to distance themselves from the sisters 🙂 but this one just wouldn’t leave him alone. It must have been an absolutely terrifying experience for Rio.

Rio with wife Rebecca

And as as for you Susanne. You have just upset my spirit today. Have some pride, have some respect for yourself and get a blasted grip!

Actually Susanne just get some professional help.  

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  1. Ladies and gentlemen, there is no smoke without fire! We know that,you know that and Susanne knows it. There’s definitely much more to this story.

    There can only be 2 scenarios.

    Scenario 1.

    In Zimbabwe, we have a saying that goes, “a tree NEVER forgets the axe that chopped it down”… In this case, Susanne is the tree and Mr Rio is the axe… and i mean axe wink wink. ..and boy, did he “chop” her down!

    He probably gave it to her in a way no other brother had done it before. Infact,no other brother has managed to surpass that level to date!! So, Miss Ibru feels like she’s entitled to another ‘chop down’ hence the stalking. Black women are natural go-getters so this sister was doing what comes to her naturally…

    Ladies and gentlemen, i admit, i might have been incorrect about other things i’ve mentioned on this site but i’m 100% correct on this issue!

    These footballers need to stop this business of “hit and run”… The ladies have feelings too,you know!

    2nd Scenario.

    Maybe…just maybe.. Ms Ibru had had enough of these black footballers dating and marrying white women.It had to stop! Someone had to do something about it and it had to be done NOW! So Ms Ibru felt…. Argh, you know what? The first scenario is correct!

    For those of you who’ll say, “but she’s too ugly for him to even get it up bla bla bla”. I say to you,beauty is only a light switch away,sweetie…so keep quiet!

    She will be seeing him “soon”. You go girl!

  2. Thank you TyMusic. How about she’s just plain crazy. How are people claiming they are 100% right and what they state is fact regarding this case? If this was a white woman she’d be a stalker, no defending that. So Black women can’t be crazy just for the sake of being crazy now? I’m not going to defend her at all. The man has a family and a career and just wants to get on with it.

    As for Gary egging her on with “you go girl” is beyond disrespectful to his wife, children and Rio. Whether it’s done to a man or woman stalking is more than a nuisance, it can cause distress as well as other problems for everyone involved.

    As for Rio and his choice in wife, first off isn’t he half white himself? Secondly, whether we like it or not, they can and will choose a white woman if they so wish. So what (Gary), because he chose to marry white are you somewhat commending this Black woman for doing what she did as payback?

    When it comes to stalking YES in a lot of cases there is smoke without fire. Maybe you should go and read up about the pysche and mental health background of some of these people who create their own worlds and fantasies which they convince themselves are real.

  3. Gary aka Gza
    u had me in stitches thats too funny.
    and londondiva you’re taking him too seriously, its obvious what Gza wrote was in jest
    I think its all of the above but bottom line she’s just plain crazy, she’s probably going to re emerge with some kind of book deal and magazine interview like the other whore who slept with rooney and the actor.

  4. Well she sounds a a bit loca to me. I hope if she does have this problem that she gets help. I wasn’t even going to comment on the footballers distancing themselves from the sister. To me it has nothing to do with him being half white. I’m half Latino but i love Black women…. He is Black right! To me it is just ashamed that Sisters have been reduced to nothing by some Black men. And that the media seems to play into it as well. But most importantly =…that we as Black people support people like this. Yes you can marry whom ever you want.. But it just seems to be a trend among Black professional…why??? Men more so than anything else… I and I’m talking about me …I just shake my head all the time. Because to the world Black women are the last for everything.Most don’t see them as beautiful! They have the reputation of being loud…fake….stupid…i mean the list goes on.. And where has just about all of that come from…well men who seem to not want to be linked to a sister. From what i have seen…it validates them…because they have low self esteem. And i bet if these half Black which you guys call over in the UK…if they could…they would not want to be Black. Reminds me of a form of self hate to me. Now even though i only date Black…i don’t distance myself from Latina’s … Then you have all of these Rap stars etc they have others as well…what is wrong with this picture. When their azz was broke a sista was good enough for them. Now i don’t have a problem with people dating who they like. But it’s the reason that most do that get me. My dad saw my mom so he says and he was instantly in love. I can believe that because Latinos are like And if he hadn’t gotten with my mom i wouldn’t be here. So it’s cool as long as it’s not to mask something. Just my thoughts…on this ever going issue. Oh one more thing and that is some others think just because of the so call reputation that sisters have…they think they can just run up on a brotha when he’s at dinner with his girl. But my girl handled! My girl is a very strong, beautiful, smart Black Woman. Very independent and i love her just the way she is. I’m in no way a needy man…nor am i intimidated but a strong Black Woman. Hell Black women have to be…if you understand what’s going on…or what has gone on… OK easy yeah i do love my! And my sista loves me….Never ashamed of that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Loving the clear racism in this article! Really professional! Typical tabloid bullshit

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