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A US white supremacist group has called for a boycott of the Kenneth Branagh-directed superhero movie Thor on the grounds that a black actor has been cast in the role of a Norse god.

The Council of Conservative Citizens is upset that London-born Idris Elba, star of The Wire and BBC detective series Luther as well as a number of Hollywood films, is to play deity Heimdall in the Marvel Studios feature. The group, which opposes inter-racial marriage and gay rights, has set up a website, boycott-thor.com to set out its opposition to what it sees as an example of leftwing social engineering.

The site chooses to ignore its target’s thespian talents, referring to “hip-hop DJ Elba” in apparent reference to the actor’s career in East End nightclubs more than a decade ago.

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Hahahahahahahahaha! “Hip Hop DJ Elba” Hahahahahahaha!

What a bunch of saddos! Getting themselves all worked up over a FICTIONAL character.  They are obviously bored. I mean.. don’t they have enough crisp white robes and tall pointy white hats to clean?


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  1. Well, they couldn’t bring themselves to say “Golden Globe nominated and critically acclaimed Hollywood actor..”!

  2. OK WTF, I don’t care whether the character is fictional or not. Norse Gods are not of African decent. Point blank, bottom line, end of. WTF kind of casting is this by Kenneth Brannagh? I knew Idris was in this film, but was unaware of the role he was playing.

    When it comes to relevance to the story and things like comic book adaptations etc I like to see the depection on screen as it’s supposed to be. I’m tired of the PC brigade and black people thinking everyone owes us something when it comes to portraying a Black charcter in film.

    Meaning as a black woman:
    I don’t want to see a Black Bond, unless that’s how Iam Fleming wanted him to be. He didn’t.
    I don’t want to see a white woman play Cleopatra, as history states she never looked like Elizabeth Taylor.
    I don’t want to see Asian characters played by white folks.

    If he was just playing any ‘God’ then fine, but the type of God he’s playing is specific to Danish/Viking mythology…keep it so.

    Watch!!! If Shaft was played by Tom Hardy, watch the PURE UPROAR from Black folks.

    If these white supremacists wanna get mad, let em. Why? They’re entitled to their opinion, plus the film has already been made and is set to be a box office smash regardless.

    I know Black folks are still mad about Elizabeth Taylor and also the news many months ago that Angelina maybe in the running to play Cleopatra. Aside from the ‘White Supremacy’ facts, what’s the difference?

    I’m sure white people and those familiar with this story who aren’t White Supremacists are probably not happy with the role cast to Idris.

    Some may not agree with me, but I don’t care. If I hear another “It’s about time for a Black Bond” oh my Jesus….

    Sidenote: He looks dumb in that plastic looking costume. But kudos to him for another major flick on his filmography even though in my opinion based on the character he is wrongly cast for the film.

  3. Im surprised its only just caught their attention. Before they even started filming people questioned the casting. I’m not bothered either way. Holywood does as it pleases. Always has, always will.

  4. Yep the trailer has been out for quite a while. Well if you count the 5 minute one that was out and leaked for about 24 hrs during the Comic Con this year.

    Their online protest will not be successful, what do they really expect to happen with a multi-million production just because they’re pissed?


    Absolute nothing. If anything they’re only helping to hype the film up for those that aren’t in the know about it.

  5. ??? Isn’t this a film based on a comic book based on MYTH? The main character is as should be but who really has the time to give a shit about the rest of them? Idris’ face is 90% covered anyway! Next you’ll hear people complaining that Halle Berry was 5 shades lighter and 50% less buff than the comic book Storm! KMT LOL @ the name of the organisation – CCC

  6. I’ll just say this i could care less what the character origin was. I like seeing this Black brother in the movies…. So good for him! This brother has a job!!!!!!!! But i do get what LondonDiva is saying as far as others playing Black rolls. We would hit the roof! But let me ask..is it everyday kind of white folks complaining or is just the White Supremacist? Oh and let me ask this as well…do we really know what greek people looked like back in those days?? Because Jews don’t look the way they do now…..

  7. Let Idumea have their gods, I agree totally with London Diva. Also with moreno and verbs…there is no truth in them because there was no truth in their father the Devil.

    obadiah 1:3 (kjv)The pride of thine heart hath deceived thee, thou that dwellest in the clefts of the rock, whose habitation is high; that saith in his heart, Who shall bring me down to the ground?

  8. Chayim:

    Let us also not forget Malachi 1:2-4, Jeremiah 49:7-22, Isaiah 34:5-8 and Isaiah 63. Our time is coming and we will tread all over these nations who have taken advantage of the so called Negro and our other Israelite brothers(Isaiah 14:1-2, Micah 4:1-4, 13, Micah 5:7-9). Shalom.

  9. SERIOUSLY? i cannot even mention the number of cleopatra movies with WHITE CLEOPATRAS! WHITE GODDESES! WHITE GODS ARISING FROM EGYPT! WTF?? this one is even fictional! nobody complains about the constant whitewash! white women playing minorities angelina jolie playing a mixed race woman! the constant confusion ive suffered after watching a show with a white woman and 2 black parents!!!! im soo tired of this part of the world!

  10. Anyone read “The destruction of black civilization ” by Chancellor Williams.

    And how many people know of hybrid Vigor (human) or The Neaderthal (Neadethal Project)
    and Out of African
    Every feature Afro-African people have – The woolly hair (virgin hair) the tick lips, nose and the black skin (yes black skin like The Sudance people from Africa) are for a reason and the reason is to protect from climate change.
    Does anyone know the percentage of Afro-Africans left on this planet

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