Ayo Adesina aka Mc Darke

Self employed web designer, star of the hit Channel 4 documentary The Family and part-time rapper Ayo Adesina aka Mc Darke, will be performing at The Sunday Show on the 26 December (Boxing Day). Ayo also shares the bill with 90s R&B group Blackstreet.

If you tune in to watch The Family on Tuesday nights, you will know that Ayo has a long way to go before he can proclaim to be the new “King of Hip Hop”.  Spitting lines like “I’m young and I’m black surrounded by crack” just won’t cut it. But I do find Ayo entertaining and engaging. He is a character.

Those of you who visit Mad News already know that I have a sarcastic/dry sense of humour, so when I heard that Blackstreet was also going to be on the same bill as Ayo aka “Mr I’m young and I’m black, surrounded by crack” aka MC Darke I laughed out loud  and tweeted the odd joke on Twitter (how can I be the only one that finds humour in this), while still helping to promote the event to my followers.

This however was ignored (typical), the flippant remarks didn’t go down too well with the organiser and I was dramatically called out on Twitter.   See tweets below.

I don’t like that Mad News Blog woman….sorry! she doesn’t actually leave her house and go anywhere to comment on anything….Mockery.

I didn’t want to be the bad boy and state the obvious but people who don’t actually do anything should be called out #ThatIsAll

I would be interested to know how he came to this conclusion. Have we met before? has he been watching my every move?


Anyway so basically because I don’t roll with the ‘Team UK’ crowd, don’t hang out with the BBC 1xtra crew, don’t get sports wear giants throwing free clothing at me and don’t get invited to every A-list industry event going, I am somehow a house rat, a nobody and therefore I’m not allowed to have an opinion or make the odd joke or two.

I tell you, industry folk have no sense of humour and take themselves way too seriously over here in the UK.  It’s hilarious! I dread to think what the attitude will be like if/when our “Urban” scene starts generating real money.

But I don’t hold grudges. This lone chocolate chick who stands on the outside looking in at the UK comical “urban glitterati” will still help to promote this event. 😀

1990s hit R&B group Blackstreet (original line up featuring producer Teddy Riley)

Ayo aka Mr Darke and Blackstreet will be performing at The Sunday Show on the 26 December @ Sound, 1 Leicester Square, London, WC2H 7NA.

Blackstreet 2010

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  1. Watch Ayo get a big head thinking the people wanna see him. You know it’s all for Blackstreet and whoever put this event together KNOW after Tuesday’s airing of the show no one would want to venture to The Sunday Show if Ayo was top billing.

  2. No apologies, I absolutely hate his mc name = Darke as in darky as in oi darki chalki etc etc . It has bamboozled written all over it. Other than that Ayo is entertaining somewhat to watch.

    as for the promotor he seriously needs a reality check.

    Yh I agree ” black surrounded by crack” is so weak – the bad connotations of the words black and crack are kept together in that one line alone. he is doing himself and others a dis-service

  3. Janice, you should tell said promoter to give you a cut of whatever he earned from having SHARDINAY perform. It was THIS BLOG that gave her that notoriety.

  4. Ayo had the nerve to say his stage name wasn’t Darke E as in Darkie But as MC Darke *pause…breathe & stop* E.

    No matter how long you pause, his bloodclart name is darkie. The bwoy is a fool.

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