Noel Clarke

Actor, writer and director Noel Clarke has launched his very own T-shirt.

Check out the merchandise below…

R U Dizzy Blud Mens T- shirt £20.00

Limited Edition R U Dizzy Blud T-shirt £25.00

Disgruntled Youth Mens T-shirt £20.00

Click HERE to view more…. 

The T-shirt’s are expensive. I was looking for Primark prices.

But I can guarantee that they will go down a storm with the guys and gals who spend  their days and nights inside and outside Tennessee Chicken.

Your thoughts please….

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  1. Hmmm I’m all for amusing slogans on tees (on others, not myself mind), but they actually look cheap and if they were printed at the local photocopying shop. Not hatin’, just an observation. They need to LOOK a bit sharper quality-wise IMO.

  2. when I first saw these, I thought, this is a result of #CornerCutting , but there not for me anyhow, needs to be sharper quality wise as VexIn… did say and also the design isn’t great, imo!

  3. I peeped the rest of the T-Shirts

    ‘disgruntled youth’
    ‘I’ve got what the boys want’
    ‘Not a gangster’

    This is what I would have done. Through Noel Clarke’s talent search, sought an ‘urban artist’ and used his/her murals/designs for the t-shirts, and left the slogans alone.

    The people who usually wear slogan tees are the ones who probably don’t want to part for £20 for a T-Shirt.

    Also with those kinds of slogans your leaving out a whole demographic/target market. I’m 31 and not a disgruntled youth so have no need for any of those tees. I also find slogans talking about what the boys want tacky, so again wouldn’t wear it. As for being verified, well I understand it’s talking about in any aspect of life, but wouldn’t feel the need to go around proclaiming that.

    As a professional black woman, I only spend my money on graphic tees with unusal prints or designs, and that aside, like I said earlier, none of those tees apply to me so…

  4. co sign Vex and fr…
    Looks too simple and dated, reminds me of Smoking Joe jeans way back in the day.
    So not feeling the slogans, why narrow your market down to just stereotypical hoodie wearing kids.
    Business wise I cant see kids parting with £20+ for this, and I cant see parents buying it for their kids with those designs, especially with no film or anything to market it with.

  5. If these came out when his film franchise was live & kickng it would make sense, now….??

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