The bigwigs over at BBC 1xtra have decided to clean house in 2011 (fired DJs) and have implemented some changes (reshuffled DJs time slots).

Fellow blogger Miss Lala reports that Twin B will take over the breakfast show slot, a slot which was previously held by DJ Trevor Nelson.  Trevor will move to the 10am-1pm slot and Gemma Cairney will take over on weekday afternoons.

Nick Bright (7am-10am) with the weekend breakfast show. 

Charlie Sloth will present on Saturdays (10am-1pm)

CJ Beats, on Sunday (10am-1pm)

Sarah Jane Crawford, weekend afternoons (1pm-4pm)

DJs who will no longer be working for the station – Ras Kwame, Rampage (Mike Anthony and Treble T) and Max. Seany B will no longer have his weekly time slot but according to Miss Lala ‘he will continue to work at the station in the future’. What he will be doing instead  is anybody’s guess.

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  1. Wow! That is a big shake up!!!!! Trevor and Gemma i loved them together.But as least they won’t be losing thier jobs. But Rampage i wake up to those guys… Treble T was cool as hell!!!!!! I wasn’t crazy about Max but i hate to see her loose her job. Man i hate to see all those talented BlACK people loose thier jobs… But i do understand that is the nature of the radio business. But i will say this…if they fired those…they sure as hell should fire Westwood because ratings were null….basically. But does anyone know about Ace & Vis?? I really liked those dudes..they should have left them one weekdays …but that’s just my opinion….

  2. Janice…lol! Yes i’m very! I love music plus my best friend lives he keeps me up on many things going on there. And i wake up to Trevor and Gemma.. Once i’m at work Rampage is on…then Max…i don’t really listen to her much or Westwood…even thought he is funny as! I then turn to Bang which i like very much. But you guys are 7 hours ahead… Oh i actually go to bed to Trevor and! But if you have ever read what i have replied to on your blogs….i love Black People….so if i know about you i will listen.(if you’re good that is) Hey i found you and have been a fan of your blog every since… And thanks for telling me about Ace & Vis….those brothers are cool…down and funny!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Congratulations to CJ Beatz.
    Ras Kwame & Rampage kicked out thats a shock and a blow but hey, what you gonna do? Look at the music the radio stations have infected the charts with, only natural the DJs should be ‘Urban Pop’ too!

  4. Im a big 1xtra fan and its changes not looking good in my view, i can’t listen to breakfasr show no more. Max was good on the celeb gossip, got the impression she had haters she would drop that into the show a few times. rampage departure is so sad, they did own daytime radio.i’ll only catch rampage at carnival now. Ah the ras gone too, he was homegrown. i hope 1xtra can survive this thank small mercy they left the 2 dancehall dj phew.

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