Over the weekend (Saturday afternoon) I received news that a preview screening of the Tyler Perry film adaption of the play For Colored Girls was due to take place this afternoon (15th November), at 1.30pm in London.

But sadly it never happened.

I was told that guests arrived,  waited for over an hour and then it was eventually announced that there would be no screening because there was NO FILM TO SCREEN. You see whoever was in charge of sending the film (LIONSGATE) either forgot or just couldn’t be bothered to send it to the organisation hosting the screening.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

What the hell happened??? Was this mess due to a break down in communication between the film distributor and event organiser?  

*shaking my head*

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  1. I wish that i couls say that i was surprised. Total failure on the distributor’s part considering the profile of this film. Do keep us posted if it pops up again though!

  2. Really looking forward to see the film. Think this is the best poster of them all, but I do wonder why the film is called that? Perhaps it’ll become clear once I see it.

  3. Michelle :Really looking forward to see the film. Think this is the best poster of them all, but I do wonder why the film is called that? Perhaps it’ll become clear once I see it.

    It’s based on a play which is called (and I’m doing this from memory) “For colored girls who have considered suicide when the rainbow isn’t enough”

  4. you all should be REJOICING!
    they are doing a a HUGE favour!

    booty ass crack whack.

    if im being honest.

  5. I’ve barely heard any good things about this film. Will be waiting to see it in Jan. Going into the cinema like I always do…regardless of who I like in it, I’ll give my honest review.

  6. I so want to see this film having read up on it now. TheSkorpion show on youtube did a review and that alone makes me want to see how a film can make men cry.I might just read the book too

  7. I think it’s really bad that this blog has been posted by somebody who obviously didn’t actually attend preview screening.

    I was at the cancelled preview screening on the 15th Nov and can 100% say it was down to the distributors (Lionsgate). There was nothing wrong with the organisation / host of the event from the way I was invited, greeted or updated about the situation during the unfortunate wait.

    The funny thing is, two representatives from Lionsgate actually came down and apologised to us all and offered us a rescheduled event or DVD’s as compensation,taking 100% of the blame

    They organisers were also very upset!

    I was then sent an apology from the organisers with details of the re-scheduled date following, which was on the 19th Nov 7pm in the West End. They had a very good turnout of about 60 odd people (full capacity) with a great vibe, Music and Wine.

    In regards to the Film……

    I loved the film and would recommend it to all as a must see.
    I’ve heard and read some very bad reviews but I would say go see it and make up your own minds. It’s very deep and can be a fantastic debate starter… There were some heated debates at the screening.

  8. I don’t see what’s bad about it. The first screening didn’t happen so I reported on what I had been told. I also stated that Lionsgate was possibly at fault. Perhaps you missed that part.

    As for the rest, yes I know it was later rescheduled, and that a good time was had by all. But thanks for stopping by.

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