Cher Lloyd

MTV UK reports that Jay-Z has given X-Factor contestant Cher Lloyd the thumbs up, for her irritating renditions of his hit singles Hard Knock Life and Empire State Of Mind. Click HERE and HERE watch.

According to the website Jay allegedly said,

“I was very impressed with her version of Hard Knock Life. It should be a track on her debut album and I would happily add my lyrics to it. I could get myself, Kanye West, Beyoncé and Rihanna all working on her debut album and that would make it an automatic hit.”


I was wondering how long it would take for the British media to publish an over exaggerated quote from Jay-Z in regards to Cheryl Cole’s annoying little pet Cher.

It’s just laughable BS.

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  1. I wonder whether other competetors really believe that they still have a fair shot in this competetion.

    As for Jay, i guess it is a money worthy statement.

  2. I hope Jay sues for this quote. If it’s true I’ll be flabbergasted, he better spend time making sure Alexis Jordan is an instant hit

  3. They are have drummed up so much extra support and attention for her, which they wouldn’t do for real hip hoppers everyday, as for the other contestants, i hope they have back up plans already in place, they are just filling the space on the show.

  4. I’m overly tired of the Cher Lloyd hype. You do realise win or lose, this time next year we’ll be subjected to her debut single/album and x amount of years in our faces. Now this Jessie J chick’s come along. It’s like there are two of them, add Nicki Minaj and Gaga and you have my worst nightmare. Over saturation of very average chicks who are gimmicks, playing dress up.

    I wish they’d all just go away!

  5. This is some bull!!!!!!! I don’t see why you guys even watch it. If they are that bad…why watch it? Everything is about if people don’t watch the show maybe things will change. Cher Loyd is a joke… But there will be many that will support her…for what ever reason. If Jayz said this..he’s a fool as well.

  6. That girl cannot sing she sounds out of breath and talking through the the sogns… and since when to NYC become a skater town??????? This ain’t Seattle! Who the hell does song productions!!!

    NYC is none of that nonsense! Ugggh really Jay? I can’t believe he said that either… that is some ole bull crap!

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