Today show host Matt Lauer interviewed Kanye West and it is both hilarious and painful to watch.

Kanye’s face and body language throughout the interview just kills me.

This has got to be one of the funniest interviews of all time.

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  1. Oh dear. That was so excruciatingly painful to watch. Kanye is one broken man. I sincerely hope he finds peace and solace from somewhere as he doesn’t look right at all. Actually quite sad to witness.

  2. After his mother died he never stopped to grieve. He’s never stopped. I look at him and see a troubled soul and for a second feel sorry for him. But then he opens his mouth and I go back to wanting to beat him.

  3. Oh God, Kanye, i don’t know whether to slap your face for entertaining that foolishness about gOOERGE bUSH. Really Kanye? I have called that man worse things in my life. I wonder what the people in Afghanistan are calling him? Anything but a racist. I don’t know. And KAnye you know you don’t mean that nonsense that you said about Bush, you couldn’t hide it even if you tried, being racist is the least of Bush’s worries right now and should be the least of your worries. I know you can be really foolish sometimes, but that was nothing to apologise for or defend. Foolishness.

  4. My thing is I would never take back something I said nor apologize. Why are you apologizing about how you feel about a certain thing, at that moment?

    Grow some cojones!! Damn!

    Lets not forget natural disasters occur people die property is damaged it is fact. If Bush had done his job Katrina wouldn’t have been so devastating New Orleans would have just been damaged not so many lives lost.

    Yes he needs to cope better with the loss of his mother but I know how he feels I lost my dad and life will never be the same. Some days are better than others it takes time…. *shrugs*

  5. This was the worst point of Bush’s career? Sadly Kanye is so self-centred he missed an opportune moment to list the worst points of Bushes career like er…The War, Weapons of Mass Distruction lie, the banking crisis and the complete meltdown of Western finance…but I guess, Kanyes comment was waaaaay bigger than that!lol!

  6. Totally agree with Lati & Reclaimin’. Why did he go on the show? Why did he allow himself to humiliated like that? He should’ve known better. We all know who would win the like-able or popularity vote between Kanye vs George Bush! He has nothing to prove!

    HOWEVER you can see that this man should have taken a step away from showbiz to grieve for his mother. He’s showing all his frustration and confusion in public – people are only gonna take see it as entertainment.

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