People have been raving about this lady and her official debut track/video (Do It Like A Dude) all day, so I decided to finally check out new artist Jessie J.

The track – When I first watched the video I just thought of Rihanna and Lady Saw.

In my opinion Do It Like A Dude isn’t particularly outstanding, it just sounds like your average UK “urban” fare.  But it will probably go on to become Jessie’s first UK number 1 single, and come 2011 she will probably have the number 1 album in the country.

Then to top it off,  Jessie will be hailed ‘the first lady of UK “Urban” music by BBC Radio stalwarts Jo Wiley, Zane Lowe and last but not least Trevor Nelson.

Your thoughts please. Hit or Miss?

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  1. It wouldn’t surprise me if this got really high in the charts. I saw her on SB.TV’s A64 and she can definitely sing, has something but I was thinking Ciara’s like a boy was better considering the concept of the song. I also think she could be another version of Pink, marketed to an Urban crowd but soon as she gets them in she’s all on the rock tip.

  2. The song’s ok, there’s an accapella version on youtube which is 100x better than this one, she actually does have good vocals, the materials just really weak.

  3. This is not the best song by Jessie, it really does not show her vocals at all. Just a regular pop tune. I co-sign on Jessie as I have seen her perform live, she is “The Truth”. Go to YouTube and check out her online stuff. The girl can SANG!
    I think Jessie is what Cheryl Cole is trying to turn Cher into, only a very poor mans chavy version of Jessie, which is a friggin insult!

  4. She can really sing (check out jools holland) not sure about this but I hope we get to hear more from her

  5. All I got from the video/song/her were:

    Trying too hard.
    Stop with the ‘man dem’ talk.
    Trying to hard.
    You obviously only know one dance move.
    Another battle of the sexes song
    Nicki Minaj
    Cher Lloyd
    Trying too hard
    Ciara – Like a Boy
    Is she a lesbian, with all these lesbians up in the video
    Couldn’t care less what she releases next
    Lady Gaga

    That’s about it.
    I’m not impressed by white chicks who hang with a lot of black folks, get taught a dance move, adopt slang and fling it in their songs then package it and try to sell it to us.

    I already see Jessis J filling out an application for her Black Pass, but I’m denying the approval. I don’t find her original. Some may like her but she’s not my bag.

    Like black folks who were enarmoured by Cher Lloyds audition cause she chose an ‘urban’ song, this chick will probably do the same. Get black folks all moist inna dem crotches piece.

    She’ll do well though I’m sure and label her the UK’s answer to Lady Gaga.

  6. LondonDiva i love! You always hit it right on the head. Plus you always make a brotha laugh like crazy!!!!!!!! But keep on speaking the truth…i’m with you. The Black pass…not!!!! Man everytime i read what you have to say i end up cracking up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMBAO!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. its a really good song to be honest.. but as soon as i turned it on and i looked at her i immediately thought of nicki minaj,i think shes trying to much to be like other people and she would be so much better being herself because she has an amazing voice.

  8. I think Jessie is amazing and she has the best voice I’ve ever heard. Her voice is like Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston’s or better:) !!!She used to perform at the Pigalle Club many years ago, I knew she will be famous one day.
    I am a little disappointed with her new song….this song doesn’t suit her voice at all, and its very poor like Cheryl Cole or NDubz or whatever. I prefer to listen to her live performances on Youtube….

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