Cheryl Cole crying on last nights Piers Morgan's Life Stories

Last night (against my better judgement) I watched the “‘nation’s sweetheart” / fraud Cheryl Cole pour her heart out to Piers Morgan.

I’ve always respected Piers Morgan but he let himself down last night. It was made clear from the offset that Piers thinks the sun shines out of Cheryl’s backside,  so this interview was just set up to help preserve Saint Cheryl’s reputation post Gamugate. Plus she’s about to release a new single.

Cheryl bawled while discussing her harrowing battle with FLU.  Oops… sorry.. I mean “MALARIA”,  and then bawled some more when the subject switched to the breakdown of her marriage to footballer Ashley Cole.

(I look forward to hearing what Ashley Cole has to say. I hope that interview comes soon.)

I suspect the lame fan club sitting in the audience who “ooooed” and “awwwed” throughout the interview also “wept” with “poor” Cheryl during those “harrowing” segments.

Also as predicted there was no mention of Sophie Amogbokpa, the nightclub toilet attendant who Cheryl beat up and “allegedly” racially abused back in 2003.

Piers who used to be Editor-In-Chief of The Daily Mirror and is still a journalist at heart should be ashamed of himself for neglecting to mention that incident, because  it’s a part of Cheryl’s life story and almost derailed the Girls Aloud train.

Sophie Amogbokpa

I have to hand it to Cheryl’s PR team. They continue to do a brilliant job of ensuring that the nation’s sweetheart’s halo still shines bright.

Give yourselves a pat on the back guys!

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  1. LOL! I wanted to watch it, but the crying advert put me off, i passed. Thanx for the short review. I will take your word for it. LOL! Besides, having watched Paije’s performance that brought me goose pumps and it being down played by Simon Cowell, i just couldn’t take it anymore. What a farce. But i have come to the conclusion that if you cannot relate to something, you cannot appreciate it should.

    She is the cash cow, like Jade Goody was, so they must be protected at all costs. *sighs* I just can’t with that malaria story, tbh they always make a big deal about malaria, you really don’t want to come in here with malaria, it’s a farce. But it was a good publicity feed for her at the time.

    Black people have long memories like for elephants, don’t worry, we will not be forgetting the Sophie incident in a hurry. It is not like she ever got a proper apology. *shrugs*

  2. I was disappointed they did not mention that it could be down to the toilet incident. she was giving an easy interview. One thing I did learn she takes after her mother. Would love to hear what Ashley has to say about this though

  3. I love it Janice, you come back with that photo of Sophie again. Lets not allow the people to forget. I’m sorry but the English man has a very short memory and he seems to love that factoid about himself as it takes the heat of his conscience. These so called celebrities can really throw on a good act when necessary.

  4. Jan, you and I both know that I agree with everyword. I’m actually thinking of changing my Fb and Twitter photo to a picture of Sophie and her busted eye, just so that people NEVER forget!

  5. oh dear the picture is bac..ihope she doesn’t have google alert
    i think she has grown up and changed..why is tht so hard to believe
    as for the malaria i’m originally fro Tanzania and i’ve seen my sister and mother have it before on holiday and they say you literally wish to die when its at its serious stage,nt to sound like a stan but giv the girl a break.

  6. “oh dear the picture is bac.

    Yes it is.

    No I’m afraid Chezza will not be getting any breaks on this blog.

    Anyone looking for articles depicting her as a saint should visit the Daily Mail, The Mirror, The Sun, The Metro – the list is endless.

  7. no i don’t think she is a saint,but i think your obvious fascinationg with her is a bit disturbing and especially when u are using that poor womans picture on ur blog…than you should have never said you weren’t going to use it again.
    YOU don’t like Cheryl-WE GET IT, no reason to keep embarassing Sophie,i come to this website cause i wan’t UK bloggers to also make an impact but more times than not you sound as negative and bitter as the Sandrose and Perez Hiltons of the web…what a shame..why don’t u make Sophies picture ur header.

    ps: see Necole Bitchie a blogger with class

  8. Note Sophie willingly posed for those pictures. She wasn’t forced and now the pics are in the public domain to be used when necessary. I’m also not the only one who uses them to drive home the point that Queen Chezza is a fraud. lol. And I have a feeling that Sophie’s glad she hasn’t been forgotten.

    Hmmmmm… That’s right I did say I would no longer posts pics. Well after Saturday night I changed my mind.

    Lulu if my Cheryl posts (and there haven’t been that many recently) offend/disturb you that much then bypass them, or if you feel that this site is far ‘too negative’ etc for your tastes then stop visiting.

    Check out UK sites who are making a impact instead –,,, and

    Bitter as Sandra Rose? LMAO!!! I don’t think any blogger has reached that level of bitterness and hilarious insanity yet. LOL

    I respect your right to express an opinion but I’m not changing my content or how it’s presented. I also refuse to sugarcoat thoughts/opinions.

    “ps: see Necole Bitchie a blogger with class”

    Say hello to Necole for me while your over there.

  9. yes and what she thinks of her picture still being used for someones personal hatred towards another…hhhmm it would be very nice to know.

  10. Don’t change your content Janice, in fact turn up the heat even more. I do think the exposure that this Cole creature is getting smells of the same bombardment of media coverage we were receiving years back with Posh and Becks. Not a day went by that their mugs were not seen in some paper, and for what? Now this creature Cole is up for awards, crying on television and is splashed on nearly every front page because she is a co host of X Factor and is having marriage problems. What, am I supposed to feed into this bs and go along with the hype?

  11. I find this post interesting as although I don’t “hate” Cheryl as I’m sure Janice doesn’t, I’m disgusted in the way she is portrayed as the “nation’s sweetheart” when she is not actually that “sweet” at all. I do believe everyone deserves a second chance. We all make mistakes BUT I also believe we should take responsibility for our actions which I don’t believe she has. It’s all been neatly dusted under the carpet! Anyway. I appreciate your opinion and review Janice and if people don’t like it they should look away!

  12. @ Lulu … I know it seems like hatred, i can undertsand that, but it’s not hatred, it’s a disliking. people dislike people for many reasons, and the reasons why many don’t like her on this Blog including Janice aka Miss Madnews is quite valid I think. your free to disagree, but believe me -I won’t stop disliking her and neither will most folks on this blog I expect!


  14. i’m not asking anyone to like me everyone is intitled to their own feelings,but i just don’t see how anything can come from posting Sophies picture,i’m not a Cheryl fan at all but its like beating a dead horse,maybe i should not comment on any of her posts anymore…my main issue was the Sophie picture- a private person,not a celebrity shez not asking for any publicity or she would have spoken up after all these years,it didn’t happen yesterday- even when some sites pullup that Rihanna pic by Tmz I feel the same it was a long time ago..the cause itself of assualt or doestic violence should continue to be spread but let the victims go on with their lives.

  15. @ Karl Nova

    It’s emotional Nova.


    “yes and what she thinks of her picture still being used for someones personal hatred towards another…hhhmm it would be very nice to know.”

    Well I’m sure myself and other online publications who have posted her pic will find out at some point.

  16. I think i see what lulu is trying to say, *and some folks need to calm down eg @wow*, anyhoo, i think the same way we were not happy when Micheal Jackson, after he passed, was being pulled threw the mad and so forth, it surely is the same with this case. I haven’t been to tmz tbh, i think it is possible to still refer to the incident without the picture in place and still make the same impact. What happened to the link plan Jan? It was not a bad idea.

  17. “What happened to the link plan Jan? It was not a bad idea”

    That went out the window after Saturday’s “interview”.

    I respect the views of those who may have a problem with me posting the picture of Sophie circa 2003. But there are three solutions to the problem if they come across another post featuring Sophie. 1)Ignore the post. 2) stop visiting Mad News. 3) Start a blog.

  18. Janice is licking out some serious shots, everybody duck and run for cover. Saying that though, the gun fire is very warranted in this case. As I stated before, English folks have a knack for a very short memory. Creature Cole’s feet must be held to the fire, especially as she vowed never to apologise for the assault.

  19. Photos like these need to be used as a reminder never to forget. As ‘verbs said, people have short memories.
    The media would like the public to forget that she “punched up” Sophie in the toilet, simply because it suits them (at this moment in time) to do so.
    Cheryl is big business for many people (incl national newspapers etc), so there happy for a mediocre non talent to stay on top.
    As we all know the media is no-one friend, so while she is making her fame by portraying herself to be all “sweetness and light”, they will turn on that heffa like a “pack of wolves” the minute she puts a foot wrong.
    So for me, all this cow bawling she did on TV is a a joke, cos when she KNOCKED Sophie in her face, she wasnt crying then.
    To actually go on record and say your not even going to appologise for your violent actions on another person, to my mind is disgusting.
    Arguing is one thing, but throwing knock out blows is another.
    Unless Sophie came at Cheryl to attack her, then Cheryl had no business laying hands on Sophie.
    Personally, if she appologised, then my opinion of her would have some what changed, depending on how sincere the appology was. None of us are perfect, but to think you are above appologising, after you damamged someones face is deplorable.

  20. Hmmmm, they dont like this picture being reposted and they dont like the Rhianna picture being reposted…

    Yet Chris Brown and Cheryl Tweedy are thought of in the same way…

    Twisted double standards!

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