Industry folk raved about Kanye West’s Runaway film short, after it premiered at a private screening (with Kanye in attendance) in London last month.

Runaway is now available to watch in its entirety online.

It opens with rapper Nicki Minaj  butchering the English accent. She needs to be muzzled.  Then a woman falls from the sky dressed as a bird and Kanye rescues her.

Then it just goes on and on and on….

In my opinion Runaway is exactly what you would expect from Kanye – pretentious nonsense.  But I love the featured tracks from his new album, especially the track featuring Rihanna (All Of The Lights).

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Your thoughts please…

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  1. Made it as far as 2 mins 50 secs – BORED outta my brain. Sorry, no desire to watch anymore.


  2. I wish more artists would do ish like this. Reminds me of what MJ used to do…

    Very entertaining, artistic, and full of wild symbolism (VERBS!!!)…I actually found it MUCH less pretentious than ‘Ye’s usual fare.

    By the way, the best track is that “Devil In A NewDress”, thankyouverymuch.

    IMHO, “Graduation” is Kanye’s best work by far still. This album sounds okay, but “Graduation” was full of bangers from front to back.

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