Oh dear more scandal over at FIX-Factor

What a complete and utter farce.  It’s hilarious.

Via The News Of The World

CRISIS-hit X Factor is today plunged into a fresh scandal – wildcard Treyc Cohen has a secret management deal and has already released a single, we can reveal. It means the comeback singer – who mentor Cheryl Cole last night brought back as her fourth girl – has breached strict competition rules and shouldn’t be in the live finals. Continue Reading….

I wonder if the shows producers will stand by her like they’ve done for fellow contestant Katie Waissel, who also has a management deal and links to Sony BMG.

It will be really interesting to see what happens here.

Check out Treyc’s debut single below, released in 2009.

This track should have been entered in to the Eurovision Song Contest.

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  1. In that very same article, they say no contract was signed.. so why bother mention it? I can’t be arsed with NOTW tbh.. generally bigotted trash.

    Most of the contestants have in someway connections to the business. Maybe its high time the producers stop pretending that just about anybody can walk in and audition.. the only inexperienced winner was Leon Jackson and look what happened there.

  2. The show is too deceptive. But when i watch it, i see why it’s attractive. The fashion, make up, lights, big stage, back up dancers 2 fill the stage, the cheers, the media coverage after, i mean allover the news on tv, papers, magazines, shows,(a star already just like that). Coool, eh. Too easy. Besides, opens doors 2 other things like, errrm
    *scratches head*hosting shows jedward style,

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