X-Factor reject Gamu Nhengu has spoken for the first time to The News Of The World about the sudden turn of events in her life post X-Factor, and last night pleaded not to be deported back to Zimbabwe.

A distraught Gamu begs the shows judges Simon Cowell and the “nations sweetheart” Cheryl Cole to stop her family being returned to Robert Mugabe’s regime after the Home Office pulled a suspect move last week and decided not to renew her visa.

Click HERE to listen to full interview.

That girl and her family have been thrown under a bus.

What a sad state of affairs.

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  1. Pull yourself together we love you and its not your fault it simon and cheryl the money making machine. Trust in the lord. You cannot be like the two because all their love is money. Heads up.

  2. Simon Cowell shame on you. You are telling lies you have given no help to Gamu Simon you cannot bring all that money with you to the grave. X factor is fix

  3. After telling lies about my country and my president, i do NOT feel sorry for this Gamuchirai Nhengu girl anymore!

    Since when do people get shot by firing squad in Zimbabwe,Gamu?! Who has been shot by Zimbabwe’s firing squad in the past 30yrs??!

    I’m a staunch supporter and active member of Robert Mugabe’s ZANU PF and i was once heavily involved in the beating up of several top opposition party members and supporters.. BUT we only used to beat up opposition party activists who were AGAINST Land Reform,those who supported the illegal economic embargoes and those against economic empowerment of black people. Basically,anyone who was against ‘correcting the injustices of colonialism’ was asking for a beat down..

    Gamu wouldn’t be in any sort of trouble at all besides no one gets beat up anymore.

    Zimbabwe has 3 pro opposition party newspapers,two pro opposition party pirate stations(based in washington & London),two weekly prime ministers’ newsletters and 10 major pro opposition websites based in Zimbabwe. (Letters and opinions from members of the public who are disgruntled with Mugabe regularly get published in the state’s daily newspaper which is pro Mugabe)
    All these people feed on criticising Robert Mugabe on an hourly basis and yet NOTHING happens to them! So why does Gamu think we’ll be after her??! Some people need to stop fantasising about being murdered.

    She knows she’s lying through the skin of her teeth! She’s doing whatever it takes to get a VISA extension…even if it means projecting a negative image of her OWN country.

    People who have no culture or heritage to protect can never be nationalists. They’re open to all forms of foreign influence and shittery at the expense of their OWN country. Gamu is one such example.She might as well move in with Makosi for all we care!

    You’ve made your own bed Gamu,have sex on it! You’ll be stuck in this country FOREVER and you’ll possibly not even have the opportunity to own a f*cking flower bed! Nomatter where you go in Europe,Gamu, you’ll always remain a nigger or that black girl/woman..never will they ever think you’re fully human. I supported you just like i did Makosi but you’ve both come attack us. I’ll still support you whenever they chant racist stuff but the damage has already been done,bitch.

  4. She’s young, blame her mother who brought her here. You think she’s master minding this?!! She’s been decieved from all angles, and got in a mess.

  5. @Gary – Wow bruv, you went IN on Gamu. Without wanting to get too into it – I can understand wanting to beat up people who promote injustice, but you can’t be a credible political party, and then beat up the opposition, no matter how much you disagree with them. It crosses a line and gives legitimacy to any thugs within the party to mete out punishment for ANY perceived sleight, for their own ends.
    “..besides no one gets beat up anymore” – you almost sound disappointed! Anyway, you disagree with me, and this is a discussion for another place and time!

    With regards to Gamu, to be honest I haven’t read or viewed her interview. Feel sorry for her, but I saw the firing squad headline and knew that must be rubbish. Papers like the NOTW lap that stuff up though.

    “..You’ve made your own bed Gamu, have sex on it!” <– LOL!

  6. It’s a known fact that people whom visa status is not in order usually live in the shadows, they are invisible as possible; they don’t get involve in a television program that has national and international media coverage. Perhaps her mom was hoping that been on the show and with her talent she would get support, however it went terrible wrong. I feel for the girl because she probably got use to live in the UK.I don’t believe Simon can do anything about this it’s wide open, trust me people are watching and if he help her it’s not going to stop there.

  7. Am puzzled as to how she got that far without anyone noticing!! And why they waited for her to get that far. They knew waay before. X factor is prepared way be4 it is shown to us. Atleast the auditions.

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