It’s been reported that rapper Nelly will headline this years MOBO (Music Of Black Origin) awards, which will take place on the 20th October in Liverpool.

If this is true then why have Nelly headline the event? If this was 2000/2002 then it would make sense because he was at the height of his popularity then. But booking him as the headline act in 2010 makes no sense.

When was the last time he released any new music?

I wonder how many US acts declined the offer to headline this event before the organisers struck ‘gold’ with Nelly, and how far down the list was the rapper?

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  1. when are these f*ckers gonna start backing UK Music??!
    Theres dozens of UK acts that are more relevant than Nelly..
    Jheez, there are some real pricks in this industry

  2. I agree that there are so many great UK acts. Nelly would not headline here in the USA….NO WAY… I don’t get why there are so many great UK acts…but they are not promoted over here in the USA… Can anyone give a valid answer???

  3. Big sigh!! Why am I even surprised? In an era where UK acts (who make music of Black origin) are actually doing well why is not one of them a headline act? Tinchy, JLS and Tinie Tempah have had a great year. What a joke? The fact is that the US acts do not get the MOBOs – try explaining the concept of music from Black origin to them and they just burst out laughing and no surprise. In the US you are either Black or not. Ah well as least this gives me something to laugh at for a couple of hours. I wonder how many UK acts will actually turn up on the night? If they have any sense they will stay at home – that is what Dizzee Rascal does every year.

  4. Ummm…..Nelly has a new song out and it is doing pretty damn well on the charts and itunes. Currently sitting at #4. Nelly is back hun. The song Just A Dream is already PLATINUM and his album hit stores Nov. 16…cop it!!!

  5. Yes I heard about his single going “platinum” yesterday. I would like to see evidence of this.

    If there is some truth to this then it still doesn’t justify him headlining this event when a UK act like Tinie Tempah has enjoyed a successful year.

    His album hits stores on Nov 16? thanks for letting us know, but I doubt I’ll “cop it”.

  6. OMG wtf are you kidding me im from the UK and I think Tiny tempa, JLS, N dubz is a joke compared to nelly. nelly is the shit sorry to say but its the truth and so wt if he does Perform at the MOBOS big deal.GET OVA IT. The UK acts are good but sum of them are a complete joke’s

  7. Yes most of us know that Jessica, but Tinie deserves to be the headliner because he’s actually enjoyed tremendous success this year. He’s relevant. What has Nelly done this year to warrant headlining this event? He can perform because he has new music to promote but no way should he be “headlining”.

  8. Yeah he has had a good year his had 2 or 3 hits but so what so has so many other UK artist’s. I think Nelly should headline because his 1 of the best rappers his had so much success throughout the years and his a worldwide selling artist, and he is still relevant just because his not on the UK music charts, has any of the American people even herd of tiny tempa nah don’t think so. Yeah I know it’s the MOBOS and it’s mainly for British acts but so what!

  9. Just want say that I’ve seen most of the uk artists that are performing at the Mobos and I’ve also seen Nelly live and he is amazing (and I’ve seen Prince & U2 so know good live music) x

  10. Who cares what he’s released this year he is amazing live surely that’s what the audience wanna see x

  11. nelly is the best rapper? you are either a child, a straight up fool or a moron I’m not sure which…

    ps. mobos are s*** anyway

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