Morning talk show host Jeremy Kyle got on the wrong side of a”guest” and this is what happened.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Jeremy deserved to almost get his wig split, because he just goes too far sometimes. Yes many of his guests can only be described as being the dregs of society, but I hate the way Jeremy bullies/belittles some of them for sport, especially the one’s who are clearly mentally unstable and just hopeless.

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  1. Saw this yesterday, I was laughing, the guy thinks he’s to much of a bad man, but Jeremy is annoying, he’s probably worse than Montell who use to P me off no end.

    I know jeremy wanted to attack him, but he knew he would be accused as being as thuggish as his guest so he had to contain himself. I say its a great viral Marketing opportunity for his show.

  2. Jeremy Kyle is just pure bread and circus for the masses. The same thing happened in the Roman Empire where people were poor and destitute but they would always travel the arenas to watch their fellow men being slaughtered and in that moment feel powerful about themselves because it allowed them for a short time to forget about their poverty and get on a power trip at the fact that another person was suffering misfortune.

    Kyle, Trisha, Springer, Montell, Donahue, Oprah, Maury, Judge Judy and the rest of them are all part of the distraction, to keep people from focusing on the real issues that matter. People will pack out Jeremy Kyle’s studio and feed themselves power through another person’s calamity but urinate and defecate themselves at the thought of standing up to corrupt government, getting their own lives in order and saying no to tyranny.

    Football is also part of this distraction with more and more games on television than ever before. However the people in this country really do not respect themselves or their children and do not care for their futures. So they will continue to feed into these types of programmes to give themselves the illusion that they are in a better position in life than the person they are viewing, even when they are homeless watching the same programmes through the Dixons shutters at night.

  3. I really cannot stand that show. I would rather stare at a black TV screen than watch that car crash monstrosity. Jeremy Kyle is nothing more than a bully and to me worst than the people who frequent his shows. Really glad to see that someone stood up to him and I really wish the guy had thrown something bigger than an envelope at his head. Foolish man!!

  4. He does it deliberately to push their buttons knowing the state they are in, to get a reaction. He got a reaction alright but i doubt he will be bothered. He asks them why they go on his show, really?? Without them he has no show. Smh

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