Gamu Nhengu

“Sources” claim that  the “nations sweet heart” Cheryl Cole was told to axe X-Factor contestant Gamu Nhengu because of her immigration status.

The "nations sweetheart" Chezza Cole

18-year-old Gamu originally from Zimbabwe moved to Scotland 8 years ago and according to “insiders” the Home Office has not renewed her Visa yet.

On Sunday night millions watched as Cheryl put Cher Lloyd and Katie Waissel through to the live show stage, even though both “singers” failed miserably during their auditions . Click HERE to read my previous post about these two jokers.

All I can do is laugh and shake my head in disgust. This story about Gamu’s alleged immigration status has obviously been leaked via Cheryl’s PR team, because the ‘nation sweetheart’ who can do no wrong,  is now experiencing some serious backlash from the public. They will do anything to protect that fraud.
Okay so most of us know that The X-Factor is fixed for “entertainment purposes”,  but I don’t actually think the producers (including Simon Cowell) thought the public would react so ferociously after Sunday night’s BLATANT shenanigans.
UPDATE: The media is now reporting the highly suspect story about Gamu’s Visa situation as fact!
Cheryl’s team has resorted to playing dirty, in a bid to protect Cheryl’s image.   The hope is to portray Gamu as an illegal immigrant, but the Home Office has stated that there isn’t a problem with Gamu’s Visa status.

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  1. It’s alot of crap anyway. They know not to include anyone on the show who has no visa in the first place. That is what happens if anyone is applying for a job anywhere in the first place. Let’s see how this turns out. Knowing Scottish folks,if this girl goes through to the next stages, Scotland will be voting. That is how they do it. They stick with their own in a way. Remember Mitchell Mcmanus, and that other young boy (i 4get his name).

    Anyway, X factor has always been so blatant, people just got caught up in the excitement and hype and glamour and overlooked it’s blatant antics. These happened especially during the auditions, not even at boot camp or whatever. People have just got used to the way it works. The winners have always been frustrated with doing covers, they just could’t speak out really because they had signed contracts and nothing much they could do about it anyway. But this show in a way is a jade Goody Scam kinda show. lol

  2. So they halt Gamu’s progress and now throw her under a bus. If there was an immigration issue they would have known about it. If there IS an issue they can do what they need to fix it. They bent over backwards to get Katie Waissel out of her record contract for example.

    There has only been ONE major global star out of all the years X-factors been on. JLS and Alexandra Burke are doing good in the UK but the rest are either doing theatre, reality shows or are completely off radar. For that reason, with the public sympathy currently in her favour and some decent songs, Gamu could probably do just fine on her own without signing over her life (and percentages) to Cowell.

  3. Visas are now biometric identity cards with passports and all previous visas are scanned & require fortnight checks (that’s for unis)…I call bullshit. Her ass would have been deported sharpishly, with all evidence scrubbed off… Only to be leaked via a missing disc, two weeks later.

  4. well to be honest – although Gamu is a nice singer I dont think I would pick up the phone and vote for her! I thought Cheryl made the right choices ….

  5. if the visa is the case then we can’t possibly blame Cheryl for this one…although i know Janice wud blame her for natural disasters if she

  6. Cheryl tweedy PR team really trying to throw the young lass under the buss. Why they wanna playa hate on her. Her stans are happy with this visa story. The thing is the Home Office according to daily mail said that her visa status was a non issue as she is not here illegally. Her mum is a nurse and just doing what most folks do – apply for extension or residency. Think about Makosi – people tried that story with her and she is still here.

    I think xfactor and cheryl folk are pissed at the reminder that she is a racist git because this will cause problems for her with Fox tv execs who do not want her on xfactor usa anyway. Americans cannot stand blatant racism even if she has changed. Plus not just Gamu, Anastacia Raquel et al – better qualified singers.

    Xfactor and cheryl folk just mad that 2 days later Gamu is the only one trending on twitter and still making news headlines even paddy power have bets on her to win and she is not in the comp no more. Speaks volumes

    Its a shame really. Its ruined my addiction to this show now known as fix factor

  7. What about the ones who didn’t have any visa problems who were clearly better than those who went through??

  8. What’s the surprise ? Cheryl Cole puts the two white girls through. Once a racist, always a racist.

  9. Wow for someone who ‘isnt racist’ her people are quick to call someone an illegal immigrant if they backed into a corner…hmmm

  10. Hmmmm didn’t Cheryl Cole beat up a Black woman?? And she is still on a tv show….no way!!!!!!!!!!! You guys have to be kidding me!!! Or have you guys forgiven and forgot…. No way!!!! This just makes no sense to me…. And from what i am reading from you guys…they seem to play the Black community as a joke…. is that so??

  11. @moreno, she put the smackdown to a Nigerian woman. I still say Ms. Twinkle in his Eye got off light… she didn’t get the crazy Naija woman.

  12. @Adaobi tell me this..what did the Black community do or say about this whole thing?? Please don’t tell me they gave her a pass….

  13. **shrugs** as you can see she’s now the nation’s sweetheart & envy of every black dude’s eyes. Due to her biracial ex-husband cheating on her with some randoms. She became the pillar of dignity, the wearer of leopard pants &’s dream fuck buddy. As for the Black British community…I dunno, but I know Janice hates her guts.

  14. Adaobi :**shrugs** as you can see she’s now the nation’s sweetheart & envy of every black dude’s eyes. Due to her biracial ex-husband cheating on her with some randoms. She became the pillar of dignity, the wearer of leopard pants &’s dream fuck buddy. As for the Black British community…I dunno, but I know Janice hates her guts.

    Speak for yourself. Cheryl Cole is not the envy of my eyes…speak for yourself

  15. Apparently, you haven’t been on this site long, have you? Do I really need to explain my sarcastic, ironic & my not so useful comments on Madnews? Lati…help!

  16. i am so fed up wiv reading bad comments bout cheryl cole and the x factor. she is obviously on a world known show coz she knows wot she is talking about. and all u sad people at home have nothing better to do than slag her.

  17. I don’t believe she is wanted buy every Black man. I think it is the media that is playing this story. What is so specail about her….she looks ok for a white chick…if you’re into those kind… Not me never ever…there is nothing more beautiful than a Black woman in my eyes. I just don’t get this idea that white women is th object of every Black man. I don’t get this thing about every Black celebrity wanting her. I think if will i am did say that…he will leave that comments in the UK…NOT HERE IN THE USA. We would roast him…. I just will never forget the look on that womans face that she beat up. And Janice you should run that picture..even thought i think you said you would no longer run it. I think we should never forget what she did…and got off as well…hell no!!! Man i see there is just as much racism in the UK as here in the US….

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