Daybreak hosts Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley

What were ITV executives thinking???

Did they actually think that viewers would tune in to the new breakfast show Daybreak because the over-rated Christina Bleakley and Adrian Chiles would be hosting the show together?

Did they actually think that because Christine and Adrian did a reasonably good job of hosting the BBC’s One Show that they would also do a good job of hosting an early morning breakfast show?

Did they actually think that a constantly grinning Christine and her relationship with premiership footballer / waste man England player Frank Lampard, and raised profile (thanks to the Daily Mail website) was going to attract viewers?

Did they actually think that because of all of the above and Christine and Adrian’s (remains to be seen)  “on-screen chemistry” is worth a combined salary of £10 million?

Did they think the nation would believe the hype Cher Lloyd style?


Sadly I think those foolish ITV executives did.

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Former breakfast show GMTV admittedly had its cheesy moments but all in all it was a much better show to wake up to.

Daybreak with its expensive large cold studio, embarrassingly bad interviews, overpaid over-hyped presenters, and GMTV co-host / survivor now demoted to entertainment editor Kate Garraway, had “failure” written all over it from the offset.

Bring back Andrew Castle and Kate Garraway as his co-host ASAP!!!

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  1. It’s Monday, you have to get to work, its grey and dull/dark outside, pouring with rain and who is on the telly as you get ready? Adrian Chiles. He cant smile, the gravity on his jowles must be too painful. I CAND DO WAY BETTER ITV! GIMME AN AUDITION AND I WILL PROVE IT! DITCH HIM AND HIRE ME! Smiley, sincere and watchable, I am all three! THAT is what you want in a morning, not pugface Adrian!

  2. What a very boring programme DAYBREAK tv is. The programme lacks content,then the stupid tune you play between each item is abolutely nausaeting.Perhaps it should be renamed the “slump show,”as the amount of viewers has drastically reduced, the staff from gmtv that you got rid of sadly decreased, these previous presenters were well respected and loved. Whatever was going on behind the scenes at gmtv at least was hidden from the viewers.Also the sofas that you have on set, seem to cause everyone to slump forward looking most uncomfortable, and what the heck is with this five a day lark pointless.Well as you rely on advertisers for finance – I hope you have plenty of them on your side. You are also in danger of creating an Adrian Chiles overkill is he frightened to leave the studio in case someone takes over his throne. So why don’t you give your new presenters a nice long holiday – sack your production team and rethink how you can can get some interest back. Why you ever had to interfere with it amazes me , the old saying should apply If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

  3. Despite earlier misgivings I have warmed to Daybreak. Adrian Chiles has a deadpan, cynical delivery that can be very amusing. Christine Bleakley has a glove-puppet appearance next to him as though she cannot function separately. They both seem to have eyesight trouble as they both lean forward to read the autocue.
    Why does the local news always start by telling us that “travel and weather is just a minute away?” If they left that out it would get here sooner.
    All in all, not a bad show but amateurish in comparison to GMTV.

  4. I am on mt visit back from India and I always look forward to turning on the TV in the morning to watch GMTV. Whats happened!! rubbish TV bring back the original crew

  5. What a rubbish show hoasted by two of the most boring presenters on tv bring back gmtv it was so much better . Adrian n the wag are boring I’d rather watch paint dry !!!

  6. I think all these people who rubbish Daybreak should pay a visit to SPECSAVERS.I really enjoy watching the show.I enjoyed watching Chistine and Adrian on the one show.I thought Chris Evans was having a one hour show on Friday what happened to that,could it be Coronation Street is more popular than Chris Evans.

  7. What as happened to GMTV ?? the best show to wake up to and its been taken off why ?? …. Daybreak is rubbish …. from now on I am switching to BBC.

  8. i think adrien and christine sit far to close they remind me of a book shelf that needs fixing wish they would just move away from each other then i might be able to start watching again

  9. Please bring back gmtv, what were you thinking of, getting rid of the lovely Kate, Andrew, Ben, and especially penny. It was the first thing I did was put on gmtv and it just made me feel better to start the day. Who ever thought of changing it should be sacked. I have had to go to BBC which I think a bit stuffy but it’s better than watching those two first thing in the morning.

  10. I have watched GMTV.every morning for years and years.Cant stand the new presenters, on the revamp show. Chiles is so dour and stuggles to read the auto cue it is painfull to watch. What a pure waste of money and please please put back on Penny smith, and Andrew Castle Emma Crosby. I will never watch this programe again with these presenters, you have lost one good viewer a long with thouands more. Please note i do switch on when Lorraine Kelly comes on as she is cheerfull and has a good show.

  11. well itv bosses should get the sack for taking penny smith and john off the tv,and replace them with 2 rubbish presenter.SO GET PENNY AND JOHN BACK NOW AND SAVE THIS SHOW BFORE IT HAS NO VIEWERS

  12. GET rid of silly boy chiles and the woman with him. bring back gmtv with real genuine likeable presenters

  13. I dont understand why Christine and Adrian are getting such bad press, Ilove the programme and think it is a great improvement on GMTV. I Think they both make it good fun as well as informative and look forward to turning them on every morning.
    Keep up the good work I am sure your viewers will be back after a while of watching boring BBC Breakfast TV

  14. I wasnt too sure of the programme at first as I was a avid GMTV fan until Fiona Philips left, then it seemed to go downhill and lost a lot of its appeal for me. I think Christine and Adrian make the programme fun and its lovely to see Christines cheerfull face and Adrians innofensive manner. Give them a chance viewers.

  15. Christine is absolutely vile, her constant giggling and her forced bleached teeth smile is the last thing anyone needs in the morning.

    Chiles is way too grumpy also, and i think he really needs glasses or they should increase the font size on the autocue.

    But those 2 are just half of the problem, the production team/producers need to take a huge portion of the blame for the poor ratings.

    They are so out of touch with the “younger” audience,
    they think showing Youtube videos of skateboarding dogs and performing some inane science experiment in the studio is what youngsters want to see.

    This is the sort of rubbish Sky were doing 10 years ago on Braniac Science Abuse.

    And to think ITV spent around £15 million on this is a joke.

  16. does Adrian CHILES BUY HIS CLOTHS AT OXFAM ???llan Carr has stated he had his clothes stolen from his dressing room, and Chiles said it had never happened to him !!!! would anyone wont to look like that ??? Kurmit has more life in him

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