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Ellianna Placas, who has been appointed fashion director at Essence, America’s largest magazine for African-American women, is white. The row has turned attention once more to the lack of racial variation within the fashion industry.

 “I am so, so hurt and confused and frankly angry by this news,” said writer, stylist and former Essence fashion editor, Michaela Angela Davis, on Twitter earlier this week. “I feel like a girlfriend has died.”

Davis’s comments have in turn prompted outcry and accusations of “reverse racism”, but many other readers and media figures have threatened to stop buying the magazine in the wake of Ms Placas’s appointment. Continue Reading….

 I wonder what Essence’s next move will be?  Fire Ellianna before she’s even started the job and then face discrimination charges or stand by their original decision and pray it all blows over.

Former Essence fashion editor, Michaela Angela Davis, on Twitter earlier this week. “I feel like a girlfriend has died.”

Oh calm down Michaela. Less of the dramatics luv!

In my opinion if the woman was the best candidate out of all those who applied for the position then just leave her alone to get on with the job.

Your thoughts please….

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  1. I should better quit my job as editor for “soulsite” since it soulmusic is considered black music. How can a dare judge (review) the music of black musicians or singers when we are not the same skin color. Guess my point on this issue.

  2. To me, the issue is not whether a white or whatever colour is hired. Sometimes you look at other industries, organisations etc and wonder why black folks are not included or whether they would be given such positions. But anyway, i wonder what motivated the move?

  3. not impressed one bit. If i get started on this i wont stop so im not saying a word.

  4. Im indifferent on this, you see janice what if the magazine was started because black fashion isnt given enough limelight anywhere else? its not just the model on the cover that should be black? is it? Not just ankara clothing or whatever they wear down there it will also be to give talented black individuals a place where they will never even be considered for vogue! Its just like starting a charity for blacks, its the whole package! Look at vogue its actually just starting to break racial barriers in 2010! thats ridiculous, I feel a black person should be given major roles in a magazine such as this one, it makes sense for us to all want to merge so as to be politically correct but we’d just be shutting out our own and alienating ourselves in the process!

  5. Oh gosh…I guess to a certain extent, fashion is fashion! We all really dress the same! I don’t see a big difference between how professional (Essence target audience) black women and white women dress! So it doesn’t really matter if she white or black.

    However, if Ellianna Placas became the editor the entire Essence Magazine then that would be a problem!

    U can have a little piece but not the whole pie!

  6. On the one hand I can understand the anger… you have never see a black editor at Harper’s, Vogue, Marie Claire, Glamour, Teen Vogue, Town and Country, Details, W, Real Simple, Lucky…blah blah blah so there you go. Can the one somewhat black mag have a black fashion director??? There are plenty of magazines that chic can work at!

  7. I fail to see what the bug deal is. If she is the best person for the job then so be it. Fashion is fashion and we all wear clothes so race is immaterial here. I understand the anger but I think it has been blown out of proportion,

  8. Black people are regarded as trendsetters and many of the most famous designers have black talent behind the scenes creating their wardrobe lines. So, Andre Talley being at Vogue makes perfect sense. However, do you think you would ever hear of a lifestyle, culture, and issues oriented publication for Jewish, Asian, or Indian women hiring a black woman for a position as fashion director? Fashion, which is inextricably part of a person’s life because it’s worn in some form or another each and every day and is often a direct expression of one’s culture? I don’t think so.

  9. It’s not about black people it’s about money. Magazines in the US are struggling due to the internet, so in order to survive the magazines are trying every trick under the sun to remain in business even if it’s unorthodox. It’s a fact that white folks buy more magazine than black folks do. I think Essence is just trying to stay alive, it’s more business related than race.

  10. well for me as an American living in America….this is a big deal. I’m a man….and i subscribe to it just to support the mag….but i must say i like a lot of the articles.. Plus when i see a mag…full of beautiful Black people….it just makes me feel good. When i hear things like this…it pisses me off. And basically for one reason….why not a Black woman? See i don’t buy into the notion that white is right and can do a much better job than a Black. Who said she was the best for the job… And what it boils down to is this…if this is what you want to do…fine… But look for a lot of your reader to cancel their subscription…. like me. I’m in love with my people to a fault some will say. I will stick up for them …i will stand by them…etc.. But the point I’m trying to make is….no one can tell me that their are not talented Black fashion editors out here. Some on this site say it is not about race…or it’s about keeping the magazines afloat…. well you can do that with a Black editor….you don’t need to have a white one to make that happen., I get sick and tired of always hearing other Black make excuses for things that should just be… They always had Black editors …so why not now… I wish more Black people would look at the bigger picture… once there is one…in…there will be others…then before you know it….everyone that looks like you and i will be gone… It’s that simple… Just like having a room full of white writers writing for an all Black sitcom…or drama….Por favor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some say it’s about money…and maybe…but does that mean a white woman….can just come in and save everything…come on people…be for real!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a dump decision and i hope they pay for it… I subscribe to Essence…..Jet…ebony…. Sister 2 Sister…just to name a few…for like the last 7 years. When they send me a card saying my subscription is about to end…i just write a check and send it in… But for Essence…No mas!!!!!!!!!!!! For me it is more about the bigger picture…….so no matter what others may think….. It’s about a Black woman getting that job for me. And i will say this….i buy my clothes firstly from a black designer….i make a conscious choice to do that. Because that is how i roll. I just don’t wear anyone….i look to see if it is by a Black designer….first…. I like P. Diddys line Sean John….because it is very versatile…if i want to be with my street gear on….i can get some really cool things from him.. And when i want something for work…i get it from him. When i want to look fly like a! I can get it from him. So i do wear Black if i can help it. I don’t take the attitude of what ever. Because it is so much more than that…it’s about the survival of our people…. The businesses they have….and so much more. For me everything is not about race….but i just love my people…and i look to them first. Then if i have no other choice…..then i have no other choice… I think if we as Black people made more conscious choices..we would be in a much greater position in this society. Some of you may say clam! But no i won’t because our people before us..had to fight and i mean fight like hell for us to be here now!! And now our generation is just so calvier about everything… And the thing that kills me most about our people is that we seem to always want to look for acceptance from those who don’t about us. And lastly Black people please stop letting the media tell you what and how to think. I look at situations when a Black does something…oh the media is on it….and that’s fine… But they will dog that Black out for months…then i get on a site and see my Black people doing the same thing. Now when a white do something…they will report it….and they will talk about it for a day or 2… then you hear no more about it….why is that!!!!!!!!!!! But we as Black people will dogg out people out like there is no tomorrow… But you won’t take that same attitude….with a white…what’s wrong with that picture…ok no mas….on my high! hahaha! Peace to my beautiful Black Peeps… O

  11. oh man i read this over…and saw so many mispelled words…well i’m sure it’s not the first time….and it won’t be the!

  12. Black people will criticise black folks who do foolishness for various reasons. Acceptance??? Personally i am not into the bad
    Equals good image. That’s not how the struggle went down,but its the root cause of many problems of our youths.

  13. I see the issue here, but I really don’t think I care enough to be moved by the goings-on at Essence HQ,… I say we let the women get on with her Job, afterall it is 2010 -not saying the struggle is over, but it ain’t as bad as it was, I still believe this is a racial struggle, and there is still much way to go for real equal oppurtunities and more, justice etc, …there is still a divide that may not be the stronghold it was in society, regarding culture and differenaces in people of different races…but it is still seen and felt, even if more subtle now,… I believe the times we are living in now and those soon to come are bringing most people regardless of race, culture, beliefs etc closer and closer even if slowly, I belive there will be a bigger (more felt) divide to come and won’t be based on race so much, but class, … the haves and the have nots. lol

  14. When i watch a programme about Scottish history, i don’t expect to see a black folk presenting it and it has never been the case, the same goes for English history etc..
    When i am going to buy Chinese food, i will not go into a place which has english folks or Indians or black folks cooking it. Not because they cannot cook it, but because i have it in my head that Chinese folks do it better and i prefer they did it. If i am watching a cookery programme about Chinese food, it usually is a Chinese person.

    It is very common though to see programmes about black history being presented by other folks who are not black. I think i am way past caring on this, and i watch it because i like to see and hear other folks interpretation on our history especially if we shared that history with them as it tends to bring out mentalities. I know this is far from the Essence issue but i wonder why that is sometimes. *shrugs*

    I work with some collegues who only know one rapper and that is Eminem. But that is because he is from their race and they have somehow come to identify with him and learnt about him and watched and bought one of the movies he did. And yep, they wanted to lend me the DVD to watch it as it was being given alot of praise. But ask them about any other rapper and they have no clue. Why? They cannot relate to them especially black rappers, nothing malicious though. But Some folks just cannot relate to the rap culture period and it is not classy enough for them.

  15. First off I can see why the Black community would be upset. However, why is it that every White magazine has to have non-Whites in it? You can’t have it both ways. Plus I must mention that the media is almost 100% Jewish. Almost all so called White magazines hire almost all Jews exclusively. Have you ever opened magazines and looked at the names of the editors, writers etc.? The names are always Jewish. The same goes for Hollywood and newspapers. In fact alot of celebrities are not White but Jewish. The Jews always hire their own. In fact this Placas woman looks Jewish to me but I could be wrong.

    I am White and I do not believe in this force multiculturalism. Not because I dislike non-Whites but because it destroys all races involved. Remember people without an identity have nothing to fight for. This is why the controlled media wants everyone to be mixed race.

  16. Hello everyone I’m back…..not that you! But have been on holiday for a while… was mad I didn’t get the chance to come to London…But I did get to go to Germany…and man the Afro German community is off the hook….such proud and down people. I really enjoyed myself…and I had the chance to go to Amsterdam…Black people over there were amazing…had so much fun met so many people. The funny thing was…when I spoke and they heard the American accent… People got really interested and wanted to know more about me and were I live.. People there were cool as well… But the good thing about it was my friend that lived in Germany is Black so I got to hang out where we hang out at. But my friend from Holland is White…and he didn’t know much about Black people in Holland. But luckily for me I had a brother that I met on line who lived in Amsterdam and we had a ball. Now my friend from Holland is like the coolest White dude I know…and I consider him like my brother. But the funny thing is…is that I’m his only Black friend and I live in America. I guess my point here is that true respect and friendship crosses all boundaries of color or anything else. Ok now…as I think about what is said here I do enjoy everything that all of you have to say and it is your opinion. But as for the media and Hollywood being ran by’re 100% right. But let me say this…I work for Jews… My boss is Jewish and in no way do he not consider himself white! He says he is white so…you’re point is a bit off… Most Jews that I know …..will say they are Jewish…but they are white as well… And I’m not sure if they want there to be mixed races…. But I do believe in the Black race and Black love as well. But I am in no way against people who are non Black….i just love my people. Now as for the struggle…hey the struggle is still going on…and it will always be. People can say that this is not a big deal…but it is. There is a bigger picture here…like I said before all it takes is one…and things change. As for the lady doing her job…hey if they want her..then they should have her. But I have the right as a subscriber to cancel my subscription because I don’t like what they are doing. Plus why is there always any flack when someone Black loves Black people? Now why is it that Black people seem to be so cavalier when it comes to our people and our issues? Why don’t we care more about what is going on with our communities and one another? Why do we always seem to water down an issue instead of taking a real stand on the issue? Why don’t we love our community enough to want to see us progress for the better. Of course Your white colleagues know nothing about Black rappers…it is only because they are not interested in them. But they do know Em….says a lot to me. I guess for me living in Chicago and working with Whites, Latinos, Asians etc. We are not that closed minded when it comes to music and things of that nature. What it comes down to for me is …I can only be as interested in you as you are in me….just that simple. I don’t play the game of them not being able to relate to something. I don’t relate to a lot of things…but I know about it anyway. My thoughts on this subject still remains the same….it only takes one…then you or shall I say people like you and I will disappear. And if anyone on this site really think that race relations are getting better….take your head out your arces…as you guys! Just with the election of President Obama…shows just how much hate there is in this world. Now I can only speak for America….. But I’m sure things are not too much better where you live. (Maybe just hidden better) The struggle is not over and never will it be… as long as we keep letting things have a pass…. It has been well over a hundred years since slavery….but just how far have we really come! Still fighting and still struggling… Come on people get real….this will go on and on…even when we decide to have kids they will still be fighting the fight.. Just stick together and think outside the box. And stop letting ever decision that you come to because of influences of others. Now next year I want to come to England…so look out for a cool brotha from! Well I was suppose to come last month…but had to make some changes…but next year it’s on…. Oh as we say in Spanish “Solo se vive una Vez…meaning you only live once… So lets make a difference…now …

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