Noel Clarke and Adam Deacon

Oh dear! Turbulent times within the UK showbiz scene folks.

Last night ‘friend’ to Mad News BAFTA Award winning director, actor, writer, producer and ‘saviour’ Noel Clarke went in to rant mode via his blog and blasted individuals (no names were mentioned) who he implies have stolen “the whole Hood thing” from him.

The star wrote,

“… now people I know are using the HOOD thing, and doing their own thing with it like it’s cool. I’m not gonna bad mouth anyone. But they should ask themselves if it is cool? Really?

Not the film. The film is fine. I support the idea. I encourage you all to go do your thing, I got love for everyone I’ve worked with and they know I have. I have supported them, in public and behind the scenes on projects, with advice, hooked them up with other people who gave them work, got things done for them that I wouldn’t for other people… I want them all to succeed, get out of their area if they want and do big things, and I was gonna help them do that. but why steal my s**t to do it? Is that right?
I sat on my arse when I was broke as a joke and made up the whole HOOD thing, now it’s getting used without me to make cash, and exploit people who won’t know it’s not me doing it. don’t tar me with that brush.
It’s simple you do someone else’s thing WITH them, it’s a collaboration. You do someone else’s thing WITHOUT them. It’s called stealing, or as the lawyers have been calling it… Copyright infringement. (look it up)
…(Jack of all trades, master of at least 2… Accept no imitations)
P.S. Your thirty pieces of silver are in the post.”

Noel created the hit British film Kidulthood and it’s sequel Adulthood, and myself and fellow blogger London Diva believe that Noel is VEX with actor/friend Adam Deacon, who starred in both films and has now created Anuvahood.

Adam describes his project (Anuvahood) as being a “Kidulthood meets Friday type thing.”

Now I thought that Adam and Noel were working on this project together, and that Anuvahood was some sort of comedic Kidulthood/Adulthood spin-off , which had received Noel’s blessing.

But sadly this doesn’t seem to be the case….

Click HERE to read more….

Success, fame and money can really ruin friendships.

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  1. I’ll be honest I did not see this one coming. I paid Noel’s rant no mind on Twitter for a few hours yesterday, but after caving and reading the blog, I can see where it ALL came from.

    I’m keeping my eyes firmly peeled at the progress of the production of this film. I was before, but now…even more so.

    Will be interesting to see how it pans out.

    Something tells me they may make-up, but who knows. Boy you can just tell, when Noel’s vex he’s vex.

  2. I used to be a big fan of Noel Clark but it seems nowadays all he does is rant & rave about people forgetting him on the way up! Noel if you’re really about helping people in ‘the hood’ as you say, why bad mouth anyone who does a ‘hood’ project without you!? Seems likes his ego’s getting the better the of him!

  3. I can see why Noel’s vex if he’s has been left behind and Anuvahood has been based on his films.

    The man has helped a lot of people (he just loves telling us this and I’m sure it pisses a lot of people off), even helping people who really have no business acting.

  4. Sarah.T :I used to be a big fan of Noel Clark but it seems nowadays all he does is rant & rave about people forgetting him on the way up! Noel if you’re really about helping people in ‘the hood’ as you say, why bad mouth anyone who does a ‘hood’ project without you!? Seems likes his ego’s getting the better the of him!

    you’ve missed the WHOLE point.

    yeah he rants a lot, but in this instance he has every right to.

  5. I think Adam Deacon should be smart enough to just take the name and hope the film succeeds due to the previous films that ended with hood… but that was a different type of hood altogether, those names referred to age and growing up, or thats how I see it anyway…I think Adam’s film will be more based ‘In The Hood’ and will be more about smokers and their lifestyles, thats the angle I would come from… ity’s been done before, but not really over here, could be a fresh (fresh-ish) take on the matter.

    But saying that I can see where Noels coming from, just feel he maybe jumping the gun a bit, unless -he knows how the story pans out / has read the script etc… and knows HIS style of storytelling and the actual make-up of his stories has been ripped off, then fair play to him.

  6. In fact… After reading Adam Deacons interview again, I think Noel is kinda pissed he’s not involved, like he helped him, gave him a great chance and now he has his ting going on, he’s not looking for Noel, but looking to do his own thing, I think Noel is slightly pissed at that still.

  7. A spoof movie is not ripping off the film do you think the wayans had all the people who’s films they spoofed in all their films noels pathetic! How much money he’s made from Adam he should just be happy for him that he’s doing well.

  8. people either have integrity or they don’t this ‘scratch my back and i’ll scratch yours’ mentality doesn’t exist’s a dog eat dog world..Noel if you helped folks out then good for you…your Karma is good,no need to make folks ears bleed about every idea needs to come from somewhere #thatisall

  9. @ Janice stranger things have happened didn’t Paris Hilton either try or did trademark ‘That’s Hot’..utter foolishness KMT


  11. Not everyone you work with is your friend or cares about your sweat and tears. The fact that Adam states the film is based on Noel Clarkes work should be enough to launch a legal action. Even if its just for a name change or something. Let the upstarts know you never bite the hand that feeds you. In Adams case Noel has kept food on his plate for a very long time. Adam reminds of the guy from N-dubs dappy (lol – but just thought I throw that in there). Noel Clark just keep doing your thing.

  12. bt y u cussin adam bout dis den maan just forget about it its only a film maan

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