“Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs” exhibition is now featuring at the Discovery Times Square Exposition in New York, and rapper Kanye West decided to show and pose next to King Tut’s tomb wearing his Egyptian inspired jewellery, which according to Rhymes With Snitch  cost $300,000.00.


He had to draw attention to himself somehow…

Somebody should just snatch that foolishness off his neck and beat some sense in to his head.

Big idiot!

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  1. hahahahahaha I kinda dig this! I love when he goes over the top and we take the bait by giving him attention just like he wants! LOL! hahahah it’s funny!

    “I feel the pressure, under more scrutiny / And what I do? Act more stupidly” — Kanye West “can’t tell me nothing”

  2. lol @ Karls Comment. what an idiot. how can you wake up in da mornign leave your house looking like a D!ck and none of your entourage say a think. another perfect example of more money than sense.

  3. lol. Oh he did Janice. Don’t be fooled. He got everyone talking, didn’t he? *rolls eyes* and on behalf of black folks. *hands in black card*

  4. I didn’t agree with the way Kanye did Taylor Swift! But i did agree with what he said.lol! But on the real..he knows exactly what to do to get attention. He has us all talking about it. Plus weather you like him or not…he is no dummy! You may not like the way he do things…but not a dummy at all. As they say over here in the USA…any press can turn into good press….it’s all about how you spin it.. Oh i don’t think he’s sad… why is he sad…because he don’t do things the way we think he should do them… come on peeps!

  5. There’s always going to be that group who think he’s a genius etc who can do no wrong, but all I see is a sad, mixed up man who needs an intervention and a severe beating with a slipper.

    But hey everyone’s entitled to their opinion.

  6. He reminds me of that other fool T Pain who decided to dangle his idol/god from his neck, only his god was in the form of a slogan:

  7. If that’s what Kanye needs to do to get attention like a certain saying goes( if you fail to make a name in goodness, then make it in badness), then he is very sad. I guess we have more idiocy 2 look 4ward to, all in the name of what? And he only has a few artists interests. If i were trying 2 fight 4 an artist on a big stage, Beyonce would not be the one. There are better and bigger artists with quality work who we hardly hear. Kanye had no point 2 make really that day. None(2 me).

  8. I hate what he did. First of all, you dont wear HORUS, you wear his EYE!
    That is so insulting to that culture.
    Second, only the Royals, to be more specific- the Pharaohs- were allowed to wear that eye.
    Third, he went too far mixing Greek and Egyptian mythology in that video of his, they just DONT go together! Greek and Roman sure, but Egyptian does NOT and will NOT ever fit in with that.
    Borzha Borzha, who does he thing he is. I want to hit him with that chunk of wrongness around his neck.

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