Rachel Christie

Linford you really need to talk to your niece….

Via The Daily Mail

Linford Christie’s niece is being sought by police after she was convicted in her absence of failing to provide a breath specimen.

A warrant for Rachel Christie’s arrest was issued at the end of her trial at Westminster Magistrates Court today.

The former Miss England was driving her Gladiator boyfriend David Mcintosh when she was stopped on suspicion of drink-driving on February 15. Continue Reading….

First Rachel is crowned the first ever black Miss England, then the title was conveniently snatched away from her after a brawl in a nightclub over her Z-list TV boyfriend.

Now this!

It all went downhill after she lost the Miss England crown.

Oh and if any of you tuned in to the start of Big Brother 11 several weeks ago, Rachel could be seen standing with hundreds of other “hopeful’s” desperate to become a contestant on this years show.

I just sat there thinking has it really come to this????? What are you doing???

Anyway Rachel failed to make it in to the Big Brother house.

I hope she fired her agent.

[Thanks Vex]

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  1. This right here. U get a taste of celebrity status with nothing to offer really and then what next???

  2. Moreno

    She is mulatto , how can she be the “first” black miss. Chick is not sexy at all.A woman with no arse and very hard facial features. I prefer Tionna Benjamin’s dark look over Rachels’

  3. lechatnoir…it says here that she is the first Black Miss England…. Ok she is mulatto…but that don’t make her anyless black. As a matter of fact i’m mulatto African American/ Puerto Rican/Cuban…don’t make me anyless Black. I’m Black and very proud….so maybe she is as well… I don’t know but she looks like a sista to me. And i prefer darker…but hey…it is what it is… still one of our sisters. I must say you had me laughing about her not having any arse and very hard facial! Thanks…hope to hear from you later

  4. “Linford you really need to talk to your Niece” lol I have a feeling she won’t even listen, her antics draw a picture of her as being that type (Do what I want and nobody tell me ish about it neda lol)

  5. i don’t care if she is mixed race…cause i am as well.. But i see myself as just a African American man… Black Man. I don’t get off into the mixed thing. Don’t care who does…but for me and i say for me… I’m Black and proud. I don’t even feel the need to tell people i’m mixed. People tend to say mixed race as a way of playing down the Black part of them. Or to say i’m Black but a different Black…por favor!!!!!!!!!!!! Now this is just my opinion… and i can only speak from experience… And from the people i have run in the USA.. Plus my parents told me and all of my sibings…you’re Black….no matter what.And no matter how fair our skin is…Black. And i just love that.. Even my dad said it….so i’m secure in who i am… and don’t have to quantify how Black or Latin i am….because my ancestry is in me…and i don’t have to walk around like it’s a clok of righteousness… But as you said…”ONE DROP RULE DOES NOT APPLY IN EUROPE.” Send her to the USA …will be altogether! But i never went by the one drop rule…that was years ago. But people her still does…they may say they don’t…but they do… But i feel you and like what you said…thanks!

  6. You say tomato, I say mulatto.
    Sorry to lower the tone..I just thought it was funny, I’m a bit idiotic:)

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