Waste of space England players Shaun Wright-Philips and Ashley Cole are currently enjoying themselves on holiday in Los Angeles and the Daily Mail has posted loads of photographs of loser Ashley hanging out with scantily clad women, but it’s this hilarious photograph that caught my eye.

Shaun Wright-Phillips (standing, left) and two friends visited Ashley Cole at his hotel

They think they look cool. They don’t. They just look like dry British lads trying to flex like hot boy US beefcake (Yeah I love American men).

And as for the UK’s Notorious BIG sitting in the wooden armchair… what is that sticking out of his mouth?

Click HERE to view more pics.

I think fellow blogger Vex In The City sums up this picture the best when she says..

It’s always the butters (unattractive) friend who tries to floss the hardest! Bruv your tooth is hanging out of your mouth!


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  1. Your first line has me cracking up: “Waste of space ….” LOL I think Notorious P.I.G has a tooth sticking out of his lip…poor!

  2. Wow you lot are harsh! LOL! But it’s just a pic of some guys standing/sitting around in normal clothes. I think you’re all swayed by the shades and watches. How would you prefer them to be?!

  3. LOL!

    They are young loaded (probably single) footballers. They are bound to pose at some point in time. Why aren’t they hot stuff Janice?

  4. I’m amused @ the power of a picture…, but they do look dry, ashleys pictures were banging lol

  5. Lol! But what’s up with Ashley….he only seems to be seen with women who are none Black….is that how he roll.. If so…another sad brain washed Black man…Dang it’s the same over in the UK as it is here………in the USA… sAD…. But the picture of those brothers….seem dull! No life in my peeps.lol!

  6. I think Shaun WP and his friends are just 3 “Uncool” people and no matter how much they try they just won’t ever really appear “cool” … as for Ashley (I’m down wid team Ashley btw, as the UK media is wayyy too far up Cheryl’s Backside) I don’t blame him for seeming to appear to be solely interested in white women, his Mother is white and you know what they say about men thier mothers and dating lool, I don’t know how “In Touch” he is with black culture, but blame his wotless father. lol

  7. I guess you have a point fr…. because my mom is Black and my dad is Puerto Rican and Cuban…and when asked about my ethincity i just say African American…so i feel you on that. And i only date Black girls….no Latin…anything… So thanks for that.lol! I guess i was looking at it from the perspective of successful Black Men….my bad….. Keep a brotha straight.lol! peace………….

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