Source has  published excerpts of an audiotape of actor/director Mel Gibson verbally abusing his former lover/mother of his youngest child  Oksana Grigorieva.

The website claims that the star can be heard telling Grigorieva that the way she is dressed made her look like a “pig in heat”, followed by “if you get raped by a pack of niggers, it will be your fault”.

He also threatens to burn her house down.

Click HERE to read more.


Oh dear Mel. First the Jews now  it’s us blacks. When will it all end???

If this turns our to be true then Mel’s Lethal Weapon co-star Danny Glover will be inconsolable!

Oh the DRAMA!

I look forward to actually hearing the audio.

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  1. I’m just not surprised anymore, they all seem to be coming out of the woodwork now. Again, why apologise, you only spoke what was in your heart, I understand Mel.

  2. Verbs2010
    I only if ever watched one movie with him in it. I think he need to pick on the chinese next; the show will only be complete then.

    I am just thinking Grigorieva is a J*wish name.

    they need to let it out. Its 1952 and its been 1952 for 10 years.

  3. “get raped by a bunch / gang of Niggers?” WORD?… lol wow, smh!!! this makes me think of that old racist film ‘Birth of a nation’ that depicted black men as violent rapists and a severe threat to the white man and of course the white women, the KKK where the heroes, they came to ‘save the day’ loool… anyway, this is some bullshhhh and Mel Gibson needs to open his eyes, RAPE IS NOT A COLOUR THING! flippin jack ass!

  4. I think he needs to understand that white people are just as likely to rape someone as black people are. He needs to get a wake up call and realize that there are children hearing this! I don’t get why he thinks it is okay to say these kind of things to anyone! Mel Gibson needs to learn!

  5. We all know what Mel’s rant means…no LETHAL WEAPON 5! DAMN! The Lethal Weapons were produced by Jew Joel Silver and Mel was surrounded by black actors like Danny Glover and his family in it (so all that time Mel was doing those movies, he didn’t really like any of the people he was working with. Shows what a good actor he is as he came across as their best buddy.)

  6. He needs help he is clearly a head case, poor woman, but why the hell did she go for this old fool in the first place?!?! good to know what he really thinks of us! stupid arse

  7. First of all…what he said about jews is true, and no TRUE Christian should have anything to do with those who reject the name of Christ, like jews and muslems, for instance (unless your after their money or oil…evidently) Trouble is, there arent enough real Christians left in this country anymore
    Number two, lets all play idiots and act like blacks today in Africa dont use rape as a weapon. Lets act like the black on white sex crimes( according to crime statistics of department of justice) arent at 33.5% and white on black percent at 0% …yes 0…look it up yourselves if you really care

    Mr. Gibson, we need a few million more like you, and we could get our country back…
    Christ bless

  8. Mel Gibson is a racist and anyone who agrees with him is also a racist or in Whoopi Goldberg’s an idioty.If it were a black man in Hollywood who said what this racist said he would be blackballed in Hollywood for life but its not gonna happen to this racst pig.

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