Last night (June 8th) Glamour Magazine held their pointless awards ceremony in London, and I thought I would share the hilarious winners list with you all.

*Note: Glamour editorial staff claim that their readers voted for the winners below*.

Via Punchbowl Blog

2010 Glamour Awards!

Radio Personality of the Year – Fearne Cotton  – They cannot be serious.

UK TV Actress of the Year – Billie Piper – Glamour staff members obviously don’t watch good television.

Accessory Designer of the YearEmma Hill – Never heard of her.

Band of the Year – Florence and The Machine – It’s possible that their readers voted for this band.

Entrepreneur of the Year – Nicole Richie – Erm.. what does Nicole do to earn a living these days?

Comedy Actress of the Year – Ruth Jones – Never heard of her.

Filmmaker of the Year – Sam Taylor-Wood –  This reaks of being the ‘Editor’s Choice’

Presenter of the Year – Christine Bleakley – Absolute rubbish!  But it’s amazing what can happen to a girl’s career while she dates a England/Premiership football player (Frank Lampard).

Writer of the Year – Sarah Waters – Never heard of her.

Sheer Infusion Newcomer – Alexandra Burke – Right…. Okay…

Sportswoman of the Year – Amy Williams – Never heard of her.

Editors Special Award – Anna Kendrick – Never heard of her.

Solo Artist of the Year – Lily Allen – They hand out awards to posh girl (“but I’m down with the streets”) Allen practically  every year. Is she slipping them money under the table?

Film Actress of the Year – Zoe Saldana – I haven’t seen Avatar or Death At A Funeral.

Woman of the Year – Cheryl ColeThis win has already been discussed.

US TV Actress of the Year – Lea Michele – She stars in Glee right?

TV Personality of the Year – Dannii Minogue – I like Dannii but Personality of the Year? I don’t think so.

Fashion Designer of the Year – Isabel Marant – Never heard of her.

Outstanding Contribution – Yoko Ono – What has Yoko Ono done apart from marry a Beatle (RIP John Lennon), and walk around looking mournful for the past 30 years dressed in black?

Man of the Year – Aaron Johnson – Never heard of him.

Each year Glamour spends a huge amount of money (they take their shindig seriously) hosting this nonsense and not one media outlet comments on the increasingly RIDICULOUS winners list and just the sheer pointlessness of this event.

Oh dear! There goes my invitation to the 2011 awards ceremony.


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  1. Aaron Johnson, is the dude that plays John Lennon in Nowhere Boy, is Kick-Ass in Kick-Ass, was Charlie Chaplin in Shanghai Knights. He’s also engaged to the director of Nowhere Boy, i.e. Sam Taylor-Wood (he’s 19, she’s…not).
    Apparently, Yoko is still an artist…
    Try not to diss Glee, you might get CBed/Wileyed again…
    Zoe has 7 movies out/soon to be (09-10), that’s big in Hollywood…
    Anna Kendrick had her breakthrough in Up in the Air.
    Looks like they like Billie as Belle over there.
    Ruth Jones is of Gavin & Stacy, who says PR doesn’t work. I’ve never watched G&S, but I know all their names. Except whoever plays Stacy.
    Fearne Cotton…?!

  2. lmao – I have never heard of most these folk or know what they look like. zoe zaldana can act is ok. alexandra well she is new to the scene so yh. cheryl tatted cole on her neck gets a permanant side eye

    ps i subscribe to glamour but never voted. would have been a wasted vote

    Love love Glee.

  3. This used to be a high profile event with very high profile people yet I struggle to recognise most of the people on this list. Zoe Saldana does deserve the Film Actress award having starred in two of the best selling films of the year. What the hell is a Sheer Infusion Newcomer? Anyway Glamour is no longer the fantastic magazine it used to be.

  4. Amy Williams won gold in the Winter Olympics for Britain on a bob sleigh thingy

    Allow Christine Bleakley, I watch the One Show and the show is loved by many of us saddos-but I preferred when Adrian Chiles was there

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