Damage 2010

Popular 1990s R&B group Damage have reunited.

Group members Andrez Harriott, Jade Jones, Coreé Richards, Rahsaan Jas and Noel Simpson, decided to go their separate ways back in 2001, citing musical differences as the reason for their break up.

However in 2010 they have put their differences aside and have decided to regroup.

The Take That reunion proved to be hugely successful, and now nearly every group from the ’90s’ era has decided to try there luck.

But this news has shocked me. I didn’t see a Damage reunion coming.

When Damage split they did not out on a high. The group’s popularity had somewhat cooled by then.  So I wonder if there comeback will be successful…

[Thanks Nessa]

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  1. damage is a lifeless desert of dry sand, any attempts to grow fruits, will surely die.

    Will give jLS something to laugh at.

  2. Dont think Damage’s reunion comeback will be that big. The never been big in Pop, only European R&B.

  3. If they’re trying to get that JLS paper, or try to be ‘new jacks’ all young and up in the club, well I can’t see that working as it won’t be authentic. They’re grown ass men so their new music and attitude should reflect that with quality soul music.

  4. Co-Signing Pheva’s comments, they need to come out grown, on a mature tip, thier youth has long gone and any attempt to try and bring that back will be a massive mistake.

  5. i will wait till i hear there new tune beofre i give judgement because musically damage where on point so why are they gonna come out with something shit now after all this time they stupid so i await with anticipation as to what they have come up with :0)

  6. Damage were a good R&B Group don’t forget that they were a black group and for a black group to make it in R&B is pretty non-existence in the uk market.

    IT is only now that things are changing where we see the likes of Leona Lewis and JLS are now coming through but just think it has taken a long-time for them to come through just imagine how hard it must of been for Damage.


  7. @Benjamin
    I aint forget them or their (mature) temptations remake.

    No point imagining how hard it must have been. Lets deal with the here and now and think realistic,

    what major/sane independant label would attempt to sign/promote or distribute, an old uk boy band whos career was going down n out. when there is a more marketable band already very successful with their whole UK market knowing who they are and in love with them filling the shoes they once wore and wearing it better.

    miracle’s can happen.
    But i expect God to feel weak and drained after performing this.

  8. I know but think about it it how many black bands do you know that last in the uk very little.

    THe best place for them is the states where black bands are more widely accepted over there and more of a market for a black vocal harmony group like Damage.

    Benjamin Kusi

  9. U.S. is no dumping ground for worn out bands, just look at the homegrowns, jodeci, blackstreet, 112, dru hill, jagged edge etc. All of which in my opinion are superior bands compared to Damage(d goods). New hot n fresh UK acts struggle to break US.

    JLS could Top10 the US due to support and capital, but still would’nt be a simple task.

    If i had to bet who had a better chance of making some money and fame between Shardinay and Damage(d goods). i’d toss a coin.

  10. I do feel it would be hard for them to come back with the music scence the way it is right now.

    I do feel though that being a black band is a accident waiting to happen in the uk.

    BLack bands do not have a chance in the uk

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