The "nations sweetheart" Chezza Cole

According to The Daily Mirror the latest US R&B star to declare that he has ‘the hots’ for the “nations sweetheart” Cheryl Cole is Trey Songz.

Via The Daily Mirror

Cheryl Cole is not short of admirers – another hunky American is after her. This one is Trey Songz, whose last single claimed I Invented Sex. Oo-er.

A source close to Trey, who plays at the Indigo 02 tonight on his first ever UK tour, says: “He is hot for Chez. He’s had his eye on her and has already arranged for roses to be sent to her.”

Trey Songz

Do members from the British media wait for US music stars to enter the country,  shove a picture of Cheryl under their noses and then coerce them in to saying how ‘hot’ they think she is?

I doubt Trey even knew who this convicted batterer of a nightclub toilet attendant/ ‘alleged’ racist was, before he entered the country.

Why this need to constantly show “saint” Cheryl in a good light? And why does the media insist on linking her to EVERY African-American male singer/rapper that travels over to these shores, and then claim that they are all infatuated with her ‘voice’ and ‘good looks’.

Is it solely done to make her soon to be ex-husband Ashley Cole jealous?

I think so!

[Thanks Michelle]

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  1. Just watched a clip of Westwood asking Trey what he thought of Cheryl Cole and Trey had no idea who she was.

  2. Oh dear! This is getting boring – you’d think I’m talking about Cheryl Cole’s PR team, but I’m not. I’m talking about this blog’s constant need to bring up something (bad) Cheryl did years ago and the need to post the poor battered woman’s picture. Let it go.

    Cheryl quite clearly isn’t a racist – Also, Cheryl isn’t the only one benefiting by being linked to American celebs. Cole’s male interests receive exposure to her demographic. Win win right?

    Really, what has race (‘African-American male singer/rapper’) got to with this story? Don’t you guys at MADNEWS like mixed race relationships? Pointless.

    I must say, I usually have enjoyed reading this blog but not recently. Its become rather negative

    – Cheryl story
    – Zane Lowe interview of Eminem
    – England doesn’t stand a chance. Real talk!
    – Whoever came up with this idea for a show deserves to be dragged in to the street and flogged.


  3. @Mycool

    I am not changing my opinion on Cheryl Cole for anyone. i refuse to jump on to the bandwagon or buy in to her fakeness. If you don’t like it and this blog no longer suits your tastes, and your bored then there are MILLIONS of other blogs out there that you can visit. Just keep it moving blud. lol

    And as long as I continue to keep this blog going old Sophie will NEVER be forgotten.

    Its clear that Cheryl isn’t a racist… lol..right..okay…. lol.. yeah.. clear as day!

    As for my comments on England winning the World Cup. I’m a realist mate.

    Zane Lowe… you’ve lost me.

  4. Stop being so negative Jan, keep it happy, ‘urban’ and never nappy! lol!

  5. You know what Reclamin.. you’re right. Come Monday I will have turned over a new leaf. To hell with being honest and being myself. From now on I’m just going to turn a blind eye to foolishness and praise it instead. From now on I’m just going to keep it happy “urban” and never nappy”


  6. Im actually glad Jan that you keep reminding people of the woman who Mrs Cole relentlessly attacked as people especially in this country have a very short memory and tend to jump onto hype bandwagons without even thinking. What I also find amazing is the amount of fan police lurking about who seem to know their bumchum celebrities inside out without having even met them. Strange world we live in.

  7. the onlyproblem i have with the Cheryl posts is that poor lady its been years why keep posting her picture Jan,imagine if someone ruffed u up and u constantly have to see that image its not even funny anymore,if you want to bash Cheryl go ahead but leave that lady alone,how do you know her kids or gradkids dont visit this’ve made your point already

  8. I’m sure if they visited I would have received an email by now. But I respect your opinion. I guess it’s something to think about in future.

    I often wonder how they feel seeing ‘saintly’ Cheryl all the time.

  9. Well after some thought I’ve decided to remove the picture of Sophie on the page, put linked instead to pics of her instead that are freely available via google/various news reports.

    Oh and it wasn’t meant to be funny. I was just reminding people who seem to have short memories. But I agree that it’s perhaps time to stop posting her photograph on the site.

  10. The human being has an amazing propensity to remove bad memories and retune them , this is essentially how we cope with life-it’s an invaluable tool for survival.
    HOWEVER, it is exactly this that allows for the winners in history (thanks Adaobi) to retell the stories that we must tirelessly hear about…see World Cup 1966, How we were saved by the Brits via World War II etc.. Annoying as it may seem to some to be constantly reminded of this frankly very telling* insight into the nations fav Cheryl, I salute all alternative mediums who keep that balance.
    Getting back on topic, it is just a thread which I am sure all of us quickly read in between our real lives so if your bored with the daily 5 minutes of titillation gives……

    * the insight is nothing to do with her being a vehement racist although it is likely that she is classicaly naive about the race in general. It is more to do with what she did, to whom and what she said. All these factors reveal a nastyindividual who picked on someone who did not need to have been. Had it of been a scrap on the dancefloor with another punter, different tings..I may have saluted her myself

  11. JANICE MADNEWS= CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM * right fam?? hahahaha..*

    Oh by the way, was having a chat with scottish folks regarding england winning, and the only reason they dont want england to win is because WILL NEVER HEAR THE END OF IT, oh and who saw that world cup football shirt i think called ABE(anyone but england) hehehehe…, anyway, moving along

    I hear you reclaimin about meeting such nasty people on a daily basis who remind you of saint Cheryl(who i care less for and see as a fraud but whatever), anyway, a friend of mine was spat at and asked why she was living in a white dominated area, and no she doesn’t live in Brixton, *giggles*

    As for the lines of ‘whoever came up with this show needs to be flogged to the street etc..’, seriously, they need to be flogged, who comes up with such brilliant ideas for a show. It’s very creative, right?? ah

    Well if saint cheryl is good for the tabloid rags day in day out, am sure she is good for madnews once in a while hahahaa… it’s quite frankly hillarious, i love it personally. really it’s like black folks or black men are the only ones who have the hots for her, not even one white man?? Strange indeed. Keep us updated Jan, eagerly waiting for the romantic pics and all. LMAO!!

  12. And since when has it ever been a compliment being linked to talentlessness. Anyway, Trey and Cheryl deserve each other.

    Personally, i am waiting on buying ELI”s album, ‘COME AND GET IT’. Now, that is one singing brother am glad is not linked to saint cheryl. hahahahaa…

  13. Oh, and another brother whose album am waiting for is Karl Nova. raise your hand if you have heard about him. ummmm… thought so. Hahahaha…. *waves and winks at fam and walks out laughing*

  14. So let me get this straight. It’s ‘boring’ to remind people of the crime she committed before being crowned Saint Cheryl, but its quite alright to plaster her face across every national newspaper and magazine with every minutiae of her life? I just find it amazing that every aspect of Cheryl’s life has been dissected and analysed but not once as a publication tracked Sophie down to see what’s happening. We need editorial balance, keep it going Jan, peeps can always go to Grazia, Look and countless others if they want to keep up with Cheryl’s ‘saintly’ efforts.

  15. I will never stop reminding folk about Sophie and that incident. If people don’t like it then they can just skip past the post/stop visiting Mad News altogether, and visit the Daily Mail website instead, where there is wall to wall positive “saint” Cheryl coverage. Knock yourself out Mycool!

    I will lay off posting the pic of a battered Sophie on this site. but will link to another page, which features pics of her, that she willingly posed for after the attack. Anyone who still has a problem with that take, I suggest you take it up with the mighty Google.

  16. Of course Cheryl is fine but some of you have a short memory. She also called her a Evil black bitch.I could pull the actual sun article.

    Everyone knows many mix race dudes who happen to have a white mother generally hates black women ( really hate ) I would be suprised if Ashley is an exception to the rule.I am sure he an Chery cracked acid golliwog jokes.

  17. No internet access for two days & I come to this? I don’t even have the energy to comment on Mycool’s statement.
    Aren’t the Daily Mail tired already? That picture of Trey Songz is just too funny. Too tired to write a witty comment.
    @Reclaimin’, you’re welcome.

  18. i don’t buy that any African American…men want this Cole chick. What does she do anyway?? Does she have talent? Plus everything from what i have read about her is a big PR stunt…. you guys keep this trash over there….but send us someone worth talking about…… Why is the media over there always trying to link her with a Black man…. White men don’t want her?? Well i can see! oh keep putting that picture of that lady she gave the beat down to. Man….do you guys forget so easily… She would be nothing here…if she did that to a Black lady in the USA…

  19. I see…well…we need to do something about that short term memory….thing! Oh i must say i love your site…. It always have some food for thought… And the people here…are really cool…and always have an opinion. Just please keep doing what you do. And don’t compromise yourself no matter what. Oh one more thing…always remind us….if we forget…anything…..

  20. In all honesty your very right, now its just pathetic, will i am, usher and now trey, Is it all being printed by the same paper?? How doers it make her seem any more attractive? She still looks like a clown and sounds like a cat!

  21. @Janice aka Miss Mad News… Just do me a favor and keep putting that picture of that lady she beat up!!! We should never forget…what she did… The media plays her like she is the best thing since….the Black man was made…. I think not! Don’t try to please others….just do what you do.. This clown beat up our sister….not cool! And after reading more about what happen…she really didn’t seem to care that she hurt that woman. All she did was make excuses… As for the media that keeps linking her to Black men….what’s with that. Are they trying to say that every Black man can’t resist her charm…. come on….Black people should be insulted

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