Alexander O'Reilly was one of eight gang members found guilty


Via The Metro 

The group, called themselves the Black Mafia, stormed the celebrations and attacked 26-year-old Dameon Phillips, leaving him with a 17cm (7in) gash across his neck. 

Gang members then filmed a rap video boasting how they ‘left a n****r on the floor with a seizure, there’s blood spilling like Saw…’ in a reference to the gory horror film. 

Lloyd Reid, from Blackheath, south-east London, Le-Reece Buchanan, from Lewisham, and Alexander O’Reilly, all 18, were convicted at the Old Bailey of wounding with intent to cause GBH – alongside five other teenage attackers who are too young to be named. A ninth suspect, aged 17, was cleared of all charges. Continue Reading…. 

Well I guess this bunch of pathetic beasts won’t be storming anymore parties, slashing throats and posting rap videos on YouTube detailing their wicked acts for a while.  

I bet if you were to take each loser aside and ask them why they committed this crime, NOT ONE would be able to give you an answer. There would just be this airy silence. 

Every mindless runt wants to be a ‘gangster’ these days. 

I hope the judge sentences them to at least 15 years in prison without parole.

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  1. It’s the fearlessness and lack of remorse that baffles me.
    They suffer from lack of what 2 do really. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop. *sighs*:-(

  2. I think its unfair to assume that all of these kids were involved in the actual attack on this poor guy. From reading the notes on this case its clear that it was only actually 1 individual who attached Mr Phillips, to me this sounds like a case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time.
    People today are to quick jump on the band wagon, the youtube videos were made 2 years before this attack and the person rapping was not even involved in this case !!

  3. They still broke in to the house and terrorized innocent partygoers. Even if it was just one scumbag responsible for the actual attack, did the others attempt to stop him from attacking Mr Phillips?
    They are all scum, and they all deserve to get sent down.

  4. I agree the person who did this should 110% be accountable for his actions, I understand that there were 17 kids involved in the case and the kid who’s picture was in the paper was not even identifed by the party goers. If you know anything about London life you would understand that as unfortunate as it sounds these kids have to be seen with the “in” crowd or they them selves become the victims of the bullies. It seems like the police saw the easy option of convicting everyone that was there rather than take the time out to find the coward who did this crime who is now hiding behind these poor kids. Janice there is always two sides to every story !!

  5. He is involved in the gang, does it really matter if he wasn’t identified? I agree with Janice, absolute scum

  6. The fact that you even called your self “bundenny” shows your level on intelligence, luckily im mature enough to rise above it. I am not agreeing with what happened to this poor guy, I am saying find the person who actually carried out this horrible offence and throw the book at them. There were 17 kids who attended this party only one of them could of done this horrible crime. how do we even know that they have caught the right person, he could offend again whilst these other 9 pay for his crime. Maybe you should read about all the facts in this case and not just what was written in the paper before you decide to comment !!

  7. Alex wheeler is my nephew and he is not scum ur mum is scum. My nephew was locked up with 7 other innocent boys bcoz the police were and are to lazy to investigate properly so what do they do, use an outdated law joint enterprise to lock everyone up. Before people pass judgemeant on something they have only read about find out some facts first and learn about the law and how the police are using this law to lock up young black and mixed race boys coz they cant b arsed to do there job properly. And by the way im white

  8. Also most of u people writing on this aint got a clue about living in an enviromeant where its dangerous to open ur mouth. These kids are a product of the enviroment they live in and things will only get worse until the powers that b decide were all equal in this world not just a privalaged few.

  9. “Alex wheeler is my nephew and he is not scum ur mum is scum.”

    Are you still at primary school? Have I just been transported back to the 80s when bringing a person’s mum in to an argument was “all the rage”

    “Ur mum is scum” anything intelligent you had to say is just lost now because of that immature line and bad grammar.

    “Ur mum..”Ur dad”

    Grow up.


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