British comedian Jason Lewis’ new comedy sketch show Sniggers With Attitude will air soon on the BBC, but in the meantime check out this clip from the show.

Jason has found a strange new way to eradicate knife crime forever.

Walk around carrying a giant black dildo instead.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Your thoughts please…

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  1. Ok i did think it was funny! Because most men…would flip out…if someone…would ever put a big black dildo near! Well at least they got the size! hhahaha! Being a Black man and! i know being silly…couldn’t help!

  2. I thought I would laugh but I didn’t, I watched the other vids and I dont find them funny, Its like its missing things I cant put my finger on. Didn’t like the Nanny sketch. I feel it ressembles Miss Joclyns last season which went below the belt in stereotypical views in my books. I’ll have to show to some teens and see if they find it funny.

    ps. The title of the show is just plain dumbness.

  3. Why do the jokes have to be so crude and rude? The show would have some serious potential if they did go down the typical sex related route. Again, I see Mr Clarke has some involvement in this so the end result is not surprising. If it isn’t lesbians lip synching in a club then its so called gangsters pulling out women’s manual sex tools on each other, what the heck? Being honest, this is just playing into the typical animal lusts and dumbing down of the population that the main stream media has already been stoking up for years to where all people think about is acting dumb and getting their leg over. More BBC debauchery and mocking of us and as usual there are always the black male rent boys available to carry out their master’s bidding.

  4. verbs2010…i must say i never looked at it the way you put it..Thanks for that insite.. Because when you think about it….what you said is so true. When will we stop playing into the so called master’s hand. For some reason they won’t show anything like this on the tv here in the USA… i guess that’s a good thing… Oh but depending…if it’s on cable….they will. Great post….

  5. “sniggers” ??? really !!!! Arrgh ! it sounded more like something african americans would come up with.This is ridamndiculous.

  6. Bold. However, the black ‘Satire’ is being done by a high standard by Aaron McGruder for Boondocks in the USA. (As usually, the U.K are behind) but at least sketches like this are being given a chance to air. Just hope whom ever is writing these sketches gets the balance between being black and everyday life right.

  7. well i don’t think African Americans….came up with it…did they.. You guys did…right?????????????? I dont even use the word remotely close to that… You might…right???????????????? Why look down on African Americans? I’m one…and i don’t get down like that! Maybe you should do some research…first… Never heard that word used over here in the USA…..

  8. LOL @ Moreno. I don’t think that’s what lechatnoir meant. Maybe lechatnoir meant to say, the word sounds more Americanish than British. Err… and don’t attack me. lol

  9. Hey Lati…wasssup with ya? Ok sis i won’t attack! It just sounded like a slap in African Americans faces….so me being me….had to say something. And you know i love my Black people no matter where they are from. But thanks for putting your spin on! But it’s nothing i ever heard here….and i’m on what the slang terms are. So with that being said…it may sound more! That term didn’t start here…. Now the term wigger…! Oh i owe you an email…will do it tomorrow….i’m off finally…

  10. Showed the sketches to some other peeps and teens, and they thought only this sketch and the Tinchy stryder one was funny.

    I must say after watching them with more peepz I did laugh, but it still needs some work, why arn’t any stand up comedians on the circuit being used? I never heard of Jason Lewis until now and he doesn’t seem like a proper comedian, more like an actor who does impersonations. I think that might be what its missing, a proper comedian(s) thats naturally funny, there’s so many.

    bro you must have heard of NWA(Niggaz with attitude) before?

  11. The Real NV …man thanks for reminding me of that..(niggaz with attitude)lol! Man i apologize for my rant… brought it back…to me.. Now i see where he/she was going with it. See that is why i like this site…people say what they feel…and when correction is needed… guys give! Thanks my brotha…much love and respect for you. Hey let me ask you this….how many Blacks are on main stream TV? Not talking about comedies…..but dramas? I was reading were Idris Elba was saying there were a lack of Black actors on tv in the UK…is that true? Oh lati…your input on this is needed as well…

  12. Moreno, we live in a multi racial, cultural, background society where people hardly want to know people. Sometimes it’s no wonder that other races cannot be well represented or given proper scripts and whatever, because people can hardly relate or understand each other or even want to bother to know. You will get the usual stereotypical scenes and what not. And good luck with this!

  13. Lati i’m not sure i’m suppose to start this! But you’re right..about what you said. But i don’t get it…i’m African American/Puerto Rican/Cuban…but i’m a Black man. I don’t get why people don’t want to get to know each other! It’s sad that some walk around in their own little world. Not even trying to know what other people are like. I make it my business to meet as many poeple as i can. I don’t care what color they are…or where they come from. Yeah i’m more comfortable with people who look like me…that’s normal i think. But to just ignore people based on color….religion….cultural backgrounds…is insane to me. When you do that…you miss out on some really good people.. And you miss out on so much knowledge. Not being represented in any form weather it be in the media…or what ever….is not right! We should be represented in every venue…and by it being 2010…this should not really be an issue…but it still is…..sad…i think.. thanks sista….as always…you tell me what you! Keep that up…i really enjoy it…

  14. @Moreno
    You have to see it yourself. I think the 2 main soaps are Eastenders and Hollyoaks correct me if im wrong Lati. Look them up especially eastenders and see if its streaming on a tv site, The latest eastenders will give you a typical dipiction of ethnic minorities. with the cheeze filled e20 characters, the muslim gay story, cheating black paster with an evil streak story.

    Dont watch any soaps apart from Eastenders every now and then so cant tell you about anything else.

    As for black drama’s there is none on National TV. Someone correct me if im mistaken.

    Then there’s Big Brother where there will always be 1 black thick or offkey character every season.

  15. @The RealNV… As i did try to watch Eastenders a few times….couldn’t get into it. I have issue with Black people not having a propper storyline. Or better yet one that is not so stereotypical. As i do understand that Black actors need a job so i try not to judge them. But man…it really sucks when all you see is coonery and buffoonery on the tube. Well there are no dramas that have Blacks staring in as well over here. You do get the chance to see a lot of Black people on Tv. But the numbers are dwindling. Some of my friends tend to say i’m too for Black people. How can i be too for Black people when that is what i am. Now i don’t hate anyone…but i just want to see things on an even playing field… Is that wrong of me to want to see more positive Blacks on TV? Is it wrong to have love and repsect for my people…i don’t think so. Hey tell me this…lati as well… Is there anything wrong with just wanting to see our people do better? I’m just tired of all the disrespect we have to endure just to live… We all have worked hard…and we deserve to be in every avenue of everything…even the media… But you know….for me i don’t support anything that don’t have one of us in it. I don’t go see movies …if we are not in it.. Yeah that may be small…but you have to start somewhere. It’s what you do now..that will affect our kids when we have! So shoot back at me…i’m very interested in what ever anyone have to say… And thanks for getting back at me… But i will continue to check out Eastenders…as much as i can take of! Peace Moreno

  16. @ Real Nv and Moreno, i don’t know whether i even want to be mad at eastenders when it comes to stereotyping. The whole show is generally stereotypical to low incomed people even white folks and ethnic minority. I mean if they have their main characters and central figures rotated around a Bar? I don’t know. I don’t know whether it is a show anyone would expect better or decent scripts.

    Our people could do better but we don’t understand our people and their struggles.

  17. @lati you’re right when you said “Our people could do better but we don’t understand our people and their struggles.” That is a ture statement…and it’s very sad. We should know who we are where we come from….and our history. But it seems that so many of our people don’t want to know what happen. What had taken place to get us here. They think ….it just happen…and we have it so good. Now we are better than the past in some ways… But in other ways….not at all. There is still the fight that we must do to have anything we want. But you know what…i refuse….to dumb down to make others feel less threaten by me. If you feel that way…then that’s on you… I hope you understand what i’m saying…because i know me…lol! Can go there! I hear this a few weeks ago….”oh Kevin (Juan middle name) is too aggressive” only because i know how to do my job and don’t play with others. Or if you come to me…i answer the questions with out stroking their egos… Give a freakn break!!! Oh but as far as the eastenders…you’re right everyone is a! But i guess i get vexed…when i see my own that way….

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