I recently attended the press screening for the highly anticipated new British film, starring Noel Clarke, Emma Roberts, Adam Deacon, Tasmin Egerton, Shanika Warren-Markland and Ophelia Lovibond. follows the lives of four best friends who become involved in a major diamond heist.

A much put upon and harassed Joanne (Emma Roberts) works shifts in a 24 hour supermarket. A job she clearly despises and you get the impression that she doesn’t have much of a social life.

Kerrys (Shanika Warren-Markland) is a strong, outspoken, independent, no nonsense lesbian, who when she’s not arguing with her creepy half-brother and stepfather, and making love to her girlfriend, runs around  wearing the shortest skirts (which just about covers her suggestive “Eat Me” panties) and the highest heals.

Cassandra (Tasmin Egerton) is a dim yet talented pianist who flies out to New York City to audition for a place at a prestigious music college, and to finally meet her online boyfriend.

Shannon (Ophelia Lovibond) is a troubled young woman from a dysfunctional background, hiding a painful secret.

Noel Clarke who wrote and co-directed the film plays Tee, a moody and dangerous supermarket manager, who is also somehow involved in the diamond heist.

The film kicks off  after the girls leave a coffee shop and a group of young men led by leader Dillon (Adam Deacon) run in to them after stealing a bag of precious stones. Some fall to the ground and during the chaos Shannon loses an important letter.

This entire incident is the catalyst that triggers off a chain of events that then takes us on a rollercoaster ride through the lives of each girl.

The hype machine has been working over time for months now.

So does it live up to all the hype?


Noel Clarke has written a relatively decent screenplay. It’s just a shame that not much thought and effort went in to ensuring its affective execution on the big screen.

However, will definitely be a hit amongst a particular demographic. Your 18-21 year old market.

The film is fast paced, over the top, has a young/attractive cast, “urban” music, street slang, some nudity, sex, stars Adam Deacon, and rapper Bashy pops up now and again.

Yes! They will love it.

But for me what let this film down the most was the poor acting. I really have to question the decision to cast actresses (two in particular), who obviously could do with gaining a lot more acting experience first (bar Emma Roberts), before being given leading roles in a major motion picture.

It also lacked realism. I for one had a hard time believing that the four lead characters were all the best of friends, because there was absolutely no chemistry there, and none of them were particularly likeable.

And don’t even get me started on former Eastenders star Michelle Ryan, whose portrayal as ruthless diamond thief Kelly ventured in to pantomime villain territory.


The scenes shot in New York City where Cassandra (Tasmin Egerton) finds herself in a spot of bother after spending a romantic night with a man she met on the Internet, just made me cringe. Those scenes were hilariously bad, Egerton just looked out of her depth, and not even a random cameo appearance featuring rapper/actress Eve could save the day.


Back in London overly aggressive Kerrys, sullen Shannon (who desperately needs to find her missing letter) and a frustrated Joanne each face their own personal dramas that are all neatly woven in to one, and eventually take us on a journey towards a lacklustre and rather cheesy climax involving the stolen diamonds.

……………………………………………………………….. could have been a great film. However poor acting, lazy dialogue and  shoddy direction (in parts) prevented this from happening.

But there are those out there who will love, and I believe it will still do reasonably well at the box office.

If you prefer style over substance and enjoy visual titillation then is definitely the film for you. will be released nationwide on the 2nd June.

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  1. Thats a damb good review Jan. Im def gonna watch curiosity’s got me, with all the stuff about the poster too.

  2. Hey…can anyone tell me why movies from the Uk are never released here in the USA?? What’s up with that???

  3. The film poster put me off, looks like a rave flyer… lol, wont go to see it in a hurry and LOL @ the daily mail so true he comes across tooo big headed! Loved your review, the film doesnt sound serious, might catch it on iplayer in 3 years! big up Noel Clarke tho!! w/o him these actors wouldnt see light of day..apart from Adam Deacon of course 😉

  4. Great Review Jan (u know some of us were waiting for this one LOOL!) but yeah I enjoyed ready it, and even though I will not part with any amount over £5 to see this film screened anywhere, I’m still looking forward to watching it (someway so how lol)

    if not to just see how it all panned out, the acting, the characters, the screenplay itself, the story… etc.

  5. Moreno, very good question. Have been thinking about it all day, no answer yet. Maybe bse they are not American cultured or a copy of American culture that doesn’t go well. Who knows.

  6. oh shoot, I forgot to answer you Moreno!…. with my opinion…

    the market in the us…hummm, lol would people really come up out of thier pockets to see this film here for example?… I can’t see it, but I might be wrong.

    also I’ve thought for a while that a lot of the UK’s and USA’s relationship seems to be one way, the US’ exports many artists, but imports little from the UK in terms of artists I think the same can be said for films, it’s a two way street, but seems like all the cars are heading one way… if you get me.

    Picture Skepta heading the other way behind Taio Cruz (both on motorbikes) and noel clarke try’na get his moped started lol ahah!

  7. Hello Lati so nice to hear form you. You know you’re my girl… and i just like how you stick to your beliefs…no matter what. I have much respect for you. That makes sense….but man i tried looking for Noel Clarks other movies on line…And guess what?? Not formatted for USA…that really sucks… So i will have to find a way….and i will because i know me…lol!

  8. Hello fr…thanks for your comment… You know you’re so right about what you said… It is one sided… I see a lot of American act…coming to the UK …but they never bring any UK act here. And you guys have madd talent. I mean i spend my day at work…listening to Bang radio 106.3. I use to listen to BBC 1xtra….but once they changed and put Westwood on…i was like no! He’s funny…but i was diggin Ace n Vis. But my girl works for Bang…so i have to listen to! I have been trying to figure out a way…to get more UK talent shown here.. So what i have been doing is requesting….song from artist from the UK. And i figure in time….someone will look in to it. Plus if my connections are right…i will have the Monique show on BET sending Dnyce and Sherry Dixon a shout out…once she starts taping new shows… Both from Bang…. But you’re right…. So what do you think should be done….to make it a two away thing? I have madd love for my UK brothers and sisters…so we have to do better. Because when all is said and done..we are one… Well at least i think…! Oh you have a great sense of! Keep in touch…i’m sure you have much to say about many things.. Oh we do have Idris…Mary Jean Baptist…and a few other sisters and brothers… I just like seeing my people from everywhere…doing thier thing…staying on thier hustle.

  9. @Adaobi

    Shanika Warren-Markland (Kerrys) and Tasmin Egerton (Cassandra) were seriously out of their depth. Those two were simple not ready to be cast in lead roles, and their acting in particular was very poor. If you venture out to watch this film you will see exactly what I mean.

    Shanika who had a small part in Adulthood came across quite well in that role, but then going on to give her a lead role in a major motion picture backed by Universal was madness. The same goes for Tasmin.

    I personally think that both should be given the chance to gain more acting experience appearing in TV dramas first.

  10. That looks and sounds like that should go straight to dvd o_O

    @Jan they probably have no chemistry because they most likely spent no time together prior to the shoot, had scene/readings, and he probably didn’t develop the characters properly… I wouldn’t spend my hard earned American Dollars on that shit. Movies cost a lot here… gots to be more selective….

    Great review ….

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