It’s been officially announced that singer Alicia Keys is expecting her first child, and will marry her lover producer Swizz Beatz in the summer.

Congratulations to them both.  I wish them both the best of luck.

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  1. zozo u can say that 1000 times again! Mz homewrecker i hope your child doesnt end up a slut bag like you. nuff said now i shall be #movingontothenexone!

  2. She done really lost her mind…first breaking up that marriage and now this….have lost so much respect for her..

  3. lati u right! im taking bets people how long b4 a better and richer woman snatches swizz weak di*k right out from under alicia’s hoary ass!!!

  4. Ouch, who am I to judge? Whatever went down is their business. I only hope, the kid looks more like its mummy.

  5. ooooo for ffs!!!… why u gotta go and blame Swizz (It’s SHOWtime) beatz…lol…?

    I was with all you blaming Alicia, I have no more respect for her and persistently kiss my teeth when ever I see her videos, posters etc…

    I don’t blame Swizzy at all, I don’t know alot of men that would really turn down her advances, even if they had it good at home!… For me, A women who is a real ass women, should be able to see the situation for what it is, if the marriage was already wrecked, let it be, let it crash and burn… then make your move, but A Keys wasn’t waiting NO SIR!, she should no elegance, no grace, no common courtesey lol ahahah! shhhhooot!

    if you ask me Swizz is the Victim here, him and Mashonda and thier child, they are the real victims …(trying to not laugh)

    ps… @ Lati… opportunist Men??… not all the time, as we now have ‘concrete’ proof that there is some real opportunist women out here too, I find A.Keys Guilty! and Swizz Innocennt! (to an extent of course lol)

  6. anyway,… I wish Swizz and A.Keys the best of Luck, won’t wish anything negative over them 😉

  7. Hahaha… fr, hell no. Victim? Where? You are Chris Browned again. LOL! I agree there are opportunist women, in this case, the reverse might be true. No way am i blaming Alicia? She was not the one in a commitment. Swizz was. He made the choice. Alicia went with it.

  8. hehehehe, … but Lati look, listen, wait, hear me out, *stop hitting me* LOOL! I was cracking up when I wrote ‘Victim’, that is too strong, but I’m saying, dude was enticed, persuaded, seduced, entrapped, blinded -and lead astray, A. Keys reminds me of Potiphars wife! lol But Swizzy ain’t Daniel! (not many men are like Daniel lol) Genesis 39:7-12

  9. *calms down*No ways fr.LOL! you r still making him the victim. Whatever happened to self control and responsibility? You know how some people look 4 a perfect excuse to run out of a dead relationship or marriage. Not saying that’s what happened but hey. Women we get the blame 4 affairs and broken r/ships all the time. We beat the crap out of eachother when men play innocent and sit and watch. Lol

  10. When she was coming out with all her women empowerment songs, who would have thought Alicia Keys would become the fourth babymother of a married man. Its hilarious!

  11. we should know by now these women know nothing about female empowerment, they are all slaves to the trade! the only real empowering women ive seen are druggies! ie lauryn hill! mary j!

  12. is karma a B mmm. well the only good thing I can say about this is that at least he did not breed her until after his divorce papers were finalised this year. plus he was married to mashonda for over 10yrs and his oldest son is about 8yrs old. correct me if I am wrong…. what does that say about him and his moral character.

  13. alicia is 5months pregnanat and the divorce became final this month! mashona’s son is 3!

  14. It takes two to tango, don’t care much for Alicia but when a marriage fall apart is because one of the party involve fall out of love and starting looking elsewhere if not Alicia it would have been someone else.

  15. Well damn is he even divorced? Can’t tell when there is a home wrecker involved.. o_O #AllRudeEveryThing

    I don’t give a damn whatever blows your hair back… smh All these fine ass men (single) in the World… oh #stopjudging o_O

    @lati all I am going to say is: they could have waited until the inked dried on the divorce decree! Respect the vows! Last thing folk might want to do is not look like a f’n harlot! o_O

    @Adaobi Me too! #AllRudeEveryThing

    @B.Princess baby girl they did more than Tango! he he he he

    At the end of the day its their lives! But I be damn if I ain’t gon’ throw in my 2 cents damn it! Fuck whatchu heard! #AllRudeEverything

    They way she got that man, may be the same way she lose that man o_O

    Im just sayin’ and you know people are going to ask her questions about the pregnancy… how you going to be all happy that you got knocked up with a married man… here comes the shot gun wedding…. o_O

    I know, I am #AllRudeEverything

  16. how crazy the ruff riders are demons and devils how did a angel get caught up in this lena horne must be her mother cause right after the news broke lena horne died i hope keys knows what she doing see how they set her up the jay z song first then came the demon her lucks gonna go down they gonna drag her down with them fucking devils jesus plz forgive her she was yours once break this up and save her before her real mother kills her plz lena horne i guess the demons are strong the end is near this prve it remember nothing is new under the son the devil took 2 pac and now them coming for alicia keys is next …. she never saw it coming,,,

  17. People are full of it like someone said you cant wreak whats not already been wreaked…Swizz and Mashonda was on a rocky road point blank period and Alicia went after who she wanted…Congrats to them both

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