This photograph shocked me. I didn’t believe that this was Curtis Jackson (aka old Fiddy) at first.


Via PunchBowl Blog

I know he’s lost all the weight for a film role, but it’s still damn right foolish and reckless.

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  1. Well he’s not the first actor to do it. Christian Bale do the same for The Machinist? I was shocked when I saw the pics this morning too, he looks skeletal, but meh …I’m over it now. He’ll put it back on when filming ends and that better be soon cos he has zero sex appeal looking like a diseased rat!

  2. haha. It’s for a film role so it’s cool (is it a health hazard? I mean IS IT?), once the movie is done he’ll be back to normal.

    I guess since his music is suffering (read: wack) the whole “suffering for my art” thing is coming into play since he probably wants to be taken seriously as an actor (can he act though?)

  3. This is a safe process as long as you nutritionally supplement during the fast and you don’t go over 3-4 months on juice only. Your intestines shutdown after this period and you cannot process solid foods. Check out the term Juice Feasting for more info.

    Saying that though, things must be really bad on the music front for him to resort to a film part that requires this type of action.

  4. It takes about 2 weeks from the start of this type of programme for your body to readjust and begin to use the fat reserves, this is the worst time when the hunger really hits you, after this you are ok until your fat reserves begin to empty and then the hunger pangs return. In full swing you can lose from between 1-2 stones per month, depending on how much weight you began with until your body begins to plateau out with less fat available in its reserves.

  5. I know I should be shocked…But im secretly impressed and jealous chuh….if that diet wasnt hunger i’d do it too!

  6. It’s foolish becuase Fiddy cannot even act good, nah seriously, he’s not even as good as LL on screen!!!!! (acting – Im always left less than convinced about the characters plays – have u seen that ‘Dead Man Running’? the Rio and Ashley Cole backed Film???) Christian Bale, is a talented actor, 50cent is a rapper, there was just no need, no need!.

    Answering Karl Nova – NOPE! lol.

  7. I just noticed, where are all the tattoos? Either he’s had the quickest lasering known to man or he spent a few hours in makeup…

  8. Actors do it all the time… but damn he looks a hawt mess … I love his thickness so I hope and pray his film is a success and that he gains all his man weight back pronto!!!

    Tom Hanks did it for that movie Philadephia… its ok he will be ok. Curtis is a health nut. He does look ghaslty tho O_O

    ROTF @VexintheCity

  9. I hope he was under a doctors supervision because he don’t want to mess with his intestine if those baby shut down on him he’ll be wearing a colostomy bag for life. I’ll send him a gift certificate to a greasy joint once the filming is over to put some meat on those bones he looks awful.

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