Mad News has been threatened with legal action.

This threat comes from rapper Wiley’s management team who in APRIL 2010 requested that I remove a blog posted way back in 2008.

The story reported that Wiley had fallen out with his management in spectacular fashion.

In 2008 Wiley made a point of posting his thoughts on the RWD website, detailing the situation with his manager. HE put it out there in to the public domain that he was unhappy.

But in 2010 I have now been informed that all is well with Wiley and his management, which I am so relieved to hear because MILLIONS of visitors to this site from all over the world had been talking/speculating about this situation for 2 years.

*rolls eyes*

Anyway I was then told that the post had to be “removed straight away or further legal action would be taken”.

I have since removed the offending post because I don’t want to be blamed for ruining the career of a rising star like Wiley, and I don’t have the time, money or patience to fight over a 2 year old blog post, that people stopped paying attention to just a week after it was orignally posted.

Check out Wiley with his Roll Deep brethren below. Good Times is their current single featuring Jodie Connor (released 19th April).

Hmmm this explains a lot…

It doesn’t get anymore mainstream than this!

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  1. SHAME on Wiley’s Management! What happened to free speech eh? You’re a blogger and this is YOUR blog to say what you want. Anyway, it was two years ago – so who cares? Even if it happened last week, once again, who cares?? All they’ve done now is highlighted the situation to your readers who didn’t know anything about it in the first place. Silly!

  2. That video is everything that is wrong with a section of the youth hollow and cultureless…

  3. Wiley…who??? Girl they must be that worried about the “truth” in the two year old post that they wanted you to remove it.

    Girl, I wouldn’t waste my time with these people……maybe they need a little bit of publicity so they just wanted to stir up some ish with you girl. I’m thinking that’s probably what it is.

    Hey, I’m missing London! Well just a

  4. You’ve been threatened with legal action by a Thundercat??? Go Janice!! LOL Who even KNEW about the original blog post in the first place and now they’re making up noise 2 years later. Fuckwits.

    I refuse to click on the video. I’ve had a good day today and don’t need it ruined at the last hour!

  5. Lets see the good times roll when you are out of a job, thrown out of your home, living in a tent in a public park, being beaten and harassed daily by roid head cops with guns and begging the government for food, clothing and other provisions. Some of the youth of today have no clue as to what is heading down the pike for this country. The “good times” are finished, austerity and squaller are to follow, believe it.

    This video is merely helping perpetuate the false imagery of “everything is ok” and “carrying on playing and enjoying yourself, so called experts are dealing with the problems of the world”.

    Ah Janice, guilty of being a thought criminal again(rolling eyes,lol), not going along with the consensus view and daring to exercise free speech. It seems that you need some “re-educating”,lol. What nonsense, Wiley like other typical black prostitutes in the mainstream is simply obeying sir by helping to keep the youth(especially the black youth) locked in fantasy land and a delusional state.

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