Ciara is back with the new single Ride, and seems to have gone back to being the old Ciara musically.

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I really like Ride. I love the production and okay we all know that Ci Ci is no Whitney Houston (circa 1985-1999) vocally, but it still gets a thumbs up from me, and I think she has a hit on her hands.

The video –  The stylist who encouraged her to put on that swim suit and fur coat deserves to be shot. Ciara (who is a very attractive woman) just looks like a street walking  slapper in those sequences.

You don’t need to go down that road Ciara!

Your thoughts please. Hit or Miss?

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  1. THIS is why I don’t listen to RnB anymore..

    WHERE is the growth? How long has she been “making records”??

    This music does NOT attract I’ve grown up and matured into A WOMAN.

    Clearly she, nor any of the other musically challenged “swamp donkeys”.

    That is all.

  2. I’m so irritated…I couldn’t even properly finish my comment.

    Could someone hand me a gun, so that I may put myself out of this misery?

  3. I walked past Stringfellows the other day and heard this sort of music at the entrance- don’t diss, this is ESSENTIAL lapdancer ho music

  4. BTW Jan, you’ve not mentioned anything about Erykah Badus LP- New Amerykah Pt this now relegated to weird eccentric old soul and no longer relevant to Mad News or black entertainment? It’s a lovely LP-but hey, what do I know…

  5. Desperatttttttte !!!, soon it will be the norm for these artistes to have sex in their video’s. Why do we need to see what there nuni looks like ffs !!!

    I’m still getting over Beyonce and mad woman Ga Ga’s video. All that skinning out on the chair, freeeeee meeeeeeeee from this madness.

    Beyonce, Ciara, Niki M, Rhianna etc etc it’s a’ll a bit much. All this competition to out do each other, all in the name of entertainment is getting way out of hand WTF !!!

    One after the other they’re all coming out with video’s that are just getting more and more explicit/hardcore. The only difference between this an tv sex is that she’s not giving anyone a blow job !!!

    If you compare their first video’s to their last you will see how they have all lost the plot. This is defo not progression, more like desperation.

    Has it really come to this. Lets get back to basics and focus on where it’s at…THE MUSIC !!!

  6. Wowza reading that back it sounds like I’m rather angry lol

    Not so,…….it’s friday, the sun is shining, we just got paid wooooooooooooah !!!! Good weekend people 🙂

  7. I love this video. She can dance. If I had her moves my curves I could enter the international dancehall queen comp in JA and actually have a good chance at winning.

    I like this version of Ciara. It is her signature style

  8. @ Senga kuye…Why do we need to see what there nuni looks like,,,LOL

    Ciara does got some dancehall move going on it reminds me of the first dancehall queen competition video I watch.

    Including sex in a video is good some people actually look forward to see it; but it does not need to be trashy.

    She has the looks and the body if she had made those moves more sophisticated it would have been like BAMMMM.

  9. I’m tired of this nonsense, … we all know sex sells, but the boundaries continue to be pushed and the lines not to be crossed continue to be blurred, I really I mean to I really need to know what Ciara can do in bed, and have such a visual image made for me too as a 30 year old man, NO, let alone the young people of today,… anyway…thats my ranting over lol

    Maybe it’s just me, but I’m just sick and tired of the sleaze that is now the norm in todays music and how the creative output of artists, just seems to be overly sexed up.

    *Off to listen to so proper music*

  10. Coming from a women perspective I love this video has a round away presence that you love to see. Ciara is a Entertainer her dancing is amazing not many dancers can pull that off focus being on the intricate choreography totally worked. Beyonce ‘Single Lady’ was a top Worldwide video why must you people be so closed minded the video conceptually fitted the song. The video is up there with Single Lady if not better. Ciara looks stunning !!!

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