British celebrity glossy Grazia Magazine  has decided to feature an article about race and asks the loaded question…

Are Mixed-Race People More Attractive? 

Click HERE to read article.

So Grazia’s tackling controversial subject matters of this nature now are they?

When did that happen? I thought they just featured news on celebrities, fashion and gossip.

Anyway your thoughts please…..

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  1. When did that happen? I thought they just featured news on celebrities, fashion and gossip.

    It happened when Obama became president. lol

    I mean ever since he became president, the mentality of a drop of black in you makes you black, started to water down, and it became debatable hahaha..

    Forget what i said above. lol

  2. Haaa @ Lati.
    If his name was Obama the bus driver, he would be classed as fully black, no matter how much white he had in him.
    Grazia are jokers, they should stick to writing fashion stories.

  3. @ Miss Lala, exactly. LOL! Obama the road sweeper, the basket ball player, the rapper, you know!! hahaha…

    @ Fr, hahaha… expand lol

  4. I remember in High school a mixed race girl said to a blackgirl that SHE THOUGHT was mixed race “I think Mixed race people look the best, don’t you?”… ah! haha, she got a shock when my friend told her that she isn’t actually mixed race, and NO she didn’t think that LOOOL… I was creasin when she told me, it made the girl seem shallow.

    Recently a status update on facebook I read, went like this…”She asked me if I’m Mixed race, Ha, I don’t think she knows who she is talking to!”… (again I was creasin’) and the shameless girl commented below it something silly about a’llowing her (kmt)… if you ever see the brother, he is about Morris Chestnuts (go on Ladies your time lol) complexion, how the freck can he be mixed race? ( not that its impossible, but you get me)

    I think there are alot of mixed race people who think that mixed race people ARE better looking in general, but not all mixed race people think this… and it would be silly to say so.

    but leads to another question, in terms of good looks, (not inside character, LOOKS) how does one determine?… say if one has a broad nose, does that mean that one is not good looking, what about big lips, big eyes, hair style (that could go on for ages)

  5. Fr, there’s truth in it no doubt. Its the mentality really, the one that has been fueled by visuals that we see on a daily basis. Fueling racial competetion rather than racial appreciation. It is so ingrained in some minds that they would not and cannot see it any other way. And that won’t change sadly.

  6. Fr…

    I don’t think they do.It is just the european patriarchy favours them.This is coupled with biais/favouritism on both sides and in between (mixed).

    Not all of them look like a blend of both parents tho ; some actually look like a carbon copy of either of the parents. Some of them overlap a fringe of non-mixed blacks, some can look like another ethnicity altogether. You can be as dark as Morris Chesnut and be mulatto.I don’t know why people find it hard to believe.

    The football players Julian de Guzman and Jonathan de Guzman are both half Asian and half jamaican.They are not an exception.

    here is the younger brother

  7. Of course, mixed-race people are no more or less attractive than anyone else (sorry mixed-race readers!) – it’s all subjective. But I believe that European features with light brown skin is promoted as being ‘more attractive’ – by the media or whatever – that’s why you have all this fake tanning going on.

  8. It is the culture off dark skinned black ppl that have put their mixed race counterparts on a pedalstone. They (mixed race)only react to that because that’s how we cooover their hair and complexion!
    Anyone would gravitate to what is most liked about them. They don’t immediately get born and start thinking of themselves in this way, we give them that security.
    The Grazia story is simply about mixed genes as opposed to the mix of black and white children i think so shouldn’t be taken in the context to hybrid genes are better than inbred. It’s funny that white ppl don’t seem to care about mixed race over black beauty and more ofthn than not call mixed race people black anyway. Sorry,.it’s a dark skin ppl hang up I feel.

  9. I don’t agree reclaimin, it is not our culture, it is what we have beentold historically by the White race. Those weak enough to believe adhere to this and continue to with weaves, relaxers and bleaching creams. Even tho dark skinnedbeauty has never been seen as more attractive than it is now, our men refuse to believe what their own mothers tell them instead choosing to be brainwashed by society. Our culture celebrates our beauty, it’s White culture that denounces it.

  10. Mixed race have always been on a pedestal and dark skinned people gravitated towards that culture of seeing them higher. Why? Exotic looks and all, and more accepted. I think, not saying its right, but they fell for it.

  11. Nana,
    I disagree 10000% with you I’m afraid.
    Our own black owned and led medias champion fair skinned women over dark with no big bad whitey telling them to.
    My own experience both here in the UK and Ghana have seen many many fair skinned peple irrespective of features deemed as beautiful by the majority of dark blacks.
    I have only ever in my life been deemed as unnatractive because of being dark skinned by OTHER BLACK PEOPLE usually dark skinned and fractionally fairer themselves. I have seen first hand how fairer ppl in families are deemed favourable.
    At some point you have to hold up your hand and take ownership of the issue. Yes, it came from a history of colonialism BUT I see only black people obsessing about tones of skin, eye colour and hair textures ..
    I STILL see it fairly novel if I see a dark skinned couple from the west together and I go out A LOT. It dooesn’t bother me, go with who you want but you must face up to the fact that too much afrocentricity in the presiding majority is a no no…STILL!!!

  12. You know what the funniest thing is?

    Genetically speaking, mixing of races is a very good thing. Here’s why:

    100% of us are 99.916% EXACTLY the same from a genome mapping perspective. The 0.084% that differs is what makes us have straight vs. curly hair, brown vs. light skin, slanted eyes vs. almond eyes, etc. That tiny, minuscule percentage is responsible for millions upon millions of possible configurations of human.

    The more you pull from the sake gene pool, the less likely said gene pool will go on to a more diverse (READ: evolutionary viable over millennia) status. We’ve mapped the human genome hundreds of times over already; probably even cloned a few.

    The REAL problem lies w/the cultural clashing. Which culture do I identify with primarily if my Dad was Ghanaian and my Mom was Japanese, for example?

    Once we solve that issue, I think we as a people will be capable of miraculous levels of genetic discovery.

  13. oh this old debate – had a debate on fb with friends and all those who were either mixed or in mixed relations starting accusations of racism and could not back uop dem talk

    This survey used 1205 people. so this survey is rubbish. – when the survey has covered 1 billion people and different race mixing than come tell me about it

  14. when I posted

    “and thats the truth Ruth!!!!!” as senior love daddy would say!

    it was in reference to Lati’s comments above mine, just to clear any confusion, if there was any lol,…

    @ lechatnoir Says:

    The first point you made is a fair one, but I did say a lot, not most, not all, not the majority, just alot.

    The second point you made was again another fair one, of course there are the odd (meaning rare in number not odd / wierd) examples Like the Guzman brothers, but I was commenting with Black / White mixed race, not just Mixed race’s as perhaps I should have.

    ALSO,… I hear what RECLAIMIN’ is saying, but also see NANA’s point… I do believe that there is an obsession with fairer skinned people, and it is (imo) largely rested within or coming from more darker skin people (the ones who are insecure about thier own complexion and beauty)… but I do believe the root of this is from colonialism and slavery, just like the way we used to beat / discipline our children came from colonialism and slavery and of course the media have sown into this big time, they have for years and still continue to do so…

    I also think that Dark skinned people are looked at as sexy fair more than they are seen as beautiful. (from my Balconey anayway lol)

  15. A typical article using the Hegelian Dialectical approach. Thesis and antithesis= synthesis. This type of tactical approach is commonly used to manoeuvre people into a position by stealth where they can be persuaded to compromise their position, views and moral stance on any topic. This is a common military tactic, watch out for it. 90% of a war against a people is psychological. This article also seems to me to be racing baiting and attempting to stir up conflict and division. A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. I encourage folks here to research the Hegelian Dialectic if you are not already familiar with the term.

  16. There are currently more than 1.96 million students studying at University this year in the UK this year. This Article is based on the views of mere 40 of those millions of students.

    Of those 40, they were all Female.

    They were asked to look at 1205 Black, white and mixed race photos. There are also People of Asian, Chinese and other Decent that currently live in the UK.

    This research is so BIASED that I can’t believe it made the papers.
    People we must not be so easily led into this level of PROPAGANDA.

    The articles have clearly been created to meet the agendas of the powers that be.

  17. Reclaimin I didn’t get the feeling that Ghanaians were into the high yellow crazyness .There is a crop of light skinned Ghanaians across the coast really people don’t go there to find a soulmate.They don’t care.Also Ghanaian prefer Jackie Appiah over the half lebanese Nadia Buhari.
    Ethnic discrimination is a much bigger problem as some ethnic groups are perceived as backwards.People lie about their ethnicity all the time.You can pass yourself off as Ga or Ewe but you will not want to pass as Hausa.

  18. Lechatnoir:
    You are probably right on some levels but having family members that bleach their skin actively and looking at the mess that is Peckham Rye High Street where legions of West Africans and Caribbean women also bleach and wear yaki weaves that simply need to be sillky and long to consitute as attractive, I’m not convinced…lol!
    You may notice that I tend to only talk from experience rather than the comforts of hypothesis (which i am not saying that you are), but I really do get out a lot and sadly this is what I see in the mainstream environments. I also see this same sort of barbie-aspiration in Europeans and Asians so it’s not an exclusive issue to black women-just that we need a lot more bolt ons to achieve the desired look and just don’t feel that when a European wears extensions or tangos herself that it is because she finds her natural skin or hair unaccptable on any level.

    BUT I agree that the issue of race and nationality (verbs) is a distraction that keeps simple minds willing to be controlled by elitist agendas. To say it how it is though, does not necessarily mean that one walks around with these concerns- it’s just a mere acknowledgement which does not impede or influence my own judgements on people…just sayin

    BTW, back to the original issue of mixing genes- it doesn’t need scientific research to know that that it makes for better offspring. Everyone does anyway, unless you sleep with your relations-the cultures who tend to do this have a very weak gene pool with common sorry to say, ‘freak occurences’
    The article is lazy and for the sake of a few column inches in a womens mag needed to align it editorially with a study about beauty which is where the conflict of the article lies. Is it about looks because there is a picture of Halle or about mixing the gene pool for stronger offspring?

  19. I don’t think that mixed people are any less or more attractive than anyone else. Your attractiveness is from genetics, some are luckier than others. and no i don’t think mixed people are more attractive than regular people

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