Drug addled fool Pete Doherty

Via Digital Spy

Pete Doherty was reportedly arrested last week on suspicion of supplying a controlled drug.

The singer-songwriter was one of four people questioned on Friday in the matter relating to the death of heiress Robin Whitehead, BBC News reports. Doherty was bailed to return in April.

Whitehead, who recently made a film about Doherty’s band The Libertines titled The Road To Albion, died of a suspected drug overdose in January. Continue Reading

Mark my words Doherty here will ONCE AGAIN evade punishment.

It’s seems he is above the law in this country. Waste man Pete can even walk in to a court of law with drugs on his person and get away with it. (Click here to read all about it!)

This drug addled little fool and attention seeker is seriously connected.

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  1. I like Pete, Alot, I know many don’t, and his appearence is quite ‘down-trodden’ (I’m trying to be nice lol) But I think he is really talented. and well I’m a fan, let me honest and frank lol 😉 but this doesn’t mean i will turn a blind eye to wrong doings, but I will revert to my Innocent UNTIL proven guilty stance (on this one lol)

  2. This cat has been given too many lives. If he’s proven guilty, he’ll probably get off with a fine or slapped wrist like he usually does.

    lo @ fr “his appearance is quite down trodden”….you’re too nice bruv.
    He looks like a frigging ZOMBIE and you know it yuk 😦

  3. LOL, @ agnes kuye, I know he looks shabby, but I’m bias on this one, as I have become a fan of his. ever since he got with Kate Moss, the media has been tearing his ass up lol, I just felt sorry for dude, and musically he is gifted believe, but he also has mad issues, this we all know 😉

  4. @ fr I comment solely on the drugs issue and how many times they should have locked up his ass, when caught using/selling the stuff.

    I have no clue what his music talents are as an artist. Even if you are a fan (* tis all good* ), but surely you can see that for whatever reason he gets preferential treatment..WHY !!! He’s a celebrated ‘drug addict’ WTF !!!

    If that was a brother, ( *hate to go there but* ), you know they would have locked him up, from the first offense .

    Are the mad issues not related to the DRUG TAKING, ( me good old faithful never lets me down – CHOICES MY FRIEND !!!


  5. lol, yeah those are the issues I’m on about, drug related, I don’t think he’s ever sold the stuff, but been court / caught with all sorts on his possession, but it’s not really his fault that he keeps getting away with it lol,… he’s been to prison, I remember a story about him meeting a brother in there and they jammed musically, he told the guy he was gonna record with him when he got out and he kept his word, the song is called ‘PentonVille Rough’ LOOOL anyway, … I say we blame the system not the man 😉

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