Last week the official poster for the up and coming Noel Clarke film debuted online, which I later featured on Mad News.

I also asked Noel a question regarding the poster which surprisingly didn’t seem to go down too well. He didn’t take to kindly to being questioned about the decision to feature one actress on the poster, clad only in underwear.

Click here to read the post/subsequent heated debate if you missed it.

Noel Clarke

Since then I have received emails from his supporters criticizing me for “calling Noel out like that” (erm all I did was ask the man a question), I’ve been called “negative”, “petty”, a “waste gyal” (LOL) and a “f**king hater”.

I long for the day when the Americans come up with a word to replace the now overused “hater”, so us Brits can then have a new word to beat to death.

Anyway I had no idea that a question would generate so much anger and verbal abuse.

But I have since learned my lesson.

I am after all,  just a lowly working class South London (“the endz”) chick who happens to run a blog .

WHO AM I to question BAFTA award-winning/Dr Who star Noel Clarke?

WHO AM I to question this great man, who has single handedly dragged a community out of the job centre and opened doors for so many black actors/actresses across the land?

I am a nobody within the elitist and “oh so luvvie” world of UK showbiz.

A nobody!

……………………………………………………….. will open in cinemas nationwide on June 2nd.

Click HERE to visit the official website.

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  1. What happened to the May opening? I’m still peeved, I didn’t get hate e-mail for my “rant” on the lack of half naked men in movie posters….I’m still waiting…


  3. SMH, & Co-Signing TY’s comment…


    Waste gal u know, LOOOL, for simply questioning the poster?… this just shows what a state certain minds are in, I guess those people who sent you the emails are from his intended target audience, sad.

  4. I wont be watching it. People are too quick to find ‘legitimate’ reasons to sell their own down the river. We should be grateful he’s handing out jobs when the jobs continue to reinforce stereotypes??

  5. We have to remember that we are dealing with a populas that is essentially drugged up on fluoride, food additives, pharmaceuticals to dumb them down, is practically immature and cannot take a critique on any level. Do not be discouraged Janice O wise one, you saw well and called out appropriately. They sport a woman in a bra and panties when everyone else in the picture has on clothes and it just so happens that the woman wearing practically nothing is a negro? Talk about enforcing stereotypes. Looks suspicious to me and I’m sure if I done some research into Mr Clarke’s behind the scenes string pullers(masters), the whole puzzle would all of a sudden fit into place.

    Also we must remember that the individual is now being pushed as an outcast, suspicious and not down for the greater “good” of mankind because he/she decides to think for themselves outside of the sheepbox. According to world leaders, we are all now supposed to be an international and uniform population, we must all think the same, look and dress the same and also say the same things. Clearly Janice, according to the supporters of the film you are a criminal and a threat because you exercised individual thoughts on the poster and didn’t agree with the status quo(don’t question it, just accept it milarky).

    So if any lessons have been learned is is that retards will always pop up and hisssssssss at you when you rock the boat of their gods and ask simple questions.

  6. Verbs have you been reading that book called Nutricide. thats what they talk about on there

    @Janice.. Lady……….do your thing. If someone can not handle criticism they should not put there hardwork out into the public domain.

  7. pleese do ur thing dont let the ignorant and illiterate stop you from asking questions|!!! pls he mite have prtrayed the lives of the ruthless and absolutely ghetto perfectly doesnt make him a god puhleeeze people need to give me a break- what happened to having a bit of class??
    pleese keep doin what ur doing were not all bimbos lookin to buy th enext gucci knock off from topshop! were not all consoled by ignorace!! i were not all ready and willing to drop clothes for a little bit of money!
    for one love you cos ur hard and honest
    women need to be more like you! gosh im soo disgusted!

  8. @ Tyiscloser

    They knew exactly what they were doing no doubt and haven’t we seen this time and time again in some form or another? I seem to remember another film poster that Janice highlighted to a while back(The name of the film escapes me) in which the version of the poster that was released for the UK subtracted the black acts from the picture. Now our own are quite prepared to sell us down the river and for what, for a few crumbs that have fallen off the master’s table.


    I haven’t read that book in particular but I have come across a book called Ecoscience by John P Holdren(White House Science Adviser To The Obama Administration) written in 1976 in which he openly goes into much detail about fluoridating the water and using other chemicals to make people extra docile and placid. In Japan they are considering putting Lithium in the drinking water supply while in the States Prozac has been found in certain municipal water systems. Of course this is nothing new, the communists under the Soviet regime had already mastered this technique of force drugging the population and Hitler also followed suit by using fluoride in the nazi concentration camps. Fast forward to today and what do you see, people who are not aware of others around them, crossing the road with cars on coming at full pelt, check how many people will bump into you in a built up shopping area, check out the vocabulary of today’s populas, nothing but a limited set of grunts and groans, folks who can only converse about what they saw on television the day before or the main stream media talking points/gossip put out there by the think tanks, people who sit and argue with a television because it shows something that they don’t approve of or don’t like.

    We are literally living among retarded drugged up zombies who are a serious menace. This barrage of verbal assaults that Janice has received doesn’t surprise me in the slightest in view of the times.

  9. Don’t afraid to speak up your mind. It’s your right to ask any question you want to ask. Movies and opinions are for everybody.

  10. Don’t worry guys no one is going to stop this woman! lol

    From what I understand is a heist film about four girls and a robbery.

    Judging by the uncensored trailer its features the usual “road man” characters and Shanika (girl in the poster wearing underwear) plays a lesbian / bi-sexual. (that’s what I get from the trailer).

    Oh and rapper/actress Eve also stars in this film.

  11. SPEAK YOUR MIND! I’m tired of these sheeps! These days say anything your a hater.. Expand your vocabulary eediat! Not everyone is a ass kisser, it was just a question! I agree w/ sooperwoman dumbed down people and they don’t even know it! I mean all I hear people say is your sickkk or your a hater! Expand your vocab,we are controlled to be sheep, hence why I love this blog, u are not afraid to speak ur mind! Your too much for these chicken nuggets! Lol

  12. i too, am a lowly working class South London (“the endz”) dude who happens to be part of a blog and i say may we live long and prosper!

    It’s funny, but it wasn’t so long ago when ‘major industry’ reporters were snooping around our blogs to find out what’s hott and what’s not, so we must be doing something right.

  13. You know I support Truth Jan! This has made me smile…you know I have been bashing on about the term Hater for a long time , I actually have a top that simply says HATER- long live the haterism!!



  14. Verbs

    I believe the movie you are refering to was the couple’s retreat.where they airbrushed the black couple out of the UK promo pics. In the US promo they were already far behind and almost blended with the green moutain.That alone was weird.

    Anywho I just digged a good article on the “medication in water” .
    I am pretty sure that the same medications are being used in many african nations or west indians as well. I am into an investigation mood right, I have been for a long time.It ain’t hard to find out what they put in there.All I need is samples.

  15. I have always found it strange that the worst, most lowest characteristics of black / african life always become the most popular within western arts.
    Its even stranger that you (jan) should be termed a hater for pointing these things out.

    These “artist” should call THEMSELVES haters for the SELF HATRED they practice through their “art”.

    I love your site and long may it live.

  16. Lechanoir

    Interesting read. It would be interesting to find out what other chemicals are in the water supply. No doubt that other African and West Indian countries are being affected in the same way but I feel to a lesser degree as they would not have put up with a quarter of what we put up with in the western world.


    Didn’t even clock the sodomites. So Mr Clarke is pushing homosexuality and group sex as cool in his films now. This is down to a new low. Now the youth will think that the homosexual lifestyle and orgies is cool and normal thanks to Mr Clarke. This film looks reprobate and decadent to the lowest degree. Is it any wonder that we still struggle as a people when trough like this is on show.

  17. I watched that unofficial trailer, and I don’t know if I should LOL or just SMH, and I thought the poster was bad enough, but boy, I’m not sure If I can continue to lend my support to this film maker!… not that he needs it anayway, he has the 12-22/35 market sown up?

  18. Fuck that keep it real Jan you can ask any question you want the answer to, I too wonder why the only black chic on the poster is wearing lingerie… I will watch that hot mess of a trailer later… smh the nerve.. lol You got them running scared Jan…. *looks left and then right*

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