New England captain Rio Ferdinand and John Terry

This is absolutely ridiculous!

What does having an affair with a former team mate’s ex-girlfriend have to do with football and the man’s performance on the football pitch???


 Via The Mail Online

John Terry has been sacked as England captain this afternoon after a meeting lasting just 12 minutes with England boss Fabio Capello.

The woman at the centre of the affair allegations, Vanessa Perroncel, 33, looked stunned and mouthed ‘Oh my God’ when she heard the news.

Fellow defender Rio Ferdinand has been named as the new captain and Steven Gerrard vice captain.

In a statement Capello said that Terry had been stripped of the England captaincy ‘in the best interest of the team’.

Click HERE to continue reading and to view photographs of that PR vulture Max Clifford standing with John Terry’s “distraught” looking former mistress/his wife’s former good friend – HILARIOUS!

What a farce!

But congratulations goes out to the new England captain Rio Ferdinand.

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  1. Max Clifford is a poker player, as 4 the distraught mistress, she looked like an abandoned puppy, why??? Smh, i know when england crushes out of world cup, john terry will be blamed. He’s booked 4 that one. What has his bedroom skills got to do with with Football pitch skills. LOL. Rio got some back up help/support? Eh hahaha… Good luck to him and the manager. They had better get it right or else… Roll on world cup. Lol, the dramma starts, ridiculous.

  2. Well, they are still England team mates, and the captain is supposed to command respect on the pitch and in the dressing room. Imagine being bossed about by the guy who shagged your gyal and got pregnant! Can’t work. But yeah Lati’s right, when they get booted out by a superior team John Terry will get blamed!

    Anyway I always support Brazil (and Jamaica that one time they reached the finals!)

  3. I think John is the better player. I reckon at some point Wayne will find himself out of the squad before they head off for the world cup.

  4. John should stay and Bridge should go. Why get rid of a stronger player when England as team need all the help they can get! But let’s be honest here they will never win.

    Also I actually think Wayne knew about there relationship months ago and got other it.

  5. Pheva, when u put it that way, i can see the problem. God save England team. This is a set back 4 sure and it will show. Watch the space. They are keeping their integrity by firing him, God 4bid they should crush out at the hands of a team they think is less strong. Whoever leaked the story…aah janice they could not fire the victim, LOL, they could have benched him.

  6. The english football team is like a bunch of circus monkeys. They can mix them up however they please. Same outcome hit the cross bars and lose penalty shootouts.

  7. @The Real NV

    OUCH! LOL!!

    It’s true. Plus does anyone remember their match against less experienced team Trinidad at the World Cup 06.. they struggled and almost lost that match!

    Its at that point when I knew with out a shadow of a doubt that the England team are absolute trash!

    I mean in 2010 they have players on the team that played during World Cup 98!!! Those players are in their mid-30s now. I’m not saying that’s old but in football those men can rarely keep up with the younger men who are in their early- mid 20s!

    And Why is David Beckham still on the team??? Isn’t the man still nursing an injury. Your going to fly him out for World Cup 2010???

    They are not serious!

    It’s ridiculous!


  8. I’ll need to google that match for the highlights to jog my memory im laughing already, probly watch the gazza crying match while im at it too.

  9. The pressure the english media puts on its sports men sometimes is down right ridiculous, eg tennis and football. They build up the false hype so much, such that the sports men break down at failure. Even when their opponets are world class players. Its good to encourage and support but the sometimes they are not realistic. Ask Andy Murray.

  10. People! lol,….

    wayne bridge and terry were best friends who played in defence at chelsea for a good few years together and if not for ashley cole, would have continued and played together in england’s defence (but A. Cole is a better left back then bridge is.)

    and Vanessa was not just Bridges ex-girlfriend, she is the mother of his Child! and was meant to be a GOOD frioend of terry’s wife!

    Terry couldn’t continue as england captain, not IMO, sometimes people need to be held accountable, and even though he was made an example of, he brought it on himself.

    As for England!, … I’ll be longing forward to the post u post when England win the world cup and all the comments then lol 😉

  11. I’m old enough to remember (and still get vex about, lol!) England v Camaroon, World Cup ’90. Camaroon were 10 minutes away from beating England when Gary Lineker dived and got a penalty. Grrr!

  12. LMAO, when England wins, lets not go there. I know there will be a weeks public holiday and monday bank holiday 2 recover from hangover. Then a months worth of news. It would be happy news 4 the recession. Lol, its good 2 be the underdog, no pressure. I hope the new manager has done something. Some were making fun of him coz of his not speaking english.

  13. I’m not sure what is bout this country (or the media etc) LOVE a scandal, love to build people up, then tear then down when they are ready.

    @ Pheva LOL, … come on cheer for England lol

    England are a lot better under fabio Capello, he has brought in standards, values and he quite strict I believe, think the world cup will be interesting to see how far england CAN actually go, will they buckle or will they go all the way? I’m hoping all the way 😉

  14. I agree with fr up until the point of England winning the world cup lol.

    If you read the Sunday trash papers today, it was more than just *shagging* wayne’s ex… Not all of what has been printed can be untrue, or we await Terry to sue the papers, and I DON’T THINK, that will happen. There’s a whole leap of other wahala that Terry has got himself into annnnnnnnnnd he’s still got the title of “Daddy of the Year” lol.

    I agree, that whilst Terry maybe a better player, it still doesn’t condone the behaviour of ..” I can do what i want, without any consequences”…

    Whether it as Wayne’s ex or not, are we forgetting the fact that he was still married. In my eyes it does make a difference, he’s gotten far too big for his boots. Good lesson learnt !!!

    NIGERIA TO WIN THE WORLD CUP !!! Come onnnnnnnnn 🙂

  15. I co sign u agnes a quarter way about nigeria winning. I have a list of other countries to add and Brazil as the wild card just incase those teams don’t go far. LOL, Whoever leaked the story must have known all along, they could have done it earlier 4 the english team’s sake. The timing the timing. English fans can be really mean. They carry grudges into prem league, ask Ronaldo who left. But am not worried about JT, he will get love anyways. Roll on world cup…hahaha…

  16. @fr

    “and Vanessa was not just Bridges ex-girlfriend, she is the mother of his Child!”

    Is that even Bridges child? From what I hear Vanessa practically worked her way through the team lol.

    I kind of feel sorry for the wife, but then she knew what she was getting in to before she married JT. And she will continue to stay in the marriage. She won’t be in a hurry to give up the money/lifestyle.

    The England team just need to focus on the World Cup and the manager needs to focus on choosing the best players. Forget JT and his foolishness antics. Forget it.

    But the reality is they will struggle and will eventually crash out. They think they have got it easy but I bet a less experienced team destroys them, or it goes to a penality shoot out and they mess up once again.

  17. in regards to the childs ‘real’ father, your guess is as good as mine lol, as it appears she did work her way through the team or at least a good few of them, Danielle LLoyd has done the same at spurs, NASTY! lol…

    I hear you on his wife, she must of known from LLOONNNGGGG time what sort of man JT was/is he hasn’t changed, us men rarely do lol.

    As much as I would love to HONESTLY sit here and say JANICE! u are wrong, England are gonna win it LOL, I really don’t belive that, but can’t stop a man from hoping hehe

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