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UK group N-Dubz appeared on the Chris Moyles early morning breakfast show on Tuesday and asked listeners to text their views on their latest single Playing With Fire.

One listener (Chloe) was honest with the group and said she didn’t like the track.

But group member Dappy took exception to Cleo’s honesty and being the “bad man” that he is called her after the show….

Via The Mail Online

The BBC was last night facing a fresh obscene phone scandal after a Radio 1 listener was subjected to a torrent of abuse.

The female listener, known only as Chloe, texted the station to say she did not like a song by urban music act N-Dubz, who were guests on the Chris Moyles Show.

A member of the band retaliated by copying her number and ringing her back, before leaving an abusive voicemail containing several swear words.

Dappy, who made the call, last night apologised for his actions and claimed he called her because he was ‘angry’.

Dappy last night issued a statement, saying: ‘I totally apologise to Chloe.

‘I called her in the heat of the moment when I was angry, but that is no excuse for my behaviour. I’m genuinely sorry. I’d also like to send my sincerest apologies to Radio 1.’

BBC bosses are now investigating why he was allowed near the computer screen listing listeners’ personal details, and able to break data protection laws by copying it down.

What a wasteman! A wasteman who is at that point in his career where he is actually starting to believe the hype.

Dappy if you cannot take/accept criticism then you need to take your backside out of the music game.

Do you actually believe that everyone likes your music???

The man is cruising for one almighty reality check!

Dappy lost his mind over this “masterpiece”.

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  1. What a flippin retard i hatee there music infact dappy was the only 1 i liked but now XP poor chloe x he should be sacked or kicked of the group or somthing right ? . disgusting

  2. hiya i dnt kno how any1 can h8 the song it is way good the person who sed it was bad culd ov sed no offence but u culdve done better but well done 4 what u did

  3. i love the song its great.I listen to it at least 20 time in like half hour if thats prossible.And i love all of the n dubz gang.:]

  4. I dont even like N-Dubz, in face i despise them.
    But so many people i know look up to dappy,
    and for him to do this is just shameful.
    You dont see other music groups ringing up the public and swearing at them down the phone do you?
    Dappy, Grow up please?

  5. i would leave a comment but im too shook that im gonna get an abusive call as a result now…..

  6. i know many people that look up to dappy
    and i personally think he is an awful man
    just becuase someone dosent like your music you think that gives you the right to ring them up and swear and send a death threat??????
    alot of bands actually become better if they take critisim mabye dappy should try that

  7. I Think That It Is Shocking That Dappy Wouuld Do That But Why Was Chloe Listening To That On The Radio If She Didnt Like Them So Much,, Obviously Wanting To Cause Troublee.. But Dappy Shouldnt Of Got Hurt Over Such A Small Thingg,, Obv Not Every Oneee Likes There Musicc!! Yeahh I Like Them But Know Plenty Of Peoplee Who Dontt

  8. ok i get it was wrong but think ov how u would feel if u had a baby and some 1 called him or her ugly and horrible. i know how i would feel.

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