Player Emmanuel Adebayor

The British media is having a field day with this one….. 

Due to this tragic incident, jealous hacks are now saying that it isn’t safe to hold the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, and that the nation isn’t equipped to handle a possible “terrorist attack”.

For a start the attack happened in Angola NOT in South Africa. What does any of this have to do with South Africa or the 2010 World Cup?

*Huge irritated sigh”

Via BBC News

Togo’s footballers are being recalled from the Africa Cup of Nations by their government following a deadly attack on the team’s bus in Angola.

An assistant coach, press officer and driver were killed. Two players were shot and injured in Friday’s attack.

The Angolan government and tournament officials had been pressing Togo to stay for their group games in Cabinda.

They were due to play Ghana in their opening match on Monday but now look certain to fly home.

Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso are the other teams in Group B which is based in the northern province.

Angola’s prime minister Paulo Kassoma met with African football officials in Luanda to offer reassurances on the safety of the players on the eve of the tournament. Continue Reading…..

Today the former husband of UK songstress Jamelia / footballer Darren Byfield  posted this distasteful “joke” on his Twitter page.

RT @darren_byfield: RT @wolvespremier: Do you think adeybayor ran the length of the bus to celebrate with the gunners? lmfao ha ha

And comedian Jason Lewis tweeted,

@iamjasonlewis: HOW TALL does Adebayor have to be for them gunman to shoot da bastard…..Angolans have SHIT aim. SMH

@iamjasonlewis: Do you think Emmanuel Adebayor ran the length of the bus to celebrate in front of those GUNNERS in Angola?

What sad, insensitive, pathetic losers!

Rest In Peace to all those who lost their lives.

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  1. Rah you really took it there!

    He rtweeted the joke posted by @wolvespremier and added hahah LMFAO at the end. UK Comedian Jason Lewis has repeated it tho and added this “How tall does adebayour have to be for them to shoot him whats wrong these angolan gunmen smh”

  2. I am absolutely disgusted by these two fools tweeting these ignorant and insensitive responses to such a tragic event. Would they still be cracking themselves up if any of the victims were their relatives?


  3. i cant even begin to say HOW DUMB those sound for tweeting that shit… but this is part of the problem we have here
    i hope they delete those tweets!!!

  4. Due to the incidents, treatment of Africans and Brown People alike and behaviors in general I am going to have to re-evaluate my desire to visit Europe and Africa. I can’t get down with the racism, over here there would be repercussions… at least an ass whoopin’!

  5. @ Rowetta,… africa is a country, not a continent.

    I think a lot people see it this way, it’s a shame really, the way africa has been portrayed to those out side of it.

  6. ps… Rest In eace to those that lost thier lives needlessly!…smh

    and the folks running jokes about it should really be ashamed of themselves, they are not children…!

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