Celebrity Big Brother 2010

Celebrity Big Brother kicked off last night (January 3rd) on Channel 4 and I enjoyed my first big belly laugh in 2010. 

The sheer awkwardness of it all… It was HILARIOUS! 

For those who missed last night’s show, the celebrities (and for some I use the term loosely) who ventured in to this year’s Big Brother house were… 

British actress Stephanie Beacham. Stephanie has starred in numerous TV shows which include Dynasty and its spinoff The Colbys. She appeared in Coronation Street last year. 

Former prostitute Heidi Fleiss went on to run a highly lucrative Hollywood prostitution ring, and was later jailed. She looked so ROUGH last night! 

Grime artist Lady Sovereign.  In 2005 the media insisted on labelling Sovereign “the female Eminem”. In the same year she signed to Def Jam Records, then had a  meltdown live on stage and later “left” the label. What a journey.  From Chalkhill Council Estate in Wembley, to Def Jam, to Celebrity Big Brother. You sure have come a long way Sovereign. 

Ekaterina Ivanova. 21 year old Ekaterina’s only claim to fame is being the former lover of decrepit and married Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood. 

Nicola T. A topless Page 3 model who used to date a footballer, and appeared in the ITV 1 show WAGS Boutique 4 years ago.  It was also announced last night that she has just recorded a single featuring rapper……… COOLIO!

Dane Bowers.  Dane used to be a member of the now defunct hit 90s boy band Another Level, and collaborated with Victoria Beckham back in 2000 on the hit single Out Of Your Mind. Since then desperate Dane has appeared on nearly every TV “reality” vehicle that will have him. 

Actor Vinne Jones. When Big Brother host Davina McCall announced his name I was shocked. I shouted ‘YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO THIS VINNIE!!!!’ But I am now guessing that the lucrative Hollywood film roles have started to dry up. 

Actor Stephen Baldwin is the younger brother of actor Alec Baldwin, was an actor himself back in the 90s and is now a born again Christian. 

Alex Reid is a cage fighter, who apparently likes to spend his spare time cross dressing.  He is also Britain’s biggest publicity whore Katie Price’s on/off boyfriend and a complete non entity! 

DJ Basshunter is a successful Dance DJ and has a huge following. 

R&B star Sisqo. I am still in shock! I did hear rumours that MC Hammer had been approached to appear on the show, but not Sisqo! When he came out and performed his 2000 hit Thong Song I could not stop laughing. In fact I am thinking about it now and chuckling to myself as I type. 

 Why Sisqo WHY???????? 

OK, so at the end of the day it’s a cheque but you know your career has hit the skids when your agent presents you with a ‘ fabulous opportunity’ and you end up agreeing to take part in shows of this nature.

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  1. NINE YEARS OLD! that Sisqo song is NINE and he was bouncing around like he just one x factor yesterday- i never laughed so hard in my life- bunch of nobodies and LADY SOV! Shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. can I just say – when their name, age and occupation came up (like a CV) some of them embellished their occupation – sisqo an r&b superstar???? purlease!dane bowers singer,entertainer and d.j? lol lol

  3. I stumbled on Vinnie Jones on CBB via DigitalSpy, I kept screaming at my laptop. I’m actually tempted to watch this. Basshunter was another slight shock, he was on NMTB a while ago as a guest [not on the identities parade]. As for Lady Sov….. it’s rather sad. I’m waiting for Vinnie to smack, sorry, shake someone senseless.

  4. I don’t understand why there is soo much male [ball juice like hormones?] (I can’t spell testerone?.. is that right lol)… it makes watching akward Im just waiting for somebody to get punched up lol, Alex the cage fighter, Vinnie Jones, dane Bowers, Sisqo LOL… it’s not a good look!

    But I’m looking forard to seeing Lady SOV, I like her, maybe I take sympathy, but I’m still here waiting for her musical comeback lol, perhaps after CBB?

  5. “NINE YEARS OLD! that Sisqo song is NINE and he was bouncing around like he just one x factor yesterday- i never laughed so hard in my life” My sentiments exactly Miss Irie.

  6. when i saw sisqo boi i left till i had tears in my eyes..and Vinnie Jones why?????..that was also a shocker.

    ps: kids go to school fame is not all its cracked up to be

  7. Lady Sov to Man tief Katya….. ” So why are you famous ?”

    Man Tief Katya to Lady Sov….. ” I dated a celebrity & this & that”

    F–k sakes, this world man !!! …roflmfao

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