Today I visited the The Voice Online  website and came across one of the funniest quote’s ever via Jasmine’s Juice column.

Jasmine disclosed that Jay-Z’s manager always scolds her when she refers to his client as being a rapper.  

According to Jay’s manager/camp, the RAPPER is NOT a rapper.  “He’s an icon on a level with Bono and the rest”.

I spat out my ginger beer when I first read this.

If Jay’s manager had said that to me I would have laughed out loud and then followed that up with ” You obviously smoke crack. Get out of my sight!”.

Do you know who I consider icons? Prince, Madonna, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson (Rest In Peace).  These artists have been in the game for over 25 years (including Bono). They have earned the right to be called icons.

Jay-Z hit the big time 11/12 years ago, he put in the work and is a talented artist. But no way has he reached iconic status yet. Give it another 30 years when the young and the old are both playing his records, and then maybe we can talk!

So what if  post 2002 Jay’s profile has SUSPICIOUSLY sky rocketed all over the world and he hangs out with Bono, Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin, Bill Gates and the men who hide in the shadows. That doesn’t make him an icon! 

Members from Jay’s camp will probably go as far as telling us to refer to him as GOD next.

No wait! That’s already happening as we speak!

*rolls eyes*

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  1. I would have responded with “kiss my ass”

    puh-lease…Jay Z maybe an “icon” in the “hip hop” world…but to compare him to Bono??? Come on! U2, MJ, Madonna…they’ve crossed over genres, transcend GENERATIONS..young and old. I can ask my mom to name two songs from U2, MJ, Whitney AND Madonna…but ask her to name ONE Jay-Z track…lol…the ONLY reason she or ANYONE else in her generation would know of him is because he’s “Beyonce’s husband” ahaha…

    If you have demand a title…OMG…I can’t this is just TOO ridiculous.

    CLEARY his people are on crack.

  2. …JUST b/c you move in circles w other iconic figures..does NOT make YOU an icon…

    that is all.

  3. Well said Mishal!
    He might mix in those circles now but that does not make him an icon.
    The other day I was talking to someone and mentioned his name. She didn’t know who he was until I said ‘oh he’s married to Beyonce’. Then it was like ‘ohhhh him!

    Icon my bottom!

  4. He became more famous after umbrella and his marriage to bey. Then surprise, he dropped an album. He is a good business man though, i give him that.

  5. You can’t knock his hustle, he moves in good circles and considering 10 years ago he was flexing with a certain Foxy Brown and now he has the likes of Bono on his redial I say he has done very well. But I agree with Jan he may be an icon in the hip hop world but not overall. He is famous more for association rather than on merit but yes he is a good business man.

  6. @ Jan
    Yep!! That’ll do it! lol

    @ondo Lady
    Would you welcome his request and say “OK” then?

    Isn’t the desire to look like the person, a fundamental iconic factor, Elvis, MJ, Biggie made fat guys step their player game up.
    You certainly cant knock his hustle! but who admires/or is trying to look like Jay-Z. lol

  7. The more I think about what he’s done he is an Iconic black businessman but it still doesn’t sit well being told not to refer to him as a rapper but an icon, even being told to say he’s a businessman would sit a lot better. Just seems very arrogant.

  8. aw i dunno, J brought me back to Hip-Hop after a long time away and that smash show at Glastonbury didn’t hurt…although I might respond in the same way if I was forced to refer to someone as an icon…

  9. Don’t worry people, you are allowed to recognise his status without signing your soul away to him – relax. He represents entrepreneurship and The American Dream (which I thought died with Gatsby, but anyway). Either way, it’s almost a self-fulfilling prophecy when someone that famous says they’re an icon…

  10. jay-z an icon?! pfft…
    maybe when it comes to the mainstream hip hop world..
    NOTE TO JAY-Z’s MANAGER: try hittin’ that crack pipe after you talk to the media!!

  11. hahahahaha..icon?..thas a big hell no..theres no way he is on icon level..first like they said above he hasnt transcended generations..hasnt even come close..hes only big in the Hip-Hop world..ask a 50 yr old who jay z is and there either going to say “who the fuck is that?” or “oh that thug dude with beyonce” im pretty sure when you ask people who michael jackson is they automatically start singing THRILLER or BEAT IT hahaha..i mean seriously tho hes not an icon hes just a really good businessman thats it..yeah he might be remembered forever in the streets..but on a whole global scale hell never touch TUPAC,BIGGIE SMALLS..no way..if JAY Z was 2 die today yeah there will be mourning but not on tupacs and biggies scale and nowhere in hell close to MJ..Jay-z’s manager needs to take his head out of Jay-Z’s ass and come back down to earth..

  12. oh and by the way Jay-Z is a freemason and does practice there beliefs in a new world order so for that i hate his bitchass neways…just thought id let yall know..look it up on youtube and it will change all fans perspectives of this so called icon..

  13. What do you expect it is his managers job to maximize the value of his client, to get him the best placement as possible. Anything less and guess what he would not be on board. Let us look at this holistically people.

    Denial is not just a river in africa. The man moves in an iconic fashion, due to the fact that he is a rapper does not take away of his movements in the world areana. I have lived in Europe and he is a famous there as he is here in New York City. I am not sure if Bono is an icon in as much as U2 is the icon to be mentioned. Whitney Houston is more of an icon for her tragic years than for her success.

    If you are making sales based on record one status as oppossed to recoupment, you are an icon.

  14. I think we can all agree that Jay-Z may not be one at present but he is well on his way to being one! As for the management team it’s all just a press hype to help push his career forward. I find it all funny really, because there’s no such thing as bad press in entertainment. After all we are now talking about it…

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