Singer Jamelia shamed her former boyfriend Pay As You Go group member Maxwell D, during a taping of music quiz Never Mind The Buzz Cocks, which aired last week.

The singer shouted “I recognise him. He screwed me over.” when the rapper came on stage among a group of men in the identity parade round.

Jamelia and Maxwell dated back in 2004. He later went on to sell stories about their relationship to the newspapers.

Footage spotted @ The Punch Bowl Blog

Lawd….Oh the shame!!!!

He deserved that!

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  1. How the hell did I miss NMTB last week? Now, that’s what I call “Revenge”.
    Never heard about Pay As You Go, only heard Maxwell D because he featured in a remix to Luda’s “Southern Hospitality”.
    I’m soo saving this. Looking forward to Shingai Shoniwa tonight, please be as crazy as your live performances, please…

  2. LoL that was funny! Just finished watching his reply too, its on youtube would post but using my phone. He did reply very well and dealt with it in a respectable manner, give him credit for that.

  3. Painful !!! Well done Jammy, he deserved that.

    He looked like a damn fool standing there… GOOD !!!

    He will always be known for the one that sold the story on Jammy, the ‘english’ press never forget lol.

  4. @ The Real NV…. just watched the you tube response…

    Mixed views about it, but he did well to come clean and apologise.
    It takes a big person to do that, buttt at the time he was BIG ENUFF, UGLY ENUFF AND BAD ENUFF TO KNOW BETTER !!! He just gave pure excuses as to why he did it.

    Good lesson learnt for Maxwell, shame cos he is talented.
    Sadly people just don’t forget 😦

  5. @agnes
    yea some of the excuses was a bit dry like his grandad dying? but guess its suicide to just say I wanted some doe and spotlight.

    yo gonna get a cd reclaimin?

  6. That was well funny!

    He got set-up though – as if the producers didn’t know that he and Jamelia had history!

  7. WOW – Straight clowned!
    And the next ‘Let the beat build bitch’ award goes out to Maxwell…..

  8. hmmmm well good first and foremost it was not a set up maxwell d was well aware of this show weeks ahead its jamelia who never knew weeks closing in he told friends he was nervous about doing it and seeing her i think all this lying ting is wrong and he has not said it is lies as she thinks he sticks by his story i mean he even made a tune on the album warm up very disrespecful karma does alot and saying sorry after 5 years is a piss take people do anything to get right back up there trus FUCK HIM personally dont like him 🙂

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