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  1. First it was the wearing of pink, then it was sagging the trousers and exposing your backside to the world and now its gone to wearing tight jeans and in some cases sagging them, this is straight up homosexualism and these boys just need to come out thee closet and admit it. It seems that every generation has an excuse for their mad behaviour. Homosexuals are have a field day with these breres, plenty of eye candy available now on display. Straight Sodom and Gamorrah.

  2. If you like tight jeans, stand up, if you like pink, stand up, if you like loose trousers/bootcut/flare/straight leg, stand up. Why is pink/tight pants associated to gay? It could be eye candy for the women especially the women. Look at the women throwing themselves at that lil wayne.

  3. For heaven’s sakes it’s just tight pants and colour. If you are gay,you are gay. Tight pants don’t make you gay or encourage you to be gay. Gay men put on loose trousers aswell, does that mean they are straight? You are what you are, clothes do not determine sexuality or coerce you into anything, women dressing in blue colour or trousers does not mean they are lesbians, not all tomboys are lesbians. Black men are going to have to stop fooling people, they can be as gay as anyone else, but they make out like they are straight and the gay concept is not for them at all.

    Which gov’t are you talking about? lol

  4. Here we go again…let’s get to 1000 comments this time

    Earth Wind & Fire, Parliament, James Brown & The Jacksons should all have been shamed aswell given their flamboyant attire in the 70s..let’s throw it in the mix …I love the internet..

  5. The issue is back in the 70s, the homosexual revolution movement was just getting started. Tight trousers in the 70s were not synonomous with homosexuality even though homosexuals did wear them. This is 2009 not 1979. Tight jeans and pink today worn by men is associated with the gay lifestyle and fashion, times have changed, the homosexual has isolated the tight trousers, the colour pink(as well as the rainbow) to identify himself to others of the same lifestyle. They did it not me.

  6. Ha, I had to google ‘Metrosexual’ lol, but I’m not ready to deliver my 2p worth 😉

    oh but wait I ain’t even seen the video, lol… ermm, I’ll be back.

  7. Is it the homosexual who has isolated it or the heterosexual who has done so? If it was not an issue then, why is it an issue 2day?

  8. And Verbz, you must be Mossad, since you’re gonna snuff out every single opinion you don’t agree with. Oh wait, are you NSA? Illuminati? Since you’re so enlightened. Or Mason? Since you’re enlightened & know all the inner workings of every secret fraternity/cult/D&D gathering.
    A 2012er? A squirrel? Dubya? The other alphabet crews? A generic conspiracy theorist? **Shrugs**
    BTW, I work for O2STK. Codename: H2IK

  9. Adaobi

    The facts snuff out other opinions, not my opinion. I’m just calling it out as it is, men wearing tight clothing today is associated with the gay lifestyle and culture, tight clothing and bright colours are what gay men use to identify themselves to other gay men aswell as show the heterosexual male that they are gay. These are the tools they have decided to incorporate into their lifestyle and culture, like I said before, they did it not me.

    Those lines at Lati being a government agent were a joke.

    Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote in his book Between Two Worlds, that through heavy mass indoctrination and television “programming”, the general public would arrive at a situation where they would no longer be able to think and reason for themselves and that they would expect the media to do all their thinking and reasoning for them. This is the public we deal with today, outside of gossip and television, people have little else to talk about with each other. I encourage you to listen to conversations at work and see if what I am saying is not true. The fact that you would also use the words “conspiracy theory”, the very words handed down to you by the mainstream media show that Brzezinski is right.

  10. @ Adaobi, exactly. LOL!!!

    And as for you verbs, the only people who REALLY have a problem with this dress code are heterosexuals and obviously from your reactions(and that is the second time i am seeing that presenter on the black homosexual hunt, he did it with the p diddy one as well, what is his problem?) and brought by yourself, i cannot help but wonder. Indoctrination works both ways, don’t do it yourself.

  11. What exactly is your point Lati? My point is that heterosexual men have no business wearing tight clothes and certain bright colour combinations associated with the gay lifestyle if they are not gay or that way inclined. Your response doesn’t surprise me, women generally don’t seem to have a problem with gay men and seem to think that they are cool. I can never understand why many women defend that which is working against them. Then you wonder why you cannot find a decent man in the world.

    This is the main reason why gay men hang out with women, to watch how women interact with and draw men in, in order collect strategies and ideas on how to recruit and convert more straight men over to their side. They are studying you to hunt down and convert the very man you seek a bond with. Homosexual men hate women. Just think about it before you go approving certain dress codes because on the surface they look ok, that is called indoctrination. Questioning where the fashion came from and why it is being pushed on certain groups before you accept or reject it is called education.

  12. The only person indoctrinating is you. That’s all. If you do not like the dress code, don’t put it on, if you like it, go ahead, if you are gay and you like the dresss code, fine, if you are straight and you like it, your business. Like i said, you are making it out like gay is something you are forced to do and adopt to. If you are gay, you are gay end of. No one is going to force you to be one.

    You have a problem with gay people, just go ahead and say it and stop beating about the bush.

  13. so glad i didnt see this….. unfortuantely for me i live in vauxhalll so all i need to do is look outside for these glorious examples!!!!.. it is what it is!!!!

  14. IT REALLY DOESNT SHOW THE HEIGHTS OF THE METROSEXUAL TREND… it just attacks it… and thats not goood enough it comes off as just moany black men…. instead of actually breaking down this new are and the goood and bad sides of it… in one documentary… doesnt make me wanna read any more about or watch anymore.. .. surely somebosy can make a better docu… than this!!

  15. ahahahahaha your opinions on what consitutes homosexuality is hilarious, verbz! but you think lesbians walk around in dungarees with spanners in their back pockets – for bashing young women on their heads so they can drag them to secret ‘indoctrination centres’ (aka the local Speciality Vegan Cafe). this is the 21 century. some people are gay. deal with it.

    it’s sad to see so much homophobia still prevalent in black entertainment culture. when huge stars like queen latifah can’t even live an out life with her so-called ‘trainer’, it makes me sad. they could provide such a great example of living an honest, responsible and loving lifestyle for young people, be they straight or gay.

  16. Lati:

    Whatever Lati, foundless statements as always. Just stick to watching television and talking to a blue screen. I don’t put on the dresscode of homosexuals and I wasn’t talking about liking it, in case you cannot read I talked about what clothes, signs and symbols they commonly use for identification to others. Perhaps you ought to look at gay statistics from their own camp before you jump to their defence. The average life of a homosexual/lesbian is 39-42 years of age in comparison with 75 years for a heterosexual. Is that normal to you? Me, indoctrinating please, bring some constructive debate to the table, enough of your off the cuff foolishness.


    I’ve heard testimonies from straight women who have been cornered by lesbians. Remember, the homosexual agenda is to take over, I have heard several homosexual speakers state that this is the goal so do not tell me that homosexuals and lesbians are not force inducing their lifestyle upon others. Yes, that is their plan, to dominate society, they say it, not me. Why don’t you talked to university students at Berkeley University in California, what they have to put up from the gay and lesbian camp. What about Miss California, who was heckled by homosexuals and lesbians for simply stating her belief that marriage was between a man and a woman(even though every dictionary says the same thing).

    Yes, I am dealing with homosexuals around me, I am speaking out against the lifestyle and using statistics from their own camp to show people that the lifestyle is not as jolly as they make it out to be. You cannot even think for yourself, using the terms that the mainstream media has spoon fed you, “homophobic, homophobia”. What next, “bigot”? Brzezinski was spot on about you.

    You and Lati are just 2 examples of a reprobate society, where evil is praised as good and excellent whereas good is shunned and frowned upon. Enjoy your stance for a culture which is against you as women, what next, would you try to look for something positive in a man who has just raped you and given you a black eye?

  17. This is just ridiculous. You think you are going to bring your doctrines and we are just going to fall for them ? Are you off ye head? Whatever. Don’t try and brain wash us. If you are bringing this for us to just agree and not disagree, then you might as well keep it to yourself. I now you bring your info so that you can pass on a message but you make it out like we are in need of this info and without it we are doomed. Whatever. Keep sending the links.

  18. Yeah, I will keep sending the links. Is it my fault that you cannot process hard facts and information unless your god called television gives you the info? There you go again with your brain washing claim. It is a fact that homosexuals have an average lifespan of 39-42 years of age, but you are too lazy to do the research, so you just say its my opinion/doctrine as if you saying that now nullifies the facts. Everyone is entitled to bring their view or information to the table on blogs that are posted here, but if something doesn’t sit comfortably with you, then just say that instead of claiming that it is a personal doctrine that is being peddled. This business about “your doctrine/your opinion” has been rinsed, it’s dead especially coming from you.

  19. Who brought this link? It was you who brought it and you are going on to defend it. You believe it and you are still defending it. And i can see you are continuing to educate me on the gay life span which i don’t give a shit about honestly. It’s their life. So keep on telling more about the gay and whatever else you want to get off your chest.

  20. Are you so retarded? Was it me speaking in the link? Am I Miss California? You are truly retarded, the way you just jump on board with anything that appears good on the surface without even questioning its origin and blasting me for pointing out the origin and purpose. I’m not trying to educate you, you have you blue screen for that but I’m putting up another link to verify what I have said:

    If you even bother to look at it, before you go running your silly mouth about no references, look at the bottom of the page. The links are just to put an end to your backwards “your doctrine/your opinion” rants.

  21. I think you are getting aliitle bit desperate here. So what if bloody miss california has spoken, so what if you have spoken, so what if God has spoken? What does that mean? That i take all on board and believe it? SMH in disbelief.

  22. Desperate? Is that another one of your empty emotional words off the cuff? Remember, you cannot process facts so if facts are brought up in a future debate, it might be wise of you to stay out of the debate. “Your opinion/your doctrine/your belief rants are not working anymore. If you cannot handle the facts(which is clearly apparent), don’t get involved, period. This is not Eastenders or Hollyoaks here, real issues are dealt with here in case you didn’t notice. This is not the place to tickle your emotions.

  23. What do you want the facts to do for me? Just answer that one question for me? Why should i want to know a gay person’s life span for? And why have you all of a sudden channeled from dress code to homosexual lifespan? I smell the bible on it’s way now, never mind miss california. Probably you thought miss california speaking would get the message through faster. Sorry love.

  24. I don’t need to bring in a bible, the facts about their lifestyle speak for themselves. I’m not trying to bring any facts to you personally, I’m just backing what I stated and putting an end to your emotional claims about personal doctrine and opinion. The reason why it went from dresscode to lifespan is because you and Sara made some uneducated statements, you stating that being gay was each to his/her own when they are forcing inducing their beliefs on others including children who do not need to know about things of that nature(so much for the lifestyle being “their” business).

    Again, I’m just showing you that some of the statements you make are wrong and I’m proving that with evidence, not emotion rhetoric and personal opinion.

  25. So, because you bring it and it is backed by evidence and whatever, therefore it’s true and that is how it works in real life? Don’t get desperate and indoctrinate. You exactly knew where you were going with this topic when you sent it and how you sent your first post. Don’t ry to fool me. I am not.

  26. i am a christian

    i work in a church

    i am a lesbian – though you would not know if you looked at me. if i decide to tell people, it is usually met with surprise.

    i have only had one partner and am in a monogamous relationship.

    i am more educated than you could ever hope to be on the topic. i will not dignify the kind of bigotry you display with any response other than pity.

  27. You’re just full of nonsense, you were looking for a bible verse/scripture but it never came, only stats and facts. Errr, that is normally the way things work, if the evidence supports a statement, then it is true, whether you like it or not. You belief on whether something is true or not no longer matters when it has been proven, so you can rant on using your silly “indoctrination” line but my statements have been proven.

    If you just want to live in your own paradigm, tickle your emotions and not face reality then a blog site is not for you as information could arise at anytime which may upset your outlook on life. That is the risk you take when you come onto these kind of sites. I simply went out to show that gays have latched on to a certain dresscode, the homosexual proponents do indeed have an agenda and that there is a darkside to the gay lifestyle that homosexuals are not spilling the beans about.

    I am not a supporter of the gay lifestyle and agenda and I belief that it is one of the cultures that has contributed to the world’s downhill fall especially in moral value. Even when Madnews was on myspace, I still held the same position, bloggers on here from the myspace days will tell you that.

  28. SO, what exactly is your problem? Why are you putting them on full blast over colour and tight pants which by the way everyone i suppose made a choice and went out and bought. If any parent does not want their child to wear tight pants and pink, don’t buy it. What is your problem exactly?

  29. Sara

    A christian and a practising lesbian?????? These two cannot mix. The bible condemns homosexuality as an abomination outright, there is no slacking on the issue where God is concerned. Working amongst christians and working in a church makes no difference on the issue and it will not save you. I cannot see how you can possibly circumnavigate around blatant scriptures that state without a hesitation that anybody who practises homosexuality/lesbianism will not see the kingdom of God(which is the next kingdom coming to this earth) plus I struggle to see what scriptures you could possibly use in support your position.

    There you go again, using the same media spoonfed word, “bigotry”. I have to feel sorry for you because you cannot think for yourself outside of the supply of ready made words that the mainstream media have provided for you. What, I’m a bigot because I don’t approve of the lifestyle and I expose the darkside of it that you do not want to talk about?

    Since you know so much about the lifestyle, then I assume you know that the homosexual movement has been sponsered heavily by the Rockerfeller foundation since its beginning, that the Rockerfellers are proponents of Eugenics, that the homosexual lifestyle was promoted in order to destroy the family unit which God created and to be used as one of many tools to reduce the world’s population by at least 80%. It may be in your favour to conduct an investigation as to how your movement has gathered such momentum in such a short space of time. There are some dark people behind the homosexual movement, they are not your friends.

  30. Get over yourself Verbs. You are not GOD, for a christian you should know better not to judge. We will all be judged by what good we do, and only the TRUE GOD knows, for he himself says we aare all his children. Get over the personal selfish stupid attacks and stay with your facts. KMT

  31. I know you brought this post because of the previous post that janice posted about that play where Jesus is being portrayed as a woman. It is not a coincidence that you chose to send this post in retaliation. Nothing you say can change that. Get over youself for real.

  32. Rowetta

    What you are saying is true, God will do the judging but remember he stated that he would men judge according to his WORD. Me stating that a lesbian/homosexual cannot enter into the kingdom of God is not my opinion, that is what the bible says(1 Cor 6:9). You may want to read Mark 10:6-9, Matt 19:4-6 about what Christ himself said the order of man is and what constitutes a marriage/relationship.

    I think you also ought to check out Romans 1:20-31 which clearly shows that homosexuality stems from a rejection of God and his commandments. Don’t believe me, read it for yourself.

  33. To be honest I only recent clocked that Jesus post and I did comment that I was not surprised that this would happen and that Christ predicted that people would do these kinds of blasphemies in his name. I’m not angry at all, just another piece of action from the world fulfilling biblical prophecy.

  34. I am not going to read anything with your spin on it. I know God loves us unconditionally, that is the GOD i worship, the GOD i want to worship and if YOUR God is biased, i do not want to know him. Nothing you say will change that.

  35. Did you read what i wrote? The GOD that I worship and know. Like i said your spin on it is not good enough for me to even contemplate looking at. We are all GOD”S CHILDREN, if you do no know that, you know nothing about GOD’s LOVE.

  36. Yes, its is also because of his unconditional love and justice that he will judge us according to our works. Do not think that his unconditional love is an excuse for you to live a lifestyle that is not according to that standards he has set out. God is no respecter of person either.

    “Thou shalt have no other gods before me” and what have you just done, set up your own god in front of the Most High. Yes, the God that you worship fits in with your lifestyle perfectly and has no beef with any of your day to day actions, right? What a convenient God you have.

  37. You are very good at twisting things to fit in with your way of thinking. If you do not my God that is your problem. You should know better not to judge and use the Bible at the same time to excuse your behaviour.

  38. You want to read that God is love and that God so loved the world, but you don’t want to read about God being a consuming fire or Christ sending people to Hell on Judgement Day because they rejected him or Christ stating that in order to follow the Father, they have to DENY THEMSELVES or that people who love the world do not have the love of the Father in them or where Christ talks about many saying Lord Lord, and he states that he never knew them or where Christ states that you must be born again to enter into the Kingdom of God. You can read all this for yourself, again don’t believe me. You can say that I am twisting scriptures but it seems that your god is all to conveniently packaged to slot in with your lifestyle regardless of what you do. Stop selective reading, if you truly want to follow the God of the bible, then it is down to you to read all of his words, not just the ones that make you feel comfortable and cosy.

  39. You are not GOD. Do not judge using the Bible. It is hypocrisy at best. People like you fail Christianity. You do not live a holy life and if you say you do, you are a liar and will burn.

  40. Again, being the messenger is not judging or twisting, it is merely proclaiming a message that is ALREADY WRITTEN. Getting into the Kingdom of God is not a freestyle mission, there are certain standards and requirements that must be attained to in order to enter. Don’t think that you can blag your way in. You will see many people in tears waiting to be judged when they realise that God isn’t playing and cannot be brokered or bargained with especially when they see people thrown into hell for less stuff than what they have done. Repentance is the key.

  41. They put Christ on the cross for preaching the very same doctrine that you are telling me not to preach. Christ stated that because of doctrine he preached and his name sake, that people would harass and despise his followers, so I know I am on the right path because I will not water down the word of God to satisfy your emotions. Get right with God according to his standards, not your own or else you will find out what it is like to fall into the hands of the living God.

  42. Again, I am not judging you, the bible has already judged you, you can check out what your outcome will be in your present state for yourself by reading the bible for yourself. Are you 100% certain that God would accept you into heaven in your present state without repenting and accepting Christ?

  43. Stop acting GOD. It does not suit you at all. Yeah, we are all on the right path. Who is to say otherwise. I have a Bible and i read it. Get over your selfish self. sheesh

  44. I need a scripture to verify the statement about us all being on the right path. I also need a scripture to verify your statement about us all being God’s children. Now I showed you a scripture which proved that we are not all God’s children(John 8:44), out of the mouth of Christ himself. I can also show you scriptures that shows that most people are on the path of destruction and that very few people find the right path(Matt 7:13-14) again from the mouth of Christ.

    Im just having difficultly verifying your statements with the scriptures.

  45. ‘Im just having difficultly verifying your statements with the scriptures.’

    Verify that statement with a scripture.

  46. Yeap, caught with the proverbial knickers around your ankles, you are in trouble. You are stalling but I’ll play your game and give you extra injury time. Colossians 2:8 to verify the above statement.

  47. Here we go again with the insults. And you call yourself a christian preacher. Is that how you go harrasing people who refuse to believe you. How shameful and pittiful. I am done with your hypocritical self proclaimed christianity. Sometimes you are so out of touch with reality it is unbelievable. You want to get people in a box and gear their thinking. Good luck in your mission and fact finding.

  48. My point is that you were quoting things that you believed were in the bible but when you were put to the test, you couldn’t verify these statements according to the scriptures. So since you couldn’t quote any scriptures, I safely concluded that you were rattling off philosophies of the world. This was not about believing me, this was about proving the statements you had made.

    Caught with your knickers down is actually quite a light hearted and funny comment, but you needed an exit clause because you were in trouble so you amplified that comment and used it as your “escape from embarrassment card”. You knew you weren’t sure from the beginning but you just rode it out. You should have just admitted you were uncertain on certain things from the beginning. Well anyone else is welcome to chip in.


  50. You sound more like a Pharisee to me. Spouting verse to swerve past any attempt at reason – trying to baffle others by showing you are more pious and learned (which you obviously aren’t: grammar much?).
    Jesus preached acceptance and love towards those who were disenfranchised and marginalised by the culture around them. There are as many verses in the Bible about stoning insolent children as there are about the sinfulness of homosexuality: do you advocate hate towards noisy kids too?

    I have never, and never will, seek to ‘indoctrinate’ or ‘recruit’ anyone to homosexuality – not in my actions, or my style of dress, or anything else you seem to think subverts young people.

    the reason i used the word ‘bigotry’ is because i felt ‘stupidity’ was too impolite. the reason i believe you are that way is because in the first place you believe there’s a ‘dark side’ to homosexuality (no more so than heterosexuality. fundamentalist church of the latter day saints ring a bell? or is polygamy and child molestation sanctioned by your God, as long as it’s straight sex?). do you think we gays all know each other? that there’s a rothschild-funded facebook for evil gays who are bent (hem hem) on putting the aids into innocent people?

    All i want is the right to the same civil rights as others: for example, if my partner is in the hospital, to sit by her bedside and not be turned away as i am not ‘family’.

    glad to see other more illuminated (pun intended) opinions on here. who knew tight pants could be so dangerous!

  51. First and foremost the word children in the bible doesn’t always mean a child, for example “the children of Israel”. Everyone that came to Christ knew that they had to change their lifestyle and put away the old. These Pharisees you talk about didn’t want to change, they thought that they were cool rolling with the old.

    Christ showed us that the order of mankind is male and female(Matt 19:4-6, Mark 10:6-9), reconfirming the standard from the beginning(Gen 2:24). Nothing has change, only the world’s standard to this, God’s standard and position remains the same. Christ also stated that in order to be his follower you had to deny yourself and lose your life in order to save it(Matt 16:24, Mark 8:34-35, Luke 9:23-24).

    2 Cor 5:17 states that anyone who is in Christ is a new creature and old things have past away. Gal 6:15-16 says the same thing, in Christ a new man/woman is born. So how can you possibly bring lesbianism to the table of God for acceptance when you have specifically been told to put down the old?

    You may not seek to subvert young people but many of your crew are. No surprise here really as your leaders have categorically stated that their aim is to take over society and you will take up any new ground that is made by your activists with no problem. The other problem with homosexuality is that it is a selfish agenda that has a one way filter, only homosexuals/lesbians can benefit from the new ground they make but if people of colour gain new rights and new ground, homosexuals and lesbians can immediately jump on board as a “minority group”.

    There is a darkside to homosexuality as it is not natural, read the papers from your own people. I posted a link showing that. Being a heterosexual is by many magnitudes far less risky on a person’s life than engaging in homosexuality and lesbian behaviour. Do not think because you may have been alright so far that you can equate the risk factor of being a homosexual to that of a heterosexual. Homosexuality is not biologically viable either. As I stated before, it is just being used as a tool to reduce the world’s population.

    Tell your people to stop pushing their agenda on others, especially those who do not want to know and especially on innocent children. Its your people that are behind and have pushed for sex education to be taught to children from the age of 5 years onwards, knowing that they could slip their homosexual lifestyle teachings in with the package. No child of 5 need to know about about sex whether heterosexual or homosexual.

    Mormonism is a freemasonry group, it has nothing to do with Christ. You think because they have a bible that they are christians? Didn’t you read in Matthew where Christ warned you to look out for FALSE PROPHETS(Matt 7:15-16). Christ also warned you that in the last days many false prophets would arise and many people would be deceived(Matt 24:11,24, Mark 13:22) John also warned us(1 John 4:1) that many false prophets were operating. The Roman Catholic movement is an Ancient Babylonian Mystery Religion and also has nothing to with Christianity. This is why you keep hearing of children being molested in the catholic church, because this is part of their Babylonian ritual.

    Look, the people sponsoring your movement have an agenda to destroy the family and it is working. How can you claim to be a follower of God when the very lifestyle and movement you are in is being used to destroy the family unit which God created and reduce the world population when God told us to be fruitful and MULTIPLY?

    Tight jeans are not dangerous but the symbolism behind them and the people pushing this fashion over to the straight arena are.

  52. ‘You sound more like a Pharisee to me. Spouting verse to swerve past any attempt at reason – trying to baffle others by showing you are more pious and learned (which you obviously aren’t: grammar much?).’


    Everyone is too weak minded to make good decisions for themselves, they do not know who they are and need verbs to show them the way. How blessed we are with your presence. I thank the Lord for you verbs, I would be lost without you since i am so incapable of judging and leading my life.

    I would be interested in hearing from someone who has been turned into gay by puting on tight jeans or any straight man who puts on tight jeans and feels they are being changed to gay, as a result.

  53. Why are you coming back jumping on Sara’s boat when you’ve buried yourself already? I asked you to confirm statements that you made with some scriptures and you couldn’t do it. This is an example of when people listen to hear say and do not read the bible for themselves.

    If you look again, I stated that homosexuality is being used as “a” tool, not “the” tool. There are many tools being used to reduce the world’s population:

    1. War
    2. Abortion
    3. Vaccinations
    4. Homosexuality/Lesbianism
    5. Contraception
    6. Induced Food Shortages
    7. Bio Warfare and Chemical Weapons
    8. GMO Food
    9. Disease

    These are the main weapons being used that come to mind straight away.

  54. Hahahaha………….. LOL!!!!!! Is that news? Where have you been all along? LOL!!!! Population control is news??? LOL!!!! Obviously there is a reason why it is hitting you so hard now. LOL!!!!

  55. Que???? You’ve buried yourself already, trying to come back and laugh at me isn’t helping you. Folks can read back and see that you were asked for confirmation of your statements and you fell flat on your face. You cannot redeem yourself again, stop attempting to.

  56. “How can homosexuality be a worse population control than wars?”

    the fact that my partner and i are committed to one another, monogamous, and have not one, but TWO wombs between us: i think the chances that we will end up childless are slim!

    the day i let some religious maniac use my body as a bargaining chip to prove a very tedious point, it’ll be cold.

    take it to another blog, verbs, you ain’t converting anyone here!

    (though i appreciate that Rowetta’s got a point – got to do something while the spuds are roasting…)

  57. wow. only just digested that screed up there.

    ‘your people’? do you think i can just send a group email to all the homos and ‘call them off’ the innocent young of the uk?

    how are you allowed to disassociate yourself from others who call themselves Christians (Latter Day Saints, Catholics), where i am identified as ‘homosexual’ first and foremost? can i not be disassociated from the rest of the world’s ‘cartel’ of homosexuals, the same way that you quite handily drop those denominations you don’t like from your definition of Christian?

    Another nice try at sounding clever. If it weren’t for that ‘Babylonian Mystery’ religion , chances are you wouldn’t have even heard of Jesus! (i actually fell off my chair. didn’t i tell you before that i work in a church? i *know* you’re making this sh*t up!)

    i surmise now that you have been born again in some way and would rather dismiss the notion of a history of christianity which is complex and related to the social conditions in which it was practised – preferring to believe that you have been chosen to spread God’s word – and that the way you understand it is the only way. you behave as if you are superior to other christians and behave in a judgemental, divisive and hateful way.

    As i said all the way up there, i feel pity for you.

    Right. Sorry Janice, gonna stop poking the troll now…

  58. Im not out to convert anyone, I just bring information to the table from which people can conduct their own research. You are a newbie here, I have always had the same stand on this issue, nothing has changed.

    The biggest joke here is that a lesbian thinks that she can get into the kingdom of God despite the bible saying otherwise. Then you want to talk about being “monogamous” as if that is a ace up your sleeve that you can throw in to add some kind of weight/foundation to your case. Who should really feel sorry for who here? A Lesbian/Homosexual in the kingdom of God?? I’m still waiting for the scripture on that one.

    Desecrating God’s order of male and female and still thinking you can use monogamy as your back up, are you for real?

    The fact that you work in a church doesn’t mean squat as I am still waiting for a pro homosexual/lesbian scripture or at least one that states you can make it into the kingdom. You either are choosing to ignore blatant scriptures like 1 Cor 6:9-10/ Romans 1:20-31, 1 Tim 1:9-10 or you haven’t read them yet.

    Beware of false prophets! What does that mean to you, have you all of a sudden just parked your brain on the pavement? Typical ignorance, look at the surface and see they both sport bibles so therefore they must both be christian. It is easy to separate the Mormons and the Catholics from from true biblical teachings when you investigate their history and realise that they were started by Occultists and freemasons who introduced bibles into the movements as a cover.

    Thou shalt make unto thee ANY GRAVEN IMAGE of any likeness……”. Step into a catholic church and tell me what is the first thing you see in the building. The mormons teachs that when God has his spirit babies in heaven, they get a white skinned body when they come to earth if they are good baby but black skin if they are a bad baby. Does that sound christian to you? Of course to mask the doctrine they have accepted black people into their organisation but their true doctrines haven’t changed, they are now just hidden.

    As for your “fall of the chair jibe” about me mentioning that the Roman Catholic religion is from Babylon and you stating that because you work in a church you know that this is nonsense, I suggest you read a book called The Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop, that is of course if you read at all.

    The history of true christians is one of constant persecution, helping the poor and the needy and preaching the gospel. If you cannot understand the wolf in sheep’s clothing analogy the Christ gave then you cannot be helped. Rather than examine the works of somebody who claims to be a christian and line them up with the teachings of Christ to see if they match, you note people who have called themselves christians throughout history who works haven’t been christian like and you quote them as the bad side of christianity. I will never understand this retarded thinking.

    I do not think that I am superior to others but when people cannot back up what they are saying with any evidence such as yourself, is that my fault that you look like a punk? That’s your business, if you are going to make statements, make sure that you can back them up with proof.

  59. Typical ignorance? Look in the mirror. I don’t need a bible? So much for not needing a bible. Hahahaha….

  60. When do you ever bring anything constructive to the table Lati, all you bring is emotional rhetoric. You’re not built to debate, you are built to watch television and tickle your emotions. You merely come on here to be heard, I hear you Lati, loud and clear.

  61. LOL!! When i start quoting the Bible, i guess i will qualify to debate. Simce i have no intention to do that, yes, i will remain rhetoric for the a millionth time. LOL

  62. This gossip blog must be frustrating for Verbs. All we do is gossip but how he LOVES to educate us the foolish ones. Hahahaha…………

  63. The trick is, Verbs does not watch television, but he can catch up with it on mad news and his computer. Hahahaha……….. How clever indeed.

  64. on the topic of skinny jeans. I think that fashion on men is odd. How uncomfortable their manhood must feel. You can get skinny jeans for boy children too these days. bikinis for baby girls and now skinny jeans for baby boys what next.

  65. Seems to me “the real jews” are SO focused on gay culture/tight pants/pink they’ve neglected getting a J-O-B. The sooner they do that, the sooner they can change and remove the pillow-casing-drapery window treatment, doo doo stained couch from their shitty ass apartment.

    If you ask me they are JUST as sloppy as the ones they speak of…they suffer from “the pot calling the kettle black”.

    As far as homosexuals, I wish people would just leave the gays alone already. Here’s a thought, you so worried about “entering the promise land”, focus on YO SHIT. You can start with a HAIR CUT.

    …and since when were skinny jeans the “homosexual jean”? LMAO. Idiots.

    Be who you are folks.

    Mi dun.

  66. ‘Seems to me “the real jews” are SO focused on gay culture/tight pants/pink they’ve neglected getting a J-O-B. The sooner they do that, the sooner they can change and remove the pillow-casing-drapery window treatment, doo doo stained couch from their shitty ass apartment.’


  67. don’t know if i have the energy! oh well. let’s just hope verbs and i don’t bump into each other in heaven, or hell for that matter – we’ll just have to see how it pans out… 😉

  68. OMD, all this about jeans? I got two pink shirts in my wardrobe verbs :s smh…

    Verbs man the religious listen/accept or perish type talk. Its irrelevant to the subject and obviously makes people upset more time. Will it stop?

    Just understand if someone kept bringing Allah and Qur’an scriptures into debates which have nothing to do with it, it would get to you after a while.

    Im going to share some findings about xianity its my first and last on the subject. Im not gonna debate about it either simply duck, dive or agree to disagree.

    1) All those bible quotes where Authorised by a bad joke telling Bi-Sexual, belonging to the Scottish masons and Royal family bloodline of the Stuarts (King James VI of Scotland/ I of England), translated for you by a team of masons (Sir Bacon and more 1st & 2nd edition with masonic front covers) all while the slave trade was just warming up. Who’s grandson King James II started the Royal African Company (R.A.C.E – logo Elephant & Castle) with the Stuart’s, which gave England exclusive rights to the slave trade, branding slaves RAC or DY and who also tried to inflict his Christian belief in his short reign? Dont let them fool us the only thing that really stopped the trading of slaves at the time was Gold and Ivory, it became more valuable with regards to ship cargo. The way Africans have been manipulated and robbed is worse than any plague in the bible he has aided not including slavery, when people start eating animals feet in soups things are real bad, a real David copperfield disapearing act, One day we had all that is good to bring riches, and with a wave of a holly wood wand it was gone and left with dept, English courts, tinned tomatoes, KJV Bibles, jail and aids. Work of god?

    2) The Banks of Switzerland(Switzerland) put together an army (Swiss Guards) to protect their investments and property (which included the courts and Vatican city/pope to name a few). The Banks of Switzerland were founded by Knights Templar (Red Cross), Knights of Malta (St Johns), some masons and Illumin members. (Hence the flag of Switzerland is the emblem for Knights of Malta, Ambulance logo, Red Cross etc). Xianity = ££££

    3) Constantine’s Nicaea Council formed and choose what collected stories to put in the original bible testament to enhance the belief system, and disregarded those that contradicted the goal, many of which was distorted biased edited stolen mistranslated stories with Astronomy and Zodiac hidden meanings from around the world. The main purpose to make the Caucasian character Jesus an equal power to god the father, which caused disputes with other Christian groups as they believed he was not equal to the father as he was created by him like all of us. Conditioning of Arian superiority?
    Constantine knew all of which is stemmed from Zodiac and Solar system references, Roman Myth stolen from Greek myth, stolen from Ancient cultures. Sun worship on the day of the Sun. Saturday worship Saturn worship. Son Jesus the fish & 12 Disciples = (Age of Pisces, Fish) The Sun and 12 signs of zodiac. He wanted a singular god for obvious easy control of masses.

    Different Perspective.
    Something else to think about, if you, a black man just came to the planet today and know nothing of earth cultures.

    If Jesus was a Rasta and bible characters Africans along with all paintings and depictions. How would you view white people jumping up and down, singing and shouting in tougues, experiencing fits/possesion, and preying to a dirty scruffy looking Rasta on a cross with pictures of him when you visited their home? Naturally look down on them? How would they view you as a black man? Conditioning?

    If Jesus died by electric chair or hanged, would we have an electric chair on top of churches, gold chains, car stickers etc. Would you wear one? Now think about the cross again.

    All proper churches are in the middle surrounded by a graveyards with crosses on top of them, with a Dracula style pipe organ, a dead guy dying unhappily bleeding on a cross as you walk in, the members ritually drink his blood and eat his body but they love him and sing that he was sacrificed as an offering for them? What would you think? Could you spend the night alone in a church? House of God?

    I see Xianity as the worst of the bunch of religions. Penti-costal just sounds evil and money hungry.

  69. I’m just going to briefly deal with these points:

    1. Of course you are assuming that King James was white. There is ample evidence that suggests that he was black and one of the last black rulers of Europe. The dark ages are called that for a reason, not because knowledge was lost(as we are told by mainstream history) but because black people ruled Europe during that period and sat on thrones. The homosexual claim about King James is seriously lacking evidence especially since he commissioned/authorised a book that speaks out against homosexuality at every corner. I recommend you check out the following books:

    Nature Knows No Colorline By J.A. Rogers, Ancient and Modern Britons by David Mac Ritchie and King James His Bible And Its Translators by Laurence M Vance.

    It may also be of interest to know that the famous composer Mozart was also a black man. Check out the book What They Never Told You In History Class Vol 1 by Indus Khamit Kush.

    2. I have already stated that the vatican, the pope and the Roman Catholic Church has nothing to do with christianity according to biblical teachings. The signs and symbols used by the Roman Catholic church are from ancient Babylon, not from Christ. Catholics whether knowing or unknowingly worship Nimrod and his wife/mother Sermiramis. Want to know what she looks like, look at the Statue of Liberty. Will people continue to be suckered in by the catholic religion just because that have bibles in their churches? The bibles are for cover. Its not surprising that that the vatican would team up with the Knight’s Templar seeing that they are in the same camp. However, there is no link to biblical christianity according to the teachings of Christ. The bible even refers to the Vatican/Catholic religion as the great whore sitting on the beast, so the bible is exposing and calling out the Vatican, not siding with her. Again I recommend the book called The Two Babylons By Alexader Hislop.

    3. Jesus was equal with God at one stage but he voluntarily stepped down and chose to become a servant in order to sacrifice himself for the sins of mankind(Philippians 2:5-9). If people would have just read the scriptures, alot of this mess would have been avoided. The White Jesus you refer to didn’t come about until the late 1400s. A white Jesus was not promoted until 1453 plus. The white images of Jesus are the images of a man named Cesare Borgia who was a murderer, a homosexual and committed incest with his sister Lacrisha. It is not surprising that this man saw an early grave and died at the age of 31(Recommended books: A Triptyke Of Poisoners by Jean Plaidy and Cesare Borgia His Life And Times by Sarah Bradford). The Constantine council meetings had nothing to do with the colour of Christ, that came later down the line. Saturday is the sabbath and Christians and Jews alike had been worshipping on Saturday already for 1000s of year, long before Constantine decided to bring along his pagan doctrines. The fish sign is in reference to Dagon, the fish god, it has nothing to do with Christ or christianity. Christians peddle this image in ignorance. The Pope’s hat is also designed as a fish in honour to Dagon. Turn that hat on its side and it resembles the mouth of a fish. True Christians and Jews already believed in one God, Constantine’s aim was to fuse paganism with Christianity as he didn’t want to lose support of his pagan followers because of his so called conversion.

    Different Perspective:


    The bible from beginning to end talks against making images, erecting them and worshipping them, so which of these so called churches have a link to “Xanity” as you call it? They are doing one thing while the bible instructs the opposite. Read the data properly. You look at various religions claiming to be of Christ but you don’t put their works through the fire to test their authenticity. Also, the warnings Christ gave himself about people who would come in his name and deceive many folks, shouldn’t you be paying attention to that? That warning was written over 2000 years ago so you would know what to look for.

    This same old tune this world keeps singing is rinsed. A killer can say that he is a christian while still murdering people and rather than people logically concluding the obvious, that he is not because he doesn’t bear the fruits of a christian according to the biblical teachings of Christ, they instead turn around and say “you christians are all the same”. I hear this argument all the time, is it genuinely that easy to sucker the public because they just take everything at face or voice value? The bible also warned about people who would advantage of them for the sake of money. The people are given prior warning of all the tricks to come and they still get suckered, what is wrong with this world?

    The warnings are in black and white, if people are still going to get suckered that is their business, but then how can they turn around and fire upon the very book that warned them of all the deceits that were going to come and at on top of that time gun down the very christians that were trying to turn them to the book that would prepare them for the onslaught of deception? Does that make any sense to you?

  70. Do you get paid for this? If this is your job, it’s up to you to convince us not to judge and insult when we do not accept. Is it hard for you to accept that there is a difference in opinion. shees, take a breather.

  71. If you feel that my opinion is the final authority then that is your business but there is nothing stopping you from conducting your own research. There is no law that states that you cannot check out what I am saying. There is no problems with different opinions but if an opinion is incorrect what, should we just leave it that way and not bring the right information forward?

    You are supposed to put your opinion to the test by doing research to see if you are right, not just stop at having an opinion and feeling happy with yourself and then getting upset when somebody shows you that your information could possibly be wrong, that is childish. Grow up Rowetta, the world doesn’t revolve around your paradigm.

  72. You did not just say that, did you? Read that las paragraph you wrote over and over again while looking in the mirror.

  73. it seems you take only what sounds nice and black powerish, and you yourself have not checked your research. i regret sending that reply as it seems P’s box has opened and I must reply to your comments. After which I will be the better man and agree to disagree unless you beat me to it.

    The House of Stuart is Scottish White period and was heavily involved in the slave trade. James I of England ruled scotland first and became King of England after controversy who also increased allies with Spain. When you take the time to search the original front cover of KJV maybe you’d want to re-investigate your findings. You saying his black makes me laugh as spending 5 minutes looking into him, his grandson and his families activities would make anyone laugh. Alfred the Great must be black too then lol

    (Unless you personally on your travels have found, read and translated hidden and lost scrolls and deciphered its hidden meaning) The Romans and the Catholic have everything to do with Xianity and is the “root”. Every word you read is from its roman bible alone, every new bible interprets from it. Every “branch” of xianity believe in the same New Testament which is its fundamental base put together by Constantine’s council to KJV. The old T is cause for “branches” differences. If you didn’t agree with the roman teaching of Jesus you’d be muslim. If your not going to read the old testament from the jewish story book dont read it at all, as its wrong and not the so called word of god.

    Jews didn’t believe in one god they believed in the leader of the gods El, like Zeus was leader, Romans was promoting fictional jesus as white from day dot, the name itself is Caucasian as many at the time had the name Jesus, they wouldn’t accept anything less, if you believe otherwise from black power books etc, thats your business.

    The pope gives reverence to the fish God not Jesus, who said look for the water bearer after me who is/which is the Age of Aquarius. 25 December(Christmas) 24 June (Easter) represent the Suns two Solstice on the exact dates.The 3 kings(Orions belt) mark the northern night sky when the sun is at it’s lowest point. It also aligns with The Brightest Star (Sirius) on 25th December.

    In africa and ancient cultures stories where told to pass great knowledge, to be remembered easily. Example: A story may hold a potions ingredients for healing a disease but may talk of a flying monkeys journey to the spider man. To a simple man the story would be taken as is and as fact when passed down, but is really a nonsense of deeper hidden meaning.

    Constantine has seen lost and hidden scrolls collected and manipulated from around the world, and has more ancient astronomical knowledge than you or me, he did form a council to choose which ones coinside the system and other stuff like festive dates etc but is irrelevant to what im saying, he had knowledge of what he was doing to gain mass power and the ties with other myths and cultures zodiac etc,. he would fear god and his commandments otherwise which was not the case, he probly broke all numerous times, James i & II too. Did they know something you dont, do you really think you have more knowledge on xianity roots, goals and Jesus than Constantine or James I?

    I’ll stop there.

  74. Its simple with you, because you are too lazy to do your own research, it is easier for you throw out comments like “you think you are superior to us”, “you think you know more than us”, “you don’t like different opinions to yours”, “you think you know it all”, “you think that your way is the correct way” and so on. Don’t come on to these kind of sites if you do not want your view of the world to be upset, this is not a site to tickle your fancy.

    Now all you keep doing is erecting these strawman arguments to deflect the attention away from the fact that you slit your own throat early on in this blog when you were requested to back up statements and you couldn’t do it.

  75. NV

    Mozart was black yet all the pictures of him show a whiteman.
    The first US president was black(a Moore) but we are told that George Washington was the 1st man in that seat.
    Jesus Christ is black but we were given pictures of a white man and told that Christ is caucasion.

    You cannot take things at face value. History has been distorted. All you are look at is paintings and drawings, not at real photographs. So you can laugh all you want but knowing how much history has been changed by the European, there is no full stop or period to any information that is received.

  76. This whole attck on people about their laziness is nothing more than your frustration or failure to get your messages through. This is the thing, this is part of your JOB, right, your BELIEF, your LIFE. You just get so desperate at times to prove you are right, how we should ascend to your level of thinking etc, etc… i think you are getting so desperate it’s just becoming kind of ridiculous. When someone disagrees, you take like your faith is being shattered or it’s being poisoned. This is FAITH we are talking about here, not a drug to cure AIDS or CANCER for heaven’s sakes.SMH

  77. That is the problem. There are so many theories on religions, we can never know for sure which one is right, but to read and make up our own minds. I am not going to go out and obsess over which one is true and what is right. I have a choice, to either believe or not to believe and if i choose to follow any faith, what is the harm? These are man made religions or faiths not GOD made, which have simply been established for a purpose and an earthly purpose at that.

    So what if we differ in opinions or interpretations, you are not going to die from it or it will not change what you believe in. It opens it up.

    What NV implied was there was distortion in the facts and hardly anyone knows the truth, then you verbs came up and said that history has been distorted. Where is the difference? You both agree that history has been distorted, but why is it that what you have is the truth verbs? Knowing that there’s distortion is just good enough for me to not preach like it is a definate. That is why i will say MY GOD. Not anyone else’s.

  78. Well said Rowetta.

    Touché Verbs!

    Its just the Venomous Jesus thing when its not even called for, I guess this thread just popped that bubble, just feel you need to give peeps a little more respect and understanding.

    I hear ya about mozart. If he was black I bet ya he was a coconut!

  79. LMAO!!!

    Verbs should know better that Jesus being white was the selling power. Had he been black, well… look what happened to Racheal Christie… LOL!!

  80. I’m a bit late to this party, but here we go again…

    A man wearing pink DOES NOT mean he’s gay!

    Come the hell on, Man…that’s about the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard~!

  81. PS: If all gays start wearing red black and green, does that then mean anyone who wears all red black and green is gay?

    That logic is ridiculous…and dangerous, actually!

    I wear pink occasionally. And I look damn good in it. I’m the farthest thing from gay ever put on God’s Green Earth. My girlfriend (who was BORN a girl, thankyouverymuch) is a straight dime piece w/an MBA and makes $90k+.

    Now…how am I gay? Because I wear pink? Madness @ best, homophobia @ worst, pure and simple.

  82. @Verbs :

    You said : “I have already stated that the vatican, the pope and the Roman Catholic Church has nothing to do with christianity according to biblical teachings”

    Then why is it considered the capital of Christianity on Earth?

    Just curious.

    I’m also curious to know what you think about the 1st chapter of the Book of Ezekiel. UFO sighting, perhaps? Sure reads like it to me in ANY version of the Bible I’ve read. I ask this because I want to know what you think about the possibility of these Gods and Angels, etc. that you pray to being creatures from some real place in our universe (albeit incalculably far away and/or between dimensions) w/technology orders of magnitude more advanced than ours and henceforth appearing god-like to the people of Ancient Earth…

    And skinny jeans do NOT automagically make you gay when you put them on! You simply cannot be serious w/that one~! To imply that is pure foolishness. It’s like saying all Black men that drive an S-Class Mercedes are drug dealers because said dealers cop those cars as a symbol of their proficiency @ dealing drugs. This is why most people on this board think (myself included) that you’re either delusional, homophobic or a bigot (or a combination of the three).

    You lost me right there! I went on and read the other 99 comments, and basically got more of the same.

  83. Missed the party too, a nice one too. Anyhoo here we go….

    I cosign with everyone else who thinks this tight jeans/pink is gay is foolishness and dangerous…

    Since when has putting on tight jeans/pink meant that you are gay or you will turn to gay? This is a trend that has come and will go. The young generation jump on every trend and when it’s time up, it is time up for it. So what if there are gay designers in the industry pushing forward their sense of fashion. If you do not like it and are disgusted by the thought, turn the other way and walk by. Parents need to make their own decisions on what they buy for their children. Bikinis for babies is a definate no, no for me.

  84. geez i’ve got tight trousers and a pink PK…seems i didn’t know i was gay till today!!. The stereotyping on some of the threads here are KILLIN ME!!!

  85. Mozart needs nipping in the bud before anymore bull is posted.
    No mozart really doesn’t need another thread. I was just saying if he was he would’ve been white inside just like Brian from BB regardless. There is 0% chance of him being black. He’s family would have killed him if he turned out to be a black baby, And his father wouldn’t be to happy with the old wife.

    No black family calls their son mozart let alone the rest of his name.
    No black man could successfully write white music, control a white orchestra in a white roman country for white people without being killed or framed to prison, to do it over and over again and live an extravagant life with praise, with the rich, powerful and famous. Not even an egg thrown? No harm to his black family? Its common sense really.

  86. hahahahahahhahah I cant even take this seriously! hahahahhahahahhaha LMAO! hahahaha! heheheheh! hahahahahhahahaha LOL! *he rolls on the floor holding his belly and hits his head of the floor*

    where can I get a tractor to move this pile of B.S?


  87. This is what it means to put your faith to the test. Christianity got to head. If you take all the verses in the bible literally, your bound to contradict yourself. Pfft

  88. The sooner he starts owning up to his beliefs and mentality and stop hiding behind the bible and what he has read, the better. To state something as fact and then distance it from yourself is bull. You preach it with alot of belief, you might as well own it up and stop the ‘they said it not me’ nonsense. If you have no problem with it, why the hell are you preaching it?

  89. You brought this fire down on yourself, Sir, what w/your equating men who wear pink and skinny jeans w/homosexuality.

    That’s just as ridiculous when we (civilly) argued that point waaaaaaaay back as it is now.

  90. LOL!!! I doubt it’s the last we hear of pink/tight pants is gay. It will resurface. Lol. We are left with this catholic founding christianity/mozart is black thingi now. Lol

  91. @Rowetta :

    Be nice, now…


    While Verbs does bring some valid points to the table, I think the problem w/him is that he denigrates those who aren’t as enlightened or think differently about a situation in society than he would.

    That, and the fact that he’s quick to lump an entire societal group into one lump because of the actions of a few of them.

    Bigotry, plain and simple. Not everyone can agree to disagree, it seems.

  92. You keeep on getting links that promote your cause Verbs. And your beliefs are hidden under christianity. You keep on getting all this non christian info to back up your christian cause. There’s nothing more to it. Whatever you strongly believe in, there’s hidden christianity underneath, from religion to politics. Nothing more, nothing less.

  93. These are pathetic attempts to revive yourself, it took you how many days to find that link? What difference does it make?

    Christianity got to your head and it is eating at you slowly. Why would i even want to be your type of christian? I would rather worship satan than put up with this kind of manipulation games that you play.

  94. Revive???? I just took some time out, besides you have a cheek to talk about revival as you still haven’t redeemed yourself from that late night back and forth banter we had on the 8th between 2 and 4am. Perhaps you need to go back and look over it again to remind yourself who is in need of a revival. We went up against each other one on one and you lost because you couldn’t back up your statements. Fluoride does not bode well for your memory. Honestly, then you are trying to tell me that it takes me days to find a link, pleeeeeeease after you, Miss TV head Lati and Dera complained that I was posting too many links at the last battle we had. You think information is hard for me to find? Try going to the library sometime and cross referencing the same information, it would take hours, that is the beauty of the internet, it takes seconds, at most minutes to find information.

    I am not like you and your box sidekick Lati who sit in front of the television like lazy decadent slobs, being downloaded everyday with trash because you are unable to think for yourselves anymore, I like to know what is going on in the world and to get both sides of an account I am being told, not just your mainstream media version 4.0.

    Well I suppose I will catch up with yourself and Miss Parrot Lati want a cracker, at the next battle. I am here to bring an alternative view whether you like it or not. YOU, yes you Rowetta have yet to prove me wrong on any alternative information I have brought to this site to date, but it is easier for you to jump onto somebody else’s bandwagon if you feel they have relevant points that can counter mine.

    Revive myself, coming from you, unbelievable. Well, until the next battle, adios muchachas!

  95. You speak alot of rubbish. This is just rubbish, pure rubbish. Simce you live in a box, you are the only sane person in the insane world.

    ‘if you are not a fag, why put it on????? ‘

    If that is not insanity, then i do not what is. You are sick and you need help ASAP. That is just poisonous and idiotic thinking.

  96. Verbs amuses me when he gets challenged, throws abuse and then when cornered and given back his own, he turns around and acts the victim. Very funny indeed.

  97. Verbs sounds like a racist cop…

    “Look at that nigger over there in that Lexus…hey Jimmy–didn’t we pull over and lock up a dealer driving the very same make and model? Hell, even the color’s the same!”

    Racism, pure and simple.

    ESPECIALLY when you call a homosexual person a “fag”.

    Anything you say from that point on is invalid as far as I’m concerned.

  98. PS: There are over 100,000 websites being created every hour. Many of them containing inaccurate, false or outright misleading information.

    The last link you sent was updated all of five years ago…

    I’m just sayin’…

  99. PPS: I would vehemently agree WITH Verbs on one point…

    Television is rubbish–most of the crap on it is mental poison. I only turn it on when watching the Science Channel, Discovery Channel, Fox News (it’s best to know what the ‘enemy’ is thinking! LOL), or when playing Xbox360.

  100. There are many homosexual kids failing and grades dropping at school/dropping out of school bse of bullying. I hate being racially abused by some fools out there, but that word ‘fag’ is just a killer. I am not going to look at his bigger picture of homosexual take over, but at the smaller one of these bullied kids in the now. You cannot fight racism and be homophobic in one breath. That is why Nick Griffin is failing. Because of his Homosexualphobia, not even because race-racism.

  101. @sundance, what he really meant by bringing that link was, if you are not gay, why put on pink? Inotherwords, anyone wearing pink/ a man, is gay, period. But i wonder why his attack is more on the men than lesbinians. The saddest thing is, many out there share his thoughts. It just seems acceptable for gay attacks( because apparently it is not normal) than racial attacks. But why would anyone in their senses choose to be gay(if its a choice) to be hated and discriminated against?

  102. Verbs is deluded. Most of the information he has is FOR black, FOR CHRISTIANITY, but i now know Christianity is a scape goat in some issues. We are not saying that all that he says is wrong, the issue is HOW and for WHAT PURPOSE. You cannot say that anyone wearing pink is a homosexual and then continue to use the word ‘fag’. What does that show?

    From mere pink and tight pants to ‘fag’? That does not seem right at all.

    His rants and abuse are just a mere distraction and he damn right suffers from ‘the pot calling the kettle black’ and i have NEVER in my life seen a better PARROT than you Verbs. Who uses links and verses to state what he wants to say, without using your own logic and reason. You can run but you cannot hide. You can only run so far away from yourself. You are becoming more and more transparent bu the minute. You are not any different from the leaders you expose on a daily basis and the secret societies you tail everyday, you are as manipulative as they are and secretive about your intentions as they are.

    Two sides of the same coin if you ask me.

  103. LMFAO!!!!!
    Verbs your making me laugh for all the wrong reasons, what kind of ignorant ni&&er kanye shit r u on. Its a let down to know a black man of god and education can come down to a venomous level in light hearted debate of ENTERTAINMENT GOSSIP and see it as some battle ground.

    Read what Sundance Says:November 14, 2009 at 12:43 am, along with everything that concerns you in this thread and take it as FACT!!!. If you can believe James & Mozart are black and is FACT you should have no trouble with this. Im sure it cant be nice to be viewed in this light, dont make it worse as your posts will not be taken seriously or be ignored.

    Regain your common sense!
    understand this is all about TV/Music/Lifstyle/Celeb Gossip.
    Regain some respect by showing it (especially the women).
    Its for the best and doesn’t hurt one bit.

    Im gonna answer that silly fag question with another silly question.

    Those crusty guys moaning in the vids get no pussy, a bunch of wankers that argue and fight along the corridor to get to the bathroom first for a quick hand job.
    Those guys in the tight jeans + Lil Wayne, Camron (wearing extreme all out pink for a vid) etc DO get pussy, more than those guys will ever know!
    Guess what group I put you in?

  104. Change!
    Your doing this! Its winding me up.
    My posts might seem disrespectful.
    But they will stop as soon as you regain focus, I welcome that day as I enjoy your posts prior to this and you do raise some good points, but thats not the problem right now.

  105. @ Real Nv,

    The reason he comes down to such a venomous level is because this is part of his JOB. Disagreeing with him is like someone telling you that you are rubbish at your job. Everytime anyone happens to challenge or ask him about his reasoning or logic, he becomes venomous because he is threatened. And because he thinks that we watch Tv all the time and not capable of doing our own research *so he thinks*, it gives him a pass to attack anyone.

    His existence is at threat all the time, he gets PAID to do this, but to turn around and attack the congregation, leaves me in awe. If you ask me, i’d say he is a MANIPULATING IDIOT who will not listen to REASON.

    It takes him seconds to find information when backed into a corner by reason. Links give him an escape and justify his venom.

  106. I had to just come back in here as some of these statements need to be addressed.


    Perhaps I should use the word Sodomite instead as that is the word that God uses to describe people who indulge in that lifestyle. Is the God of the bible now homophobic? The homosexual lifestyle is not normal according to the creator of this world despite what the inhabitants of this world think.

    There are millions of links out there like you stated but nothing has changed in relation to the link that I posted. You can type in “Gay Pride 2008/2009” on youtube and you will see them sporting the same symbols, colours and particular clothing.


    This is my exact point about you being a television head. How can you even begin to compare being gay with being black? That is a pure insult of the lowest standards. I had no choice over what colours my parents would be, it was out of my hands completely, unlike the homosexual who chooses to take onboard that culture and lifestyle. There is a big and obvious difference between being gay and being black, homosexuality has choice attached to it, being black does not.

    “any man wearing pink is gay period”, where did I say that? Clarification, wearing pink and tight trousers as a man is associated with the gay lifestyle so if you are not gay, wouldn’t it be wise to steer clear of clothing and colours that they have hijacked so as to not be categorised in their group? Of course if you do not mind being grouped in with them then so be it.


    Again, your idea of a christian has been twisted by the world. Automatically you assume that any information I bring here is a cover to convert people. Part of a christian’s work is to expose evil and stand against it(Ephesians 5:11-13) whether it be fluoride, vaccinations or chemtrails. This business about christians trying to convert people is according to the world, not according to the bible, which is where you should accurately be referencing what a christian is all about.

    This is the same excuse Lati uses. If you won’t even bother to check out what I am saying on general issues because you feel that I have a secret agenda to convert you behind them, then fool on you, you are rejecting the information to your own hurt, death and destruction.

    Are you so desperate to slug out and be downloaded with television trash that you are willing to reject reality totally? If you are going to reject the information I bring, then do it with counter information, not with conjecture or emotional rhetoric.

    This is really the issue here especially with the women that have posted, you do not like your world paradigm being toppled, you enjoy dwelling in the world of television, fantasy and gossip and “you have a secret agenda to convert me” is just your perfect excuse to remain in wonderland. Shame on you Rowetta, Dera and Lati and any others out there like these 3, the government gives you accommodation, a car and a job and like you would open up your legs to a man, you open up your brain willingly to be downloaded with top propaganda, toxic trash, brainwashing soaps, poisonous dramas and mindless entertainment on a daily basis from your new husband called the state as if the government is now your friend.

    What, the same governments that enslaved your fore fathers 400 years ago and still have never apologised for the enslavement of your fore fathers to this day, give you tid bits, carrots and small treats and are all of a sudden your friends now???? You are like the mare horse who doesn’t know that she is heading for the glue factory being lead by sugar cubes into the horse trailer.

    Now because of the successful programming they have downloaded you with, they have you sticking up for homosexuals, the very lifestyle that is against you as a woman. Remember homosexuals hate women because you are both competing for the same thing, men. The potential men that you desire are being converted by these predators. Do you really want a world run by homosexuals? They have stated that their aim is to take over society. Wake up, especially you women, the world’s problems are not disappearing because you have decided to swim in X Factor, Britains Got Talent, Strictly Come Dancing, Eastenders, CSI, Hollyoaks, Desperate Housewives, Corrie, The Bill, Emmerdale, American Idol, House, Lost, Prison Break, Nip Tuck and the rest of the trash put out there by the government, in case you haven’t noticed.

  107. I did not know that that ia what i had said. Did I?

    What i said was, you cannot discrimante a homosexual call him deragotory names, add stigma to their way of life, make them targets as a result and then turn around and act holy, and say using the word ‘nigger’ is bad. But obviously since homosexualism is against the Bibilical teachings, that is acceptable, since homosexualism is likely to kill you younger and not multiply to the world, it is very evil, right.

    I cannot imagine what it is like for someone to BE BLACK AND GAY at the same time. Not only are you discrimnated by the other, but YOUR OWN do not want you. But obviously the BIBLE allows the abuse, murder and discrimination of gays. After all, God burnt down two cities of them and destroyed them. I get it now.

  108. And as for the apologies of the enslavement of our fore fathers, it does not mean shit to me. The day i will see a change in attitude towards black people in general aka end of racism etc…, that will be good enough for me. I do not think that is going to happen anytime soon though like i have said before, and the ONLY WAY, to move forward is by looking backwards, learn, take on the CHALLENGES, air them and KEEP IT MOVING, but POSITIVELY. I have no problem listening to black history and colonialism and it’s history and relating it to what is happening in the now, i can see some white people with master menatlity, it irks the hell out of me, BUT, EDUCATION IS SUPPOSED TO MOVE YOU FORWARD AND STRENGTHEN YOU, not weaken you.

    Verbs, you are very very very vulnerable, even with all the knowldge (some of it) that you posess. Christianity is not going to save you and black people, you gave to save yourself first before you save anyone.

  109. Alot of you men on here are also slobs and sluggards who have been feminised and indoctrinated by the same television programming. You won’t focus on the real issues at hand in the world but you will get upset over a rapper or your favourite baseball, basketball or football team losing. There is nothing wrong with sports but but your manhood is being pushed in the wrong direction and your priorities are out of line.

    You have also been indoctrinated by that same television to believe that wearing tight garments and bright feminine colours is normal. Many of you also believe that it is cool to treat women like trash and sleep with every girl on the block, chasing the same ideas given to you by the rappers, thus given to them by their masters, ultimately handed down to them by the government. How you gonna sit there and try and find your manhood in a car or smoking weed, shagging every woman on the block or in gadgets?

    You men are also being distracted with treats and you will also sit there and defend your actions to the hilt. I am not saying don’t have a car or watch sports, but recognise that your emotions are also being played by the very same government to keep you distracted. Its like men have turned into retards, all they seem to talk about is the same crap, what women they shagged, what the latest high performance car is or what is happening in the world of sports. Is this as far as your minds go men?

    At the end of the day all these things do not matter anymore when we have world leaders openly announcing a “new world order”, the emergence of a new religion called the global warming farse in which the whole world will receive a set amount of carbon credits to heat your house, use for travel and buy food with, a carbon tax which will be payable directly to the Rothchilds bankers in Switzerland, a swine flu hoax coupled with a vaccine which is highly suspicious and linked to all kinds of brain and bodily disorders and a crashed economy which will not recover because globalists want control over every aspect of your lives which they have stated openly in books and documents, they mean to bankrupt you and have you begging from them for rations and food allowances.

    In case you haven’t notice, the problems are not going away but getting worse and they put so called “experts” on television to make you stand down so you won’t get involved in what is happening. There is no time for all this fantasy nonsense, look at the world around you, is it improving or getting worse, do the math. Thinking that somebody else is taking care of the problems, it should be obvious to you by now that you are being lied to and being distracted just long enough for the elite to put their control grid in place. The velvet glove is coming off the iron fist. If you are looking for a hero, look in the mirror.

  110. And as for this pink is gay song and men being indoctrinted because they are wearing pink. For the a milllionth time, you just cannot be serious, can you?

    First of all that is pure colonialism mentality. Why? If you tell me that the english words and their colour and how they related blue to boys, pink to gorls, has anything to do with black people in coming to this decision in anyway, i will listen. You are trapped in the same cycle that you hate aka slave of european culture and mentality. hell even christianity is colonialist mentality, etc…

  111. What, you think God won’t destroy a homosexual infested world again? Shouldn’t the fact that he destroyed 2 cities in the past be a warning for us in the future? You can go to the southern part of Israel and see the remains of Sodom and Gomorrah for yourself, nothing but dust and the remains of millions of sulphur balls that rained down on that place.

    If he felt so strongly about the homosexual lifestyle before, what makes you think he won’t do the same thing again? Remember God states that he does not change(Malachi 3:6). Your “black and gay” example is weak and I knew that you would attempt a combo with them. One part is normal, one part isn’t.

    What is all this about “Christianity is not going to save you”. Firstly I agree and secondly I never said it would save anyone. Christ saves, that is why his name means saviour(Matt 1:21), not a religion.

    Also, how can you talk about education and moving forward when you voluntarily sit there on a day to day basis and fill your mind with updates from trashy soaps and nonsense dramas? Do you think you can move forward with information from an indoctrination instrument, the same instrument that has programmed you to believe that there is a link between being gay and being black?

    Come on Lati, come better than that.

  112. Here are the remains of Sodom and Gamorrah. Excuse the corney music

    Here is an article to go with it:

    Is this the end you want? What is God going to do to the people who also support this lifestyle, do you want to find out? God is not playing with you backing this lifestyle. You are worthy of the same punishment as those taking part in the lifestyle because his stand on the issue hasn’t change but you are stating otherwise.

  113. You are not moving forward Verbs not in one bit. You are stuck in the past and instead of moving forward , you are on a stand still waiting for an apology, you are going to turn grey and probably die while you are still waiting, but whether you choose to die bitterly, that is a another story altogether. I will sit and watch tele, feel myself with all the shit it brings BUT, if it means thinking in a manner of pink/ tight pants is gay, and also UFO sightings means the coming of Jesus Christ and also women are the down fall of earth, u exactly know what i will choose. Because that thinking does not sound right at all.

    And for the record, the bible does not mean shit to me either.

    Am not here to compete with you verbs. This is not a competetion and i doubt janice has any trophies or any of those rihanna tickets left for the winner. Indoctrination works in many forms, it has done a number on you and that is for sure. But whatever helps you sleep at night is good for me. God knows you need it.

  114. In whatever you try and do or say, do not and i repeat, DO NOT use the bible to champion your behaviour and use it to EXCUSE your behaviour at the same time. That is hypocrisy. The Bible can contradict you and land you in a mess. Whoever compiled it did not think that through or did not intend it to be taken literally and word for word. It is eating you alive.

  115. Verbs,

    I think I get what you’re TRYING to say…

    Basically, you’re equating any male on planet Earth who wears pink w/homosexuality, right?

    IF you are, then you’re disillusioned, any links you provide be damned. I KNOW you’re smarter than that! How can you possibly group anyone who does a certain thing that has been done eons before a specific group decided to it w/that specific group? In other words, saying that all Black men that wear red are gangbanging Crips is ridiculous, wouldn’t you (or anyone w/even a modicum of rational thought) think so?


    This is why you’re getting so much flak from everyone. You’re coming off as just as racist and homophobic as the very same people you denounce daily on other posts @ this website. I am convinced that you are MUCH more intelligent than this. Why stoop to such lows?

  116. The funny thing is, there is so much in history that can be related to today. It is a good thing if you can make that link and chat about it, point out discrimination when it happens and see what brought it about and continue the fight. History is supposed to TEACH you, you know who and what you are dealing with because it continues to happen directly or indirectly.

    An apology of slavery will open up P’s box, that is why we will never get one. They do not see anything wrong with it as far as i know, they would rather that part of history was erased, they will not even acknowledge or teach you about black people’s contributions to their world, because they succeeded and built their empire as a result. Why would anyone apologise for that? You think they care? No, they do not. But in the mean time, what are you going to do about it? BE SUCCESSFUL.

  117. King James would have made you a preacher at the West African Slave ports, allowing you to give fellow Africans hope if you was around at the time. He would’ve loved you and given you a nice funnel with an Elephant & Castle Logo to shout through, with a Masonic British sword so you could kill those that didn’t agree with you.

    Sundance is right, you have had all the chances to make amends and still do not, your heads too damb ni&&er tough.

    I cant even take you serious in this thread so im just making fun now for the comedy value until that change occurs.

    Stop the religious thing!!!!
    Rowetta is 100% right on religion.
    The bible is INVALID to use as any form of evidence whatsoever, and its events period!
    JESUS CHRIST means Business.
    On a serious note.
    Christianity/Xianity = Worship of Christ/X.
    Christian/Xian = a worshipper of Christ/X.
    Christ/X = Chi.
    Chi = Labarum.
    So what your saying is worshipping X wont save you. But X will save you? LOL!!!

    Life has no rules only consequences/Karma.

  118. Your one of the Lads and black at that verbs, there is no enemies here to shot verbs, shake out of the BS! its not cool, and move on.

  119. After reading back all the posts I have realised you aint changing for nothing you have had all the information you need and more, even repeated to you in numerous ways. I feel silly for even joining in reading it back, Im done here now. Very Pointless as Reclaimin pointed out earlier. I’ll take that good advice.

    Good Luck Verbs.

  120. He knows now where he stands with some folks other than making a fool of himself and being led into this false security regarding certain matters. It is about time people were honest with him. Like said, are they laughing with you or at you? That is the question you have to ask your self verbs and answer yourself.

  121. There are many people like Verbs out there doing his kind of work. They have been recruited and it is like they have been brain washed. And you will find them more on black blogs. They manipulate what is going on in the world to further their cause. This thread NV, has not been in vain. It just unleashed the dragon.

  122. @Verbs :

    ““any man wearing pink is gay period”, where did I say that? Clarification, wearing pink and tight trousers as a man is associated with the gay lifestyle so if you are not gay, wouldn’t it be wise to steer clear of clothing and colours that they have hijacked so as to not be categorised in their group? Of course if you do not mind being grouped in with them then so be it.”

    Semantics. You’re basically saying the same thing w/different words.

    Imagine this: I’m a KKK member. I have seen a bunch of Black niggers wearing red shooting each other in gang wars. Ergo, EVERY Black nigger I see wearing red is a Crip.

    Though Crips have adopted the color red as an identifier, everyone knows that just because you wear red and you’re black, you’re not a Crip.

    See how ridiculous your argument is? No matter what color bow you put on a pig, it’s STILL a pig.

    From the moment you started spewing that homophobic nonsense, you lost me. You no longer became a creature of reason and logic, but of zealotry and unfettered emotion.

    PS: I’m not a fan of homosexuality-I personally don’t agree w/the lifestyle, but I also won’t discriminate against them because of their choice. Only God can judge. I can feel a certain way about the way someone lives, but if it isn’t affecting me DIRECTLY (which a man shagging another man doesn’t), I don’t pass judgment.

  123. By the way, let me state FOR THE RECORD:

    I generally agree w/what Verbs says much of the time.

    This time, however, I have to vehemently DISAGREE.

    You’re spitting the same nonsense that Spanish Inquisitors did.

    You’re spitting the same nonsense that Jim Crow did.

    You’re spitting the same nonsense that McCarthy did.

    You’re spitting the same nonsense that BNP does.

    Grouping an entire segment of society (straight males that sometimes wear pink) in with a select few that do the same (gay males) is absolute nonsense, no matter how many Bible verses, website links, vitriolic tirades and $1.00 words you use.

    I wear pink often, and I’m the polar opposite of gay. Does that blow your mind or what?

    Unless you’re calling me gay…?

  124. If he can say that not everyone is God’s Child, yet God is suppoosed to be the creator of all that exists on earth, smh, then you know what exactly he is saying about you wearing pink.

  125. Gay people have been terrorised for years and not allowed to be. No wonder they want to take over the world assuming the accusations are true. For how long will the world pretend that they do not exist?

    All these reasons on why homosexuality is evil are non logical. Men competing for our men, breaking the family system, these are the exact same things that you find in heterosexual relationships. Women fighting for other women’s men. What is the point in marrying, having children with a man who goes out and cheats on you with another man. As a woman, i would not like that all.

    I agree with sundance, if it does not affect you directly, do not judge. You cannot save the world by causing conflict and discriminating.

    The problem with verbs is most of what he reads especially if it is Bible based or christian based, he takes it LITERALLY. If the Bible is just a lifestyle book, written by man, it means the two cities burnt that had homosexuals, were burnt by MAN, not GOD. God is just a scape goat for all the evil that man has done on earth.

    So far, Verbs has blamed women, homosexuals, for the mess the world is in. The heterosexuals have had nothing to do with the break down in moral values and down fall of the earth. The logic on this thread is just killing me, and some previous posts. Not all but some. Finished with this thread. And good luck verbs.

  126. I went back and read, ‘Luciferians the mind of James of Donahue’, and i am finding it interesting. It has a different perspective and an interesting one on what happened in Sodom and Gomorrah. It is worth a read and i now see why Christians are all up thier asses and relating them to evil secret societies and all. It does not say alot but it is an interesting read nevertheless, i bet it could lead one to more interesting reads on this Christianity battle. Google it, if interested.

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