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A student and his girlfriend are outraged after being called a ‘black couple’ on their receipt by staff at a London pub.

Johnson Abraham, 24, and Roxanne Duhur, 21, claim they were the only couple dining when they received their bill at the Slug And Lettuce in Islington Green.

Mr Abraham, a mechanical engineering student from Dalston, was at the pub last month with Ms Duhur to celebrate her new job as an estate agent.

They ordered at the bar, without a table number, before going upstairs to find a seat. When they went to pay for the meal the comment ‘upstairs blk couple’ was printed on the bill. Continue Reading…..

Oh dear.. Oh dear!

Well they are a black couple , so well done to the waitress for getting that right! But including that information  on the receipt was inappropriate.

Shame on you Slug And Lettuce! Shame on you!

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  1. Whats strange about this incident is that they were the only couple dining…

    The waitress must be thick !!!

  2. come on .. this is a bit much!!!!
    at least she didnt say nigga couple!!!
    she said black couple granted it was a bit much …. but …. come on!!! to some people weare still that OTHER GROUP..funny cos slug and lettuce do have numbers or names for tables…!! strange!!

  3. This whole story is just typical of the polictical correct society we live in. The receipt merely described the couple by the colour of their skin. When did that become racist? It’s as if they are ashamed of who they are!

    If I had visited the pub and had my baby boy in a push chair then I may have been described as ‘couple with baby’, or if an oriental couple visited then they may have been described as ‘oriental couple’. The description was purely there to assist the staff with delivering food/drinks to the right table.

    Whats worst is that papers like the Daily Mail feel the need to report silly stories like this.

    Is it just me who feels like this?

  4. While i agree that calling them by skin colour is no problem and i don’t believe they were trying to be racist, there are busier restaurants that work well under pressure without having to spell it out on a reciept. Lol… Next they will be writing, ‘the fat/skinny lady’, ‘ginger/blonde/kinky hair person’, ‘pregnant/big bell’ etc… Do we need 2 be described on reciepts surely? Lol

  5. I think it’s incredibly over-sensitive to called this a “racist incident”! A step too far I think!

  6. The other day someone said to me that football rivalry is racism. And this is not even a joke. They meant it. I don’t even know how they got to that, but there u go.

  7. @ Lee … they were the only couple in the restaurant according to the report, so why did she need assistance at all

    Whilst I agree with you that this is OTT, in your 2nd para you talk of descriptions such as say the ‘oriental couple’…. would it have been correct if she had said the ‘yellow couple’….. or I doubt the waitress would have said the ‘white couple’.. it makes no sense.

    Why couldn’t she have said the lady in the red jumper, or the man in the black top…or better still asked them their NAMES !!! That is the difference, I don’t belive it’s racsim, just ignorance.

    I maintain the waitress is thick, becaussssse they were the only couple in the restaurant lol

  8. @ Lee- co-signed.
    It’s OK for us to call ourselves black and proud but not to be described as black. What kind of confused madness is that? Until black ppl are not offended by calling themselves er…black..this stupidness will continue to further fuel and direct ppls anger at political correctness .
    It was a dumb and mainly unprofessional move, but nothing more.
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE try to understand the MOTIVATION before the lynching people!!

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