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Two cinema chains say, on police advice, they will not show a film about gang culture made in Birmingham.

1DAY follows the violent life of two inner city gangs and was filmed in the Handsworth area, starring local people.

Odeon and Cineworld said they would not show the movie, due for national release on 6 November, in Birmingham.

West Midlands Police said the force had not asked for the film to be pulled but it was investigating whether an officer had approached cinemas independently. Continue Reading…….

When I watched the trailer for 1 Day I just knew there would be a problem.

I guess if you live in Birmingham and desperately want to see this film, then you will have to travel to another city in the UK to watch it.

At the moment it’s only been banned in Birmingham but then again how long before it’s banned all over the UK?

Anyway 1 Day will be released in other cities around the UK on Friday 6th November. 

Click here to watch trailer.

Gang violence in Birmingham has escalated over the past 5 years, so do you think the police are right to censor this film there?

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  1. Surprisingly looks good quality. But does seem too controversial for the UK and at the wrong time. It just looks too close to reality on a very fragile parent concerning subject.

    They might have to throw in some robots, change the year 2120 with a blue eye person playing the hero.

  2. total rubbish – the film should be shown and not be banned. I bet loads of people who do not generally go to the cinema would have gone in Birmingham. The police talk a lot of bull. Well I guess people will in Birmingham who cannot be bothered to travel out of Brum will get themselves a pirate copy –

    You know this would never have happened if it was scarface al capone and all those violent films. prejudice and racist decision as I do not see how banning this film will prevent gang crime escalating. The realities of the streets and lack f opportunities is what they should focus on

  3. i myself have not watched the film and i have now seen the trailer i believe the poluce in birmingham would like the violence to continue as they have put a stop to this film , which is not allowing people to express there feelings, maybe they fear the youths will start making films and music and get rich and they will be loosing jobs with no crime to fight funny how they never bann the american gangster movies. so lets get real and let the film be released everywhere,

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