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  1. all three were goood.. and to me eminem was even…. its not always about triple word play….. for styling mos def and black thought sounded REALLY COMFORTABLE OVER THAT BEAT!!

  2. to me Em seemed a little awkard?… but Mos Def got right on top of the beat like it’s Nothing! he does this lol.

  3. yep i been checking around on where this is posted and some eminem stans are saying he killed everyone on this.. I DONT KNOW WHAT THERE WATCHING!!!…..
    EM IS OK.. IN THIS IVE SEEN HIM BETTER but he aint the same since he came back .. he killed it .. but mos and black thought also killed it in their way tooo.. style!!!! mos had too much style in this .. from the entry to the end of his verse it was effortless
    em was nice but he was not as comfortable on this as mos and black thought!!.. they all coomplimented eachother!!!…
    perfect cypher!! really!!

  4. I ge the felling we have seen the best of em, same really, he is a real talent on the mic / with a pen and even on screen, but mos def, damn he ripped it,… wish they had brought in Rick the ruler at some point on one of them cyphers,…

  5. They all smashed it in their own way. Mos has that melodic, rhythmic flow that is effortless from beginning to end and he was repping brooklyn all through (it was actually his verse from his version of “Brooklyn Goes hard” the song by Jay Z)

    Black Thought was so comfortable on that beat and wrecked it like he always does. His flow is hard!!

    Eminem smashed it too! I mean that line: “I’m a cross breed of Obama, Osama, Dhamer and the Dalai Lama” was WOOOOOOIIIIIIIIII! LOL! I know his subject matter is stupid but the skill is WOW

    the thing I noticed about Em is he doesn’t look like he’s having fun with it!

    This is the best thing about BET awards! I wish they did this cypher thing more!!!!!!!!!!!! I might not even bother with the award show now!

  6. They all did their thing, no doubt…

    But Em completely DESTROYED this cypher…shades of the old Slim Shady on display!

    Best flow of the entire evening (along w/Nicki Minaj and Joe Buddens), by FAR!

  7. These segments were the besy part of the awards show even though I missed most of the show I managed to catch these vignettes.

    F’ EBT I hate that channel, I cannot believe it is included in my cable package!

    Maybe if they brought ‘The Game’ back I may change how I feel!

  8. I agree with FR’s first comment, Em was good but he looked nervous..
    I don’t think he killed it at all !!!

    Twas aiiiight. It’s all bout Mos Def for me NATURAL FLOW !!!

  9. @ fr… :


    I think she was pretty good w/her verse. Her metaphors were on point:

    “I be up on stage you can sit in the crowd/
    I be up in Lear jets take a left @ the cloud/
    I think she need the Heimlich–she the choking kind/
    She gets no burn–no smoking sign/
    Metaphor heaven/
    So they approve Nicki like my credit score’s seven/
    Mac-n-cheese sticks, fried chicken and guts/
    And I’m killin’ these bitches! Mike Vickin’ it up!”

    Madness. Best metaphors of the whole cypher. Delivery–not so much, but the symbolism was really witty. Not too deep, but funny and witty nonetheless.

    Also, I’ll agree w/ty–while Em’s content was peppered slightly w/nonsense, his skill w/phonetics was virtually unparalleled in all three ciphers. Joey spit the hardest content, and Black Thought spit hardest in terms of delivery.

    Basically, EVERYONE did the damn thing, w/KRS being the ONLY one spitting true freestyle. However, me saying Em spit the best (which he did, from a purely phonetical wordplay standpoint) is similar to saying a Lamborghini is better than a Ferrari…they’re BOTH superb automobiles, knowhatimsayin’?

  10. While none of them (apart from KRS) really truly freestyled, it was too apparent that with Minaj, every eye roll, giggle and face twist was rehearsed. Might not be anything wrong with that for most, but for me, it makes it less of a rapper effortlessly and naturally riding the beat (like Mos Def) and more of a practised performance. Wasn’t feelin’ her at all!

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