I was left shocked and confused last week when I discovered that two of the most influential individuals from within the ‘rich’, ‘glamorous’ and ‘progressive’ world of UK “Urban” entertainment blocked me from seeing their Twitter updates.

When it finally sunk in that Britain’s self proclaimed no.1 comedian and the Head of a popular music channel had blocked me I was left shaken to the core. So shaken, that I still haven’t recovered.

What did I say/do to deserve such harsh treatment???  I am always very respectful. Respectful is my middle name!

Somebody please hold me.

I am now worried about my future within the affluent world of UK “Urban” entertainment.

Have I now been black listed by the entertainment ‘elite’ here?

The invitations to swanky launch parties held in the deepest darkest depths of East London and invitations to power lunches at Nandos were all within my reach!

Oh how I long to be able to sit across from the power movers and shakers, chomping down on seasoned chicken, chips and coleslaw, while we discuss Tinchy Stryder’s next move.

But sadly it doesn’t look as if this will happen now.

Somebody please hold me…..

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  1. heavens no! you’re not fit for this industry anymore, I don’t know why you’re still bothering…. *gasp* I hope they don’t see me posting here! If they don’t blocked you, that means I must too, or they might revoke my hackney empire membership…. uhh…… BYE!

  2. OMG LMAO!! OMG you have just made my day. That is the funniest post I have read for some time. They have blocked you?!! What fffing prima donnas blocks someone from reading their tweets?!! If you are ashamed of what you say then don’t say it!! There is no need to be so mean to my Jan!! Shame on them!!

  3. LOL, you poor thing, I see bening blocked as validation, you touched a nerve, got under the skin, an element of ‘truth’ in them their posts methinks – Long may the blockage continue!!!!

  4. this just goes to prove that a lot of people in the music industry have no interest in hearing anything that doesn’t sound like arse kissing. You’re too real Jan and they don’t like it, they expect you to beg and plead to be let in kmt.

  5. I think this validates your digital existence.

    If the big wigs are afraid to let you in, that means you are somewhat important.

    Congrats, Jan~!

  6. Clearly shows Jan that you are allowing folks to voice the truth on here. This is what I like about this site, freedom of speech and no politically correct nonsense. You are doing a good job Jan, keep it up and don’t mind chicken necks and yellow backs who cannot take the heat.

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