Javine Hylton and MC Harvey attend Fila celebration

Javine and MC Harvey

Well folks it looks like this ‘fairytale romance’ is over…

Via Overground Online

MC Harvey and Javine Hylton have broken up – less than three years after their highly publicised affair behind Alesha Dixon’s back.

 Ironically, the couple, who have a one-year-old daughter, spilt after Javine caught Harvey cheating.

A spokesman for her said: ‘Javine has left Harvey and the family home for a myriad of reasons. The main crunch came when she found evidence of him being unfaithful.

‘She now wants to be left alone to regroup, resettle and care for her daughter Angel.’

This relationship was always going to end in tears!

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  1. If he cheated on Alesha with her, she should have always known he would do it again! He’s obviously not got the cheating gene out of his system. Damn shame!

  2. LMAO!!!!!
    I think you call this one KARMA Javine…….. LOL
    U should of thought about what u was doing before you decided to THIEF Alesha’s MAN!!
    Ha ha Ya B****

  3. Its about time! Javine.. What does one say you do deserve it afterall you put it on him and he took it!! As for harvey you will suffer too…

  4. well well well .. its ended as it begun….. suprised, no!

    The universe has spoken!

    Re group look after your child, failure is a lesson not the end- we shall cuss you because women such as myself hate such belligerent females who stushly canvass another womans man!

    Women stop taking up with these kinda men chuh!

  5. Well i know of Javine and serve u right what goes around comes around, did u honestly think that u were so gr8 that he would stay wiv u? he had better before u,come on now ……..Well thats how most guyz operate and us woman need 2 wise up and stop givin these men babies cause they r only around 4 the short time…….

  6. I have no sympathy for her. she slept with a married man and thought it was roses until those same thorns she unleashed on Alesha came back a bit her her raas. kmt

  7. Whoahahahahaha!
    women who wave thier inbetweens so freely at married men learns lesson the haaaaaaard way. Javine is nothing but talentless cheap slut and Harvey is a manslut who’ll get his soon too

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