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Bowing to pressure from a growing coalition of race activists and urban music stars, the Metropolitan Police today agreed to revise a controversial method of monitoring gigs which critics have labelled “potentially racist”.

Complaints have been growing in recent months over the Met’s use of Form 696 – a voluntary policing tool which asks venues to provide the names, addresses and contact telephone numbers for artists and promoters.  Continue Reading…..

Hmmmmm interesting……….

I understand why they created the 696 form because lets face it there are far too many little psychotic idiots running around London, hungry to  start mini wars inside packed venues. But I can also see why this form has people up in arms and why they have called for a ban.

So what should the alternative be?

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  1. janice the alternative is they start treating folks like adults
    obvoiusly the madness out there on the streetsis being done by some one..
    but the thing that annoys me .. the police ( and organisation run on information has never bothered to fullly anayze the music genra to work out where the problem raves are or who are the problematic artists
    they treat anyone of any age with the same brush
    … SET UP AN OFFICE AND FIND OUT ABOUT WHATS REALLY GOING ON and then revise the 696 form to fit the correct clientele
    janice this form has stopped me from going to do gigs…. and i aint even in that genre!!
    so anything urban is treated like a potential murder scene from the off!!!
    nowwhen i used to shows back to back with keane and amy winehouese THEY NEVER ASKED FOR THAT TYPE OF INFO .. but now they JUST ASSUME BADLY BASED OFF THE GENRE AND COLOUR OF THE PARTICIAPANTS…
    the problem i have with it is that it blankets everyone as potential troublemakers… when if they spent a little more time investigating the actual scenario …. they would know who to target!!! and be able to prevent more violence!

  2. At one point they were talking about making pub owners(all), because of drink related conduct, to pay for police services to keep order, don’t know if they actually made it happen. They could do the same for gigs. Heavy Fines where trouble breaks. I know it’s costly but may be if they feel the financial pinch, they will make effort to provide proper security. Or not. Who knows.

  3. Ty, that would make soo much sense, and would seem to be the thing to do from the start, but as always, all are coated with the same brush and to be honest, I think they know they are targeting gigs and artists that do not pose a threat in some cases, but they simply don’t care enough to do anything about, … I can just hear there comments relating to money and tight budgets and how the way it operated was the best they could do to try to get a handle on a problem that was quickly spiralling out of control, yada yada, yada….

    to do the right amount into research and so forth, would cost more money, maybe not much, but more than they are willing to spend on this I bet.

  4. Why don’t the organisers help the police to identify those gigs that are more problematic? The police do not have a good reputation with racism, but if people care about the violence and the innocent victims, they would help the police and worry less about how much they have to make. The organisers must know something and be able to identify where and when violence has started. They need to be the responsible ones.

  5. All i can see is the police picking up broken pieces and have no idea how to do it best. How and why did/does this violence problem get out of control? I am not defending their potential racism, but what have the organisers done to prevent this violence over the years as the situation got out of hand?

    If it had been handled or controlled or had the organisers put measures in place to ensure this was not a problem, the police would not have to be involved. What if the form or revised form does not solve the problem, then what are they going to do about it? Someone has to take some responsibility, either the artists, or the organisers. The organisers mabe cannot know who is a potential trouble maker when collecting entry fee, and artists don’t know they have crazy fans, but they could provide better security or get heavily fined.

  6. @ TY
    { Gift and Curse of a Positive rapper. Half of you has been put on the left boat and half on the right boat. Sometimes you can choose which one your in, sometimes its choosen for you, but your only half welcomed & accepted in either.

    If you and others like you where not targeted other rappers would complain, as to them you would still be a black urban rapper causing more friction. }

    I think the list should be stopped altogether. It can be presented in a minipulative and decieving way. ie. for a new artist it can be presented as percentages when it suits best. for an artist who has done many it can be shown as a quartely/yearly rise with prediction forecasts. If it was done as a whole it would still not benefit as the data can be presented to paint any picture. It clearly is used for statistics just like trident, which only seems to collect statistics and advirtise it to the masses to feed and paint stereotypical views with misleading facts to justify stop & search etc. The same is being used and will get worse especially if done as a whole as there will be more data to compare and minupulate. Leading to a more direct approuch on urban music in the future.

    I think a better solution would be to focus on known trouble making members of the public, they should be banned from the venue if involved in a serious incident, as Photo ID checking has become standard this should be easy and simple to implement. A probation officer should have the power to lift the ban if they see fit. Outside the clubs/venues are the police and councils resposibility and should not be related to the club/promoter etc, its up to them whether to put more police, camera’s etc, as they are aware of the events taking place and people (cctv).

    Parents need to search there children instead of leaving this power/responsibility to the police also.

  7. I don’t agree with that form BUT…

    In one breath we complain about being profiled and rightly so for the likes of Ty or the varous progressive black/promoters in the uk (Jazz Re:Freshed, Amplified, Deviation, Pause, uprock, Generika Hi Fi, Coopr8,Broadcite,Reclaiming The Soul) who promote hip hop, soul, house , jazz, broken beat or whatever and then you have the VAST MAJORITY of greed fuelled promotions where the flyer begs for ‘decent people’ but has pictures of scantily clad women, guys who appear to be living large, DJ and artists names that glorify gang culture,coupled with a get as many ppl to pay promotions attitude varying from star sign offers (lLibras entry half price), to champagne for the first 50 inside, with a request of ‘sexy’ dress codes. They wll usually play a mixture of R&B, hip pop,grime, bashment & uk funky. Surprisingly,THESE ARE LIKELY TO BE PROBLEMATIC.

    Black ppl -accept that the Emperor is not wearing clothes. Some of you love the prospect of a bit of trouble when u go out. The music dictates it. Accept it and move on. Don’t be crying about the eventuality of victims when u go to similar style promotions.

    Onc you mention R&B, Hip Hop, Bashemnt or Grime,I think it’s fair to say that there will be a level of risk involved in the event by the very culture that these pop formats of black music have created in the clubbing circuit over the past decade. Sorry, I’m sure not everyone who goes would want it this way. As a person who is out at least twice a week in nearly 20 years I have NEVER been to a night with these genres that has honestly transpired to have a general consensus of happy, good meaning folk who want to enjoy themselves without it causing detriment to anyone else. This could be by way of :
    Bitching women towards other groups of bitching women
    Men who don’t speak to each other but rather stand in an obstructive area scoping the event
    Hardly any mixed groups , guys at one end, women at the other
    Being scowled at when saying ‘please or thankyou’
    Criminally motivated youths ambling around looking for opportunities outside the venue…
    the list goes on…
    If indeed a potentially dangerous event was to occur in a place like this, it would come as no surprise.

    The reason why other promoters like myself have to fill in that stupid form is cos ppl don’t want to be honest and hold their hand up and admit that they like drama when they go out to this style of event that sadly yes is a predominately black populated affair. Rather, they want me to be thrown into the same racial pot as them …begging sympathy even though their events are not AT ALL the same in genre or atmosphere.

  8. Oh dear, inotherwords it’s the greed fuelled promoters that are the problem and those who go out with the concept of trouble is fun an equivalent of being drunk senseless is having fun. The police still have a problem of these mad stunts to deal with and i think have been forced to address, i guess something has to be done. It’s like the lunacy at football matches. The organisers need to provide or pay for proper security.

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